Evergreen Tips To Beat Competition on Amazon

beat competition on Amazon
Sell More Than You Competitors on Amazon By Implementing These Strategies

Amazon is a lucrative marketplace but it is equally difficult to stand out of the thousands of sellers. The key to beat the competition on Amazon is to boost your product visibility and ranking. Similar products are available on Amazon from different sellers, hence, it is becoming just impossible for the sellers to maximize their reach and sales. However, in this blog, we have discussed some very powerful ways to sell more than competitors on Amazon.

Drive More Traffic To Your Amazon Store With These Unbeatable Tips

  1. Know your competitors

If you are planning to beat competition on Amazon, the foremost thing you have to ensure is to do thorough research of your competitors. This will help you gain insights to what you actually are looking up to including the brands/products who are in competition, their pricing, potential search terms, and more. A detailed picture of the entire data will simplify your strategy building technique. 

Now, you would be wondering, on what basis should you conduct the competitor analysis. When you go through your competitor’s page, make sure to look out for their product listings, features, prices, reviews, and ratings. However, you can also conduct Amazon Competitor Analysis by hiring experts who can efficiently complete the price tracking, research, and monitoring tasks.

  1. Refresh your bidding strategies

Amazon experts can help you track the keywords that are not performing or have a low rank. By analyzing the keyword ranking, you can change your ad campaigns by bidding more on the terms which are having low ranks. Further, you can limit the expense on high performing keywords. Thus, saving your money and helping you to focus on terms that need your attention to boost your product visibility.

  1. Never ignore the power of social media

Another way to beat competition on Amazon is by promoting your product listings through social media. Social media has a great capability to enhance your product reach by putting your product/brand in front of the right customers. Since, people are more likely to get attracted towards a post that offers something valuable rather than a whole promotional ad. Try creating something different or subtle that serves both the promotional as well as a valuable purpose for attracting customers.

For example, create a reel or short video using a specific product that you want to promote. Showcase how this product helps in solving XYZ issues and makes life easier. This will create an urge among the audience to stop and see the video, further influencing them to purchase it. Moreover, you can announce a giveaway saying users who will comment or share the video with on Facebook will receive some amount of discount on their purchase.

When users will comment under the video, or share the video on social media, it will increase the visibility of your Amazon product listings. More viewers will lead to more sales, pursuing them to have a look at your store and check out other products as well.

  1. Competitor analysis is the key

If you want to outlook competition on Amazon, you need to monitor your competitors closely with the help of Amazon competitor analysis. To rank your products on Amazon, you need to keep a close tab on the search terms that are ranking higher for your competitors and analyze the reason behind it.

Amazon listing creation is not a one day task, hence, you cannot find the reason behind the high performance of your competitors’ listings in a single day. Here are some factors to look out for:

  • Price- Pricing is the most important factor if you want to sell more than competitors on Amazon. Customers are always searching for an affordable deal, hence, with the help of Amazon competitor price monitoring you can easily track and implement a pricing strategy that attracts more customers. Keep your prices lower than your competitors, this will also help you win a Buy Box. As Amazon considers the seller’s pricing strategy when it comes to offering a Buy Box.
  • Images- The next thing that grabs customer attention apart from pricing is good-quality pictures. Visuals are the only medium that drives conversion rate. Poor quality pictures can drain your business reputation as well as sales, because pictures are the only source to pursue a product, and Amazon photo editing by professionals can help you create flawless pictures that convey your product features and message clearly.
  • Content- To beat competition on Amazon, you have to refresh your content frequently- be it product descriptions, guides, or any other content of your store pages. For the keywords to perform well on the search engine ranking, top-quality content that is easy to understand, short, and precise alongwith right selection of keywords. Through Amazon product description writing, you can create engaging content by incorporating relevant keywords and Amazon experts can even update it regularly to keep your listings on top.
  1. Nurture product ratings

Another most important way to overcome competition on Amazon is creating a strong impression through reviews and ratings. Amazon is a huge marketplace with hundreds of sellers selling similar products as you are. Customers therefore compare products from different sellers and finally buy the one that has more positive reviews and ratings. Hence, you need to focus on getting as much positive feedback to be the top preference of the customers. Often, people look at the five or four star rating then head to the feedback section to know about the experiences of previous buyers. So, avoid selling low-quality products to enhance your Amazon listings or follow these steps to gain maximum positive reviews to sell more than your competitors on Amazon.

  • Describe every aspect of your product genuinely, customers appreciate transparency.
  • Do not post something that your product doesn’t offer, you can manipulate customers once but they can ruin your product rating.
  • Take care of customer service, by handling customer requests humbly or instantly resolving their issues.
  • If a buyer has dropped a negative feedback, instantly respond to them and try to fix the issue. Satisfied by your work, the buyer can eventually edit and post a happy review.
  1. Maintain happy customers with decent shipping practices

If you want to enhance your product visibility, then make sure to track your shipping performance regularly. In order to outlook competition on Amazon, shipping is the key factor to improve your product ranking. Amazon prioritizes sellers who offer satisfactory shipping experience to their customers. Moreover, these sellers have high chances to win Buy Box, and rank on top of the search engine.

Provide customers with great shipping experience by following these tips:

  • Keep a track of your shipping performance on the basis of on-time delivery rate, tracking rate, etc.
  • Opt for Amazon FBA. With this you do not have to worry about shipments, Amazon will take care of everything right from dispatching to delivery.
  1. Create urgency with lightning deals

The easiest and effective way to overcome competition on Amazon is to create lightning deals. These deals are basically time-based that are categorized under today’s deals section. Amazon is known for offering some Amazing deals and customers are attracted to buy more whenever there’s a lightning deal on the website.

The limited time-frame creates an urgency among the customers to buy products quickly and the discounted rates are so jaw-dropping that people cannot leave the website without purchasing something.

So, in order to launch a lightning deal sellers need to pay a fee and wait for the approval from Amazon. Here are some of the requirements that should be fulfilled in order to be eligible for a lightning deal:

  • It should last for 4-12 hours.
  • It can only be launched once a week.
  • You should have your proposed quantity for the deal available at least seven days before the deal is expected to launch.
  • You should have sufficient inventory prior to the launch of the deal.
  • Products must have a sales history on Amazon and at least a 3-star rating if there are 5 or more customer ratings.
  • Only products more than a 3-star rating can be displayed during the deal.
  • Products must have enough variations to choose from.
  • Should align with Amazon customer product reviews policies.
  1. Get assistance from Amazon experts

It’s no secret that running an eCommerce business requires a lot of work. Different aspects of the business require certain expertise you won’t find in one person. 

As a seller, it is difficult to take care of every aspect of your Amazon store. However, professional support can help you sell more than competitors on Amazon. Hiring an amazon expert who can take care of your product listings, keywords, content, product pictures, competitor pricing, etc is the right thing to do as, an Amazon virtual assistant can help you implement suitable strategies by analyzing current market & competitors, to enhance your store ranking.



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