Engagement Ring For Men: No Longer a Rarity

Engagement Ring For Men - No Longer a Rarity

Proposing marriage is an exciting thing, whether it’s a man or a woman. You decide to get married soon and tie the knot. Before that, there is a lot of planning: Do you ask in a private moment or front of many people? Do you go out to eat or do you ask during a holiday? 

As diverse as the possibilities are, one thing always seems clear: the woman needs a ring to seal the engagement. But is there an engagement ring for men too? We will tell you where the custom with the engagement ring comes from and why it is still a rarity for men.

As soon as the intention to marry has been determined, the proposal is usually planned. Usually, this also includes the selection of a suitable engagement ring, which is usually presented to the woman by the man. But nowadays it is no longer necessary to follow this old custom: the option has long existed for men to wear an engagement ring as well.

Where did the custom with the Engagement ring come from?

The fact that the man still proposes more often and seals it with an engagement ring for the woman goes back to an old custom. This extends to the year 254 when Stephen I became the bishop of Rome. It was important to him that when a man proposed marriage, he gave the woman a ring as a sign of solidarity.

In the Middle Ages, on the other hand, the engagement ring was more of a “business” thing, because it was intended to show that the man had received the family dowry of his future wife. While the ring was made of iron in those days, today it has evolved to be made of a wide variety of metals and sometimes with precious stones.

So much as this custom has changed, one thing seems to have stayed the same. Namely, that the man proposes and seals it with a piece of jewelry for the woman.

Marriage Proposal: Different Possibilities

It used to be common practice for a man to propose to his future bride has made. Ideally in a stylish, romantic atmosphere and with the typical kneeling. Along with this came the fact that the woman wears an engagement ring, but the man does not. 

Although this scenario, with various modifications, is still carried out, other options have long since existed. While it was unthinkable in the past, nowadays the woman can ask the man the question of all questions. Accordingly, the woman puts the engagement ring on her chosen one. 

However, it is also possible that not only he but also she wears such a ring. In the third option, engagement without a proposal, both partners decide together to marry. Here we offer other types of diamond rings, such as Promise Rings, Wedding Rings, Toi et Moi Rings, and much more.

Engagement Ring For Men: Optics

Of course, whatever you like is not only allowed with an engagement ring for women but also for men. However, the models for the groom are usually simpler. If engagement rings are bought for both of them, they usually match optically. 

Popular materials for an engagement ring for men include yellow and white gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum, as well as various combinations. Diamonds are often rarer here, but models with one or more stones are also selected depending on taste. If an engagement ring has three stones, it is called a trilogy ring because such models have a special meaning.

The three stones generally stand for the trinity of spirit, body, and soul or the past, present, and future. The Toi et Moi ring is also very popular as a symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty. In most cases, the engagement ring is also provided with engraving on the inside.

Where to wear the engagement ring after the Wedding?

After the wedding, there are different ways for the man and the woman to continue wearing the engagement ring. For example, it is possible to continue wearing the same rings from now on: the engagement rings are then also the wedding rings. 

Another popular variant is to simply wear the engagement ring as a stacked ring; so before the wedding ring. Here the rings are commonly matched to each other. Or the engagement ring is worn on one hand and the wedding ring accordingly on the other hand. 

Which ring on which hand?

Depending on the country, there are different customs as to which hand an engagement ring and wedding ring are worn. Within the USA, the engagement ring is usually put on the ring finger of the left hand. The background for this lies in an old, antique tradition: The love vein in the left hand should lead to the heart. 

After the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring no longer has a purpose, but it is still possible to continue to wear it. For example, it is either feasible to simply leave the ring on the ring finger of the left hand or it can be used as a slip-on ring for the wedding ring on the right hand. 

In the meantime, however, the bride and groom can also deviate from the traditions and decide for themselves. Whether or on which hand the engagement and wedding ring is to be worn. Often it is simply the hand on which the ring sits more comfortably. 

It is also conceivable to select another finger, such as the middle finger. For the engagement and/or wedding ring or to wear it around the neck on a chain. Also, if you are learning how to wear promise rings and promise rings meaning deeply, you visit our online Gemistone Jewelers store. 


While in the past there were generally strict requirements about the marriage proposal and the handing over or wearing of the engagement and wedding ring. Today prospective spouses are free to decide on this themselves. For example, not only the woman but also the man often wears an promise rings.

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