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Things may have taken a bit of a toll on you after you’ve purchased your first home.  Maybe it was theOA feesor the emails flying at all hours asking you to please ” Terminate Your Fee”.  Maybe it was two years of Whole Life Insurance policiesin your name and the phone calls constantly to remind you to change them. We can help with England Buy to Let Property.

Or is it your retirement fund tax-deferred?  Maybe you are now truly ” unemployed” and the draw ins you took are just eating up this super low premium you were thinking was going to help you ward off the stock market crash.

Due to the current economic conditions, those lights coming on in your head at night that used to turn off at night are now going out.  It’s not just a blip either; it is an across the board type of phenomenon that is happening across the board in just about every industry – and more specifically in the Real Estate market.  This “down turn” has caused interest rates to rise and decreased a bit, all good things in the world.

But there is one thing that is really taking this industry by the nose – and I am not talking about theGreen registrations.  When people want to sell their house, they have to have the proper “we buy homes” sign printed on the front lawn, and hopefully you can still put a sign in the window.  So don’t panic – you will still be able to sell your home.  Now it’s time to panic just a bit.

First of all, for those that are still living at home and don’t actually see a sign in the yard – pulsecheck!  This is a simple exercise in judgment call. Do you feel any type of hope? High or low? Are you happy or sad? Could you stand another 30 seconds longer? All these questions need to be answered before you take it to your local Real Estate office.  You may have a hard time knowing if you will actually need help or just be a nuisance until you finally realize you are only a paycheck away from being unemployed.

So now you can try to put up a “We Buy Homes” sign (Blah, blah, blah…) in your front yard, and see what happens.  You do know you can’t advertise your home forever?  So it stands to reason why you might be getting serious offers if that is where you are going.  You can always wait until the weekend.  That’s right – wait until the weekend.  When you are lacking both income and a job, you have to hire signs that will make the phone ring.  Have you seen them in your area?  Yeah – sign people are still out there and had better make themselves known by standing out there and getting the buyers attention.

So “How Do I Sell My House” we may ask.  You have got to put it out there.  Your local Real Estate office will hold open houses on the weekends.  You should visit them.  Don’t worry – everybody charges a fee.  You may have to walk 2 or 3 miles if you go to every one.  When you check them out, check them out.  I only say this because hopefully they don’t have a bunch of homes that are sold the very next day.  I can’t guarantee that, but I have heard of multi-otiators doing the same thing.  Get a list of Realtors and meet them.  Ask a lot of questions (oh, and ask them if they are on any of the real estate internet networks) so you can see what your competition is.  Ask them how much you will pay for the house if you are “the buyer”.  The answer will surprise you…just look.  They may not have a huge office bash about the home they are planning on selling.  If they have five used cars on the lot, tell them you will just have to search for them one at a time and look at the front of the cars.  When you meet them, ask them how they are doing, ask them what they are using the money for (og imply they are broke and/or working two jobs just to make ends meet) and then say that you are the buyer.  Now, work the deal that they gave you.  Your job is to buy the house.  Your job is to sell them one.

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