Everything About Family Pact Cards?

what does the family pact cover in California

Family PACT, whose initials stand for; Planning, Access, Care, & Treatment, serves about 1.1 million people struggling with low income. So, it’s not open to those who can afford medical care but is only eligible for Californians with little income. Do you want to know what does a family pact covers in California? Services include:

  • Different types of birth control: sterilization, Barrier methods (condoms), emergency contraceptives, and many more.
  • Family planning counseling
  • STI and STD testing & treatment
  • HIV testing
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Limited fertility services

Family Pact Card Eligibility 

Is a family pact card available for everyone in California? Check out the qualifying criteria:

  • Applicants must prove they are California citizens to qualify for the Family Pact program.
  • The applicant’s family’s gross income must meet the federal poverty level (FPL) below 200 percent.
  • Ensure you meet the family pact criteria.  
  • As a patient, you must have a medical necessity for family planning. Otherwise, you can use Other Health Services (OHS).

Eligible citizens can download the family pact forms and fill them out. And you’ll also have to visit the facility to finalize the enrollment program with the Family PACT.

After becoming a Family PACT member:

  • You’ll enjoy yearly service access, not unless your income changes.
  • So, you need your personal information updated. And this helps to stay covered by the Family PACT.
  • It will be at Family PACT’s discretion to cover the costs of family planning services for the first three months. But it’s only in a few cases. If you want to know if you qualify for the Retroactive Eligibility Certification (REC) form, your provider can help you find out more.  

Services Covered

If you’re an eligible family pact applicant, find out what the card can cover for you. And you’re about to discover “what does a family pact cover in California?”

  • Basic reproductive health evaluation
  • Pap smear, including problem-related results
  • Screening and treatment of STIs
  • Confidential health care
  • Pregnancy test and counseling
  • HIV test and counseling
  • UTI treatment and vaginal infections

Those who are finding a challenge with commercial insurance or their Medi-Cal for several reasons, such as meeting the required pay or cost, can also get help from Family PACT. 

FPACT ensures confidentiality for its customers, requiring privacy. So, your information is safe unless required by law in written form.

Californians that meet the requirements will get their Health Access Programs (HAP) card. And they can start enjoying this service if they represent this teal blue card every time they visit the facility. 

What’s the Status of my Card?

If you already have a card and are unsure if it’s still active, a receptionist can check it out. And someone will always help activate your card on the same day so that you can enjoy the service. But you’ll need to recertify your card. So, it would help if you didn’t hesitate to reach out to the family pact when you need their service. 

Why Enroll For the Family Pact Card?

Technology creates convenience and downloading and filling the family pact forms speeds up the application process when you visit the facility. And you can now receive comprehensive services related to family planning if you’re a California citizen. So, if you’re of childbearing age and qualify for this, the team can educate and discuss with you the best means of getting the ideal number of children you want. It might include timing and how to space them up.

Is Family Pact Only In California?

Yes. Family Pact is only available in California. However, if you have a HAP card, that should allow you to see any Family PACT provider. So when you’re outside Cal, you can no longer get the Family Pact cover. 

In Conclusion 

If you were wondering how a family pact card works, now you know. You can start by filling out the family pact forms. And if you do it accordingly, you become part of the family pact member. They will also educate the teens and adults on avoiding an unplanned pregnancy, among other valuable services such as STDs, HIV testing, free family planning, and counseling. And all the services they provide are entirely confidential.


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