EPR License in India – What is the significance and how to obtain it?

EPR License

if one thing that big businesses tend to forget, it’s how much they damage their environments when they realize their lofty dreams. The rising pile of factory garbage, the electronic wastes here and there and the chemical wastes that goes into water supply, all have disastrous effects on the environment. While the government bows down to these businesses for funding, it also has had enough of the environmental destruction. Thus, the government has made it mandatory for businesses, specifically electronic manufacturing businesses. to get EPR License in India. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the significant of EPR License in India, and how to obtain it.

The importance of EPR License

The EPR Certification is not just  a certificate that empowers the electronic manufacturers to continue doing business, it’s also a responsibility. EPR certificate full form us Extended Producer Responsibility certificate. The reason for such a mouthful certification to exist is that by applying for EPR Certification and then acquiring the EPR certificate, the manufacturers accept the Extended Producer Responsibility that goes beyond generating profits for the company. It’s the responsibility to:

  • Watch over the electronic waste generated every year: Once the electronic product leaves the factory, and is sold, it’s potential to become an E waste down the line increases. Without proper guidance, the customer would just throw the E waste. However, by getting the EPR certificate, the electronic manufacturer provides option to the customer to buy back the discarded electronic product (e waste). 
  • Recycle the electronic waste: Recycling the only way to make the non-renewable resources last long. Any product with electronic circuitry in it is made up of materials that once wasted, are gone for good. Through recycling, the EPR certificate holders ensure that electric wastes aren’t wasted, but are recycled for their raw materials. 
  • Make people aware about disposing and recycling: You might have noticed that more and more companies are getting environmentally conscious. They have a blog section at their website through which the readers can take a look at several blogs related to E waste management. These companies don’t do so because they have choice, but as a part of their EPR certificate requirements. 
  • Establish connection with the recycling companies: If an electronic company is small, you cannot hope for them to have an in house recycler. In these circumstances, such companies outsource their services to recycling companies, disposing companies and storage firms. 

Watching over the electronic waste and recycling it while making people aware of E waste management is the reason EPR registration certificate is given so much importance. 

Which is why, you should also know the way to obtain the certificate. 

Obtaining the EPR certificate in India

First thing you must do is look at the EPR certificate format. It would give you a glimpse into its requirements and give you a starting point. If you don’t have time for that, follow the steps below:

  1. Start creating a file and fill it with the required documentation
  2. File the application for EPR certificate online. Attach the required documents. 
  3. Let the Central Pollution Control Board assess the application and get back to you. 
  4. Conduct a follow up as the CPCB might need more documents from you. 
  5. Fulfil the additional requirements if and when you receive them. 
  6. Get the EPR certificate granted to you. 

The process depends on documentation and following is the list of said documentation:

  • Proof of Address
  • Certificate of incorporation / import export code / manufacturing license by Municipal corporation. 
  • Contact details
  • PAN card’s copy 
  • Details of the person signing the application and the documents
  • Details of the electronic products that are being manufactured
  • If the products require license from the Bureau of Indian Standards, provide that license
  • RoHS – Reduction of Hazardous Wastes – certification 
  • Details of the recycling unit or the recycler you have an agreement with
  • Copies of the agreement that you’ve signed with the storage companies, E waste management companies or recycling companies
  • Annual estimation of electronic waste
  • Estimation of budget spend of electronic waste management
  • Plan of Extended Producer Responsibility. 
  1. Web content about E Waste management 


EPR certificate is a license that holds ethical value in this world which is full of consumption without a single care of the environment. You now know the way you can obtain it. If you want help for the same, consult with our EPR experts. For more information about Bee Certification


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