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Men’s T-Shirts

Fashion and style are not only meant to be followed by women. It needs to be followed by men. The most loved clothing wear which is worn by everyone from a toddler to an adult is a T-shirt. It is an evergreen clothing item and can be worn in many places. There are many varieties in men’s clothing like shirts, pants, jackets, men’s t-shirts, joggers, sweatpants etc and maybe that is the reason that fashion is no longer an important part only in women’s life but also inevitable part for men. T-shirts are probably every man’s favourite, they are flexible garments that can be teamed up with any bottoms may it be jeans, joggers, pyjamas to give you a smart and classy look.

If you need a casual day look for going out in malls, parks, shopping you can go for jeans and a t-shirt while for nightwear you need to match your pyjamas with a cool T-shirt. You can also style your t-shirt with sweatpants for gym, yoga, running and many more purpose. T-shirt and pyjamas give us comfort and keep us calm. When it is time for bed you need something comfortable to wear. If you are curled up on the sofa watching the series, playing games, reading books, listening to songs etc. Loungewear is great. You will feel more relaxed than you would be in jeans and a men’s buttoned shirt. A pair of pyjamas and a long-sleeve men’s T-shirt might make you feel too relaxed that you would fall asleep.

Men’s T-Shirts

We have talked a lot about pyjamas now let us also know about types of men’s pyjamas

  • Traditional- They are old classic with pure cotton and piping details. These pyjamas have been popular in earlier times.
  • Modern- They are the one with cotton fabric and mixed with other stretchable fabric which makes them super comfortable and easy to wear as they are stretchable and therefore more relaxing.

The best brands for Men’s pyjamas:

  • Marks & Spencer-High street and all round British retail legend marks and spencer is well known for having your wardrobe basics covered to high standards and low price point. From fleecy, crewneck pyjamas to thick ones, fluffy and everything in between David Gandy range.
  • Derek Rose- Passed down from three generations, Derek Rose is a family-run business that has been producing the finest in nightwear and underwear for close to a century. The brand is not known just for its high quality pyjamas but also for its jazzy patterns which are all designed in house of London since 1926.
  • Bewakoof-it is the one of the leading online website of Bombay as well as classy brand that offers you plethora of items at a very reasonable price. One can’t take one’s eye off for the uniqueness of all commodities, variety, quality etc. It offers you great deal at a discounted price. There are thousands of varieties of pyjamas that you can easily buy at reasonable price.

men's pyjamas

Let’s also talk about the full t-shirt for men, unlike usual half sleeves t-shirts more likely to be worn in humid weather due to its light fabrics, full t-shirts are the one with fuller coverage in essence being t-shirt with full sleeves. They come with two main types of necklines: The crew and the V- neck both work best according to the look as well as the posture of your body and face.

  • The crew collar – This is the best option and offers a timeless look. It suits men who have a slight build and frame, creating the appearance of squarer shoulders. The crew collar is also a good choice for men with narrower faces and longer necks.
  • The V- neck collar- A V-neck has a slightly less formal feel than the crew collar. It is well suited on a man with shorter height.

Men’s T-shirts can be broken into two categories: classic tees and graphic tees.

  • Classic tees – The most classic looking tees are those that comes in traditional solid colours like white, black, blue, grey, red, other colours from green to purple to yellow can work fine too. Depending on your skin tone.
  • Graphic tees-Graphic tees are more casual and are best reserved for things like gym, get-togethers, brunch or outing with friends or family.

There are many brands which offer you full sleeves t-shirt for men each brand has different specifications with various varieties.

men's t-shirts

Some of the latest brands are as follows:

  • Levis- Levis is the brand that is found to make you classy. Their men’s t-shirts give you super casual as well as a semi-formal look. Its pricing starts from 399-2999 rupees. The t-shirts of these brands are easily available on various shopping apps like Flipkart, Myntra, amazon etc.
  • United colours of Benetton-If you want a printed colourful men’s t-shirts you get them from UCB. They have polo, striped and many more. You can get these from its official store or various websites likes jabong.com, Flipkart etc.
  • Bewakoof-If you want a printed colourful, full sleeve, half sleeve, V-neck, crew neck, Henley etc all you can get here at a discounted price. There are tons of varieties, t-shirt prints of cartoons and quotes are so eye-catchy that you should buy one from this app.


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