Essay on Newspaper – Essay on Newspaper in English


Essay on Newspaper – Essay on Newspaper in English

We are going to write a short essay on the newspaper. You might get something like an essay on importance of newspaper in our daily life? What is the importance of newspaper essay? The value of a newspaper essay? What are the benefits of essay on importance of newspaper in student life or importance of reading newspaper essay? Newspapers contain written information on current events which helps readers to know what is happening around the world. You have to write a newspaper essay in English language in 300 words. 

Essay on newspaper in English: 300 Words

Newspapers are one of the most important means of communication in the world. There are newspapers in almost every language. Newspapers have helped in spreading knowledge.

Newspapers give us news, views, reviews and previews. Sometimes the term NEWS (North, East, West and South) is interpreted as North, East, West and South. This means that newspapers provide us with information and news about various subjects from all directions.

Newspapers also give us articles on all kinds of subjects like political, social, economic, commercial commerce, sports, education, health etc. Newspapers have different columns for different subjects. In them, we have matrimonial, editorial, readership, employment, women’s children and other columns.

The burning problems of the world are discussed in the newspapers. Experts and detailed articles by experts appear in them. They are published in Reader’s Views and Opinions and in Reader’s Column.

Newspapers are a very powerful medium. They do a lot of advertisements that grab the attention of the customers. Advertisements are necessary to run the paper. Newspapers can form or change governments, as they act as powerful public opinion changes. These also include book reviews of literary, historical and other books by eminent scholars.

We should not be misled by the views expressed in the newspapers. We should weigh them on the scale of reason, as some newspapers can be prejudiced. But in general, newspapers are an important tool for spreading literacy.

Kids can enjoy cartoon columns in newspapers, kids can send their pictures to be published in newspapers. Therefore, newspapers are very useful in our society.

Essay on Importance of Newspaper

Newspapers are a powerful means of conveying important knowledge and information to the people. It enhances global connection by providing information between people and helps people to connect with each other. Early in the morning we get newspapers in our house and get the latest information about various things happening in the world. Newspaper is a reliable source of information as it publishes news only after due scrutiny.

They are easily available in almost every area of ​​the world and make people aware of some important things around them. It is an economical means of acquiring knowledge at very low cost. Newspapers are available in different languages ​​thus making it easy for people to get and read information in their own language.

Various topics are discussed and related to newspapers such as business, sports, political, health, fitness and much more. Each column of the newspaper is reserved for a particular domain and subject. We can find jobs in the newspaper in the employment column. Then there is a matrimonial column that helps people find their perfect match for marriage. In addition, there are Reader and many other columns that provide different types of information to the readers.

Newspapers are also a great tool for advertising a variety of products and services. Many big companies and firms advertise through newspapers, as it helps them to gain popularity and a huge customer base. Newspaper firms earn a good amount through these advertisements.

Well, there are various positive aspects of a newspaper, though there is also a negative side as well. Sometimes newspaper companies publish fake news for a few bucks and for some social issues to provoke people, which sometimes leads to fights and bloodshed. So, it is important that we should read such news which is completely true and should not take any decision related to the news given in the paper.

Essay on Newspaper 500 Words

A morning newspaper and a cup of tea give a good start to our day. Through newspaper we know what happened in our country, in society, in the world and what is going to happen. Newspaper has become the most famous source of information among the people.

Newspaper is easily available everywhere in every language and certainly newspaper is a common practice among every section of the society. In this age of high technology, the newspaper still has not lost its identity. Newspaper comes under print media.

Newspapers are a powerful means of conveying important knowledge and information to the people. It enhances global connection by providing information between people and helps people to connect with each other.

Early in the morning we get newspapers in our house and get the latest information about various things happening in the world. Newspaper is a reliable source of information as it publishes news only after due scrutiny.

The first known newspaper was in 59 BC. It was used by Julius Caesar in Rome to make people aware of social and political events. Its name was Acta Diana. In the past it was used on metal or stones and was limited to certain cities. Now it is available digitally on your mobile. The history of the newspaper is very vast and interesting. Along with providing information, the newspaper played an important role in the independence of India.

Newspaper is an integral and important part of our life. It is a messenger, it is announced, it is a source of knowledge, it is a broadcaster and it is also a powerful medium of awareness. It gives information about the happenings in the world, not just social and political.

Along with news, it is also a medium of advertisement. In this, advertisements for goods, services and recruitment are broadcast. There are also missing, lost and found government releases. Through newspaper we are aware of all the happenings around us.

While on the one hand the newspaper has many advantages, on the other hand there are some drawbacks too. Sometimes newspapers use false and outdated stories to enhance their credibility. Although people have to pay a monthly fee for the newspaper, its main source of income is advertising.

Due to this, newspapers print advertisements without authenticity and also get rid of the readers by asking them to act at their discretion. Due to this, sometimes the public has to bear heavy losses.

Without the newspaper, we would be cut off from the world. Of course, newspaper is not only information and advertisement but also a powerful and ubiquitous medium of expressing one’s views and taking those ideas to the world.

Newspapers should be read by all the general public and those who also say, “We didn’t have any idea about this till now, should start reading the paper soon.” Along with this, the newspaper should keep motivating the public for pollution control and water conservation not only on Holi and Diwali, but throughout the year.

Democracy and Media (Essay On Newspaper In  English 400 words)

Preface- Media has an important place in democracy. Media is considered to be the watchdog and fourth pillar of democracy. He contributes significantly to the security of democracy by bringing to the fore the lapses committed by the legislature, executive and judiciary. Many scams are exposed because of the media. And the rights of the people are protected.

Nature of Media- Media is called journalism itself. Although the word journalism is related to newspapers. But today its widespread form is the media.

There are two forms of media, first is printed or print media and second is electronic media. Printed media includes daily newspapers, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, magazines, etc.

In these, apart from newspapers, various events and topics like social, literary, cultural, religious, political etc. are published.

Television, radio, internet etc. come under electronic media only. Today, due to the increasing influence and spread of electronic media, printed journalism has lagged behind, but its need has not diminished.

Development of Newspapers- The word newspaper has become completely metaphorical today. It now not only contains the details of events and news, but literature, religion, philosophy, education, politics, film world, sports are moving ahead by covering all the fields.

Due to the long history and tireless hard work behind the arrival of newspapers till today, newspapers have been able to reach this point.

The era of newspapers emerged from the beginning of the British rule in India. Christian missionaries, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and Raja Rammohun Roy had an important contribution in its development and propagation.

Popular newspapers, magazines and channels – Newspapers developed at a rapid pace after the country became independent. And today many all India and regional newspapers are being published.

Among them published in Hindi language are Navbharat Times, Hindustan, Janmat, Punjab Kesari, Navjeevan, Janyug, Rajasthan Patrika, Amar Ujala, India, Today, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar etc. And published in English language are Times of India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Northern India Patrika, Statesman etc.

Electronic Media – Along with the printed media, the channel of electronic media radio Doordarshan has also developed very fast in the country. There is a flood of channels on TV.

Which keeps on serving many interesting stuff along with news to the audience round the clock. Information technology is also supporting the visual media or electronic media nowadays.

Media is the watchdog of democracy- Media is not just an information provider and a tool of entertainment. It has also contributed a lot to the security and development of democracy.

Nowadays the media is playing important roles in the formation of public opinion, giving the right direction to democracy, protecting the pride of democratic institutions, discussing the electoral system, making the public aware of the latest information at the time of elections, etc.

Responsibilities of the media- Being a powerful medium, the media also has some responsibilities. He should develop a system of self-control and self-discipline.

To increase the number of readers and viewers, one should play an important role in making democracy mature and stable while avoiding sensational news, harsh expressions and controversies. Hope the Indian media will become a true friend of the census by becoming a true watchdog of democracy.

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