Everything You Must Know About Comfort Beds For Dogs

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Many dogs get anxious due to loud noises, get separation anxiety, or do not get comfortable with the changes in the surroundings. If this is what your dog s going through these days, it is a sign for you to help them relax and calm down. Most dog owners swear by the calming and comfortable bed for dogs. It helps in calming the anxious feelings of their dogs. We are sure the first question that pops into your mind is do these beds work?

The short answer is yes. It effectively reduces anxiety symptoms. Let us talk about it in detail.

What are the Comfort Beds for Dogs?

Calming or comfort beds provide complete comfort and relaxation to your pet dog. These beds usually have a soft faux fur and a particular design that offers the dogs a sense of security and comfort. Certain situations, be it a thunderstorm, fireworks, new surroundings, or environment can be stressful for the dogs. So, to make themselves feel more protected, they might try to hide under a blanket or furniture. But if your pup uses the comfortable bed in the right way with proper training and the vet’s direction, it will help them stress less and have more fun without getting anxious. 

What are the Benefits of Comfort Beds for Dogs?

Here are a few of the potential benefits calming beds have on the dogs: –

  • Comfort beds help alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • It helps your dog feel relaxed and at ease when you are away from home.

  • Your dog will be able to rest comfortably and in a much better way. It means better stress handling.

  • It supports your dog’s neck reducing stress on their joints and neck.

  • Comfort beds help your dogs sleep quickly and get a restful sleep.

  • Comfort beds keep your dogs warm, especially the ones with self-healing properties.

  • Better sleep helps improve your dog’s memory.

What Do Experts Have to Say About Comfort Beds?

A comfortable bed that is soft will attract your dog to sleep on it when it is tired.

Beds with fake furs and walls remind them of their litter-mates and mothers that help them in settling. But one must always remember a comfortable bed is just not enough to make your dog a well-behaved and calm companion. Dogs will also need exercise and enrichment to be happy, relaxed, and healthy.

If you are struggling to deal with your dog’s energy level, a comfortable bed will surely help. But one to two hours of activity and exercise is surely needed. Once you fulfil their exercising needs, they will happily settle and sleep in their comfortable beds.

How Do Calming or Comfort Beds Work?

Calming beds include raised bolstered edges and come in super soft faux fur. There is a theory that faux fur helps puppies feel safe and nestled right next to their mothers. Also, it keeps them warm and cozy. Some comfort beds come with raised edges that resemble a den or cave that help them feel protected and enclosed. Therefore, making them feel safe reduces their anxiety.

Also, if your pup has problems with their joints, have arthritis, or other problems, a comfort bed for dogs with orthopedic properties can help them get pain relief. Dogs do a lot of things when they are anxious or scared. If they tend to hide, want to be held constantly, or shake, a comfortable bed will surely be helpful. Some dogs hate the cold, so a self-warming comfort bed would be the right option to help them deal with the cold.

Different Types of Comfort Beds 

Calming beds come in various styles and types. Here are a few of them to consider before you buy one for your pet dog.

  • Donuts – Comfort beds in doughnut shape are the most popular. Small pups and cats love these donut-shaped beds. It is perfect for them to snuggle and have a raised edge that keeps their neck in the right shape and supports their head too. Doughnut beds are also available for larger dogs, but they are more on the oval side rather than being round. 

  • Bolster – It is almost the same as the doughnut bed. But the only difference is that the bolster beds come with raised edges on three sides. These beds are surely a better fit for larger dogs.

  • Cave – Cave-style comfort beds provide the ultimate feel of nest and shelter for the pups that like to spend time alone when they’re stressed or just like that. Some of these pillows look like a tent, dome, or sleeping bag. 
  • Memory Foam – Some memory foam beds for dogs are counted as calming beds for dogs. These wonderful beds consist of deep and good-quality memory foam designed specially to cradle and support your little pups. It decreases their pain, helps in increasing mobility, and eases tired joints and muscles.

  • Self-warming – Most doughnut beds are self-warming beds too. These beds are soft and contain a layer that reflects the dog’s body heat and keeps them warm. No, it does not consist of electric cords or heating blankets. So, there is no need to worry about safety hazards. Self-warming comfort beds will help your dog or pup that stresses out or gets anxious when it is cold.

Some comfort beds come with the qualities of several styles. For example, doughnut beds can come with self-warming qualities along with memory foam. Therefore, before you choose a bed for your dog, keep in mind their needs when it comes to rest on a bed. There are several dog care products online. You can get a supreme quality comfort bed for your dog to feel cozy and comfortable while they rest. 


Do these comfort beds work? As we mentioned above, yes they do work and have some positive effects on the dogs’ mental and physical health. However, you also need regular exercises and training to develop your pet dogs as better companions and well-behaved animals. There is no harm in testing a comfort dog for your pet dog and seeing if it works for them or not. Solace Cart LLC offers the best quality dog care products online. You can get comfortable beds, dog travel water bottles, etc., at very affordable prices. 


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