Effective Ways For Credit Card Application Online With Instant Approval


Did you know, in today’s credit card application scenarios in India. It is not just the salaried professionals who are eligible for credit cards? In fact, anyone, including retired professionals, homemakers, business owners, self-employed, independent workers, and even students, can apply for credit cards. Today, you can initiate the use of virtual credit cards the minute. It is approve, even before you receive the physical card in your mail. The lower the usage limit. The faster and more seamless it usually is to have your credit card application approve in no time.

Follow These Simple Steps To Get Your Credit Cards:

Step 1 – Choose The Right Credit Card For You

This might be the most ‘fun’ part of the whole process. Select the right card base on the best rewards and benefits that suit your lifestyle. There are many choices out there and. You could even apply for more than one credit card for your unique needs. You could have one that provides maximum benefits on fuel purchases, another card for dining experiences, and another for flight bookings. As mention, what the ‘best reward credit card’ is for you, depends totally on your requirements. Once you have select the right card, get to step 2 of the credit card application process.

Step 2 – Fill In The Online Credit Card Application

Filling in your online application for a credit card should be done with care and accuracy. You will be require to give an accurate address with proof in the next step. Also, most banks will insist on two or more contacts of friends or colleagues (or both) to help identify that your information is accurate. They may also require proof of work location and salary slips to verify the limit that should be associate with your credit card. Once you have fill in the online credit card application, the next step is to follow up with the require documentation proofs.

Step 3 – Submit The Required Documentation for Credit Cards

The first document you need handy is proof of identity, which could be your Aadhaar card or driving license. The bank will also require your PAN card or form 16 plus salary certificates of the last three months, as the case may be. Form 16 is usually accepted as proof of income for self-employe and individual freelance workers. If you do not have your own income, the bank will require a guarantor, who will have to acknowledge and approve your application. This person will need to provide their income proof for your application. The easier way to do this might be to apply for an add-on card on your spouse, parent, or guardian’s account. Finally, you must attach/scan copies of your passport photograph. In the case of add-on cards, this might not be necessary. Once you have successfully upload/sent all require documentation, it is time to sit back and let the bank handle the rest.

Step 4 – Processing Of Your Card Application/Approval

Once the bank receives all application details and required documents, they will assign a representative to verify the details. For higher limit credit card applications, a bank representative would visit the provided address and approve that the applicant resides there. This process is quicker and simpler if you have a house registered in your name. A rental agreement and a representative visit to the premises are require for rent premises. Next, the bank will give a call to your office human resources to verify that you are employe. Finally, a call will be make to your register mobile number to verify personal details like your date of birth, address, and income. Once you have receive this call and answer all questions successfully and confidently, you can be assured that your credit card application has been a success.

Step 5 – Receive Your New Credit Cards + Pin

If all the four steps mention above have been complete successfully, you can expect an SMS from the bank stating that your card application is a success and that your new credit card will soon be dispatch to the address provide. In some cases, with online applications, you might also be given a card number and PIN to use your new credit card virtually, even before you receive the physical copy of the card. Certain organizations offer virtual credit cards, where a card and PIN are allott to you for online zero-interest purchases. 


Today it is easier to make a credit card application online and begin enjoying the best rewards and benefits for you with minimal time and effort. Follow the simple steps mentioned in this article, or simply contact a bank representative to take you through the entire process.

Online Process

Credit cards continue to provide a level of financial convenience that is largely unmatch by anything else. Your credit card could give you immediate access to cash, assist you in paying off debts, or instantly fund a transaction.
Numerous issuers now provide cards with lots of features and tempting discounts. Nevertheless, you must proceed cautiously while considering any credit card offers. This will prevent you from having to deal with membership fees, late fees, annual maintenance fees, or charging interest on dues after the interest-free period once you start using the card.
You must keep in mind that your credit score is directly impact by how you use your credit card. Your loan eligibility is now determine by this.

Finding The Best One

Finding a credit card that perfectly fits your lifestyle and fulfill all your requirements can be a blessing because it opens up a world of appealing savings and rewards. If we take the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard as an example, it offers benefits like interest-free loans, cashback offers and interest-free ATM withdrawals for a set amount of time. So, if you get into a cash crunch, using this credit card to access cash is simple.
A Bajaj Finserv credit card also gives you access to a feature that lets you break up large expenditures into manageable EMIs. Additionally, you receive free access to airport lounges, discount cinema tickets, fuel surcharge exemptions, and reward points.

Choose Credit Cards According to Needs

For all issuers, the mandatory credit score requirements will be applicable. The minimum age and credit score requirements for Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit cards, however, are 25 and 750, respectively.
A prospective Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank credit card holder must provide documentation of their age, identification, address, and income. Age verification, an Aadhar Card, a passport, a voter’s ID, a driver’s licence, electricity bills, Form 16, paystubs, and your bank statement are other pieces of evidence that Bajaj Finserv requires. Both Form 60 and a photocopy of your PAN card must be submitt. The minimum documentation requirements of Bajaj Finserv make the whole procedures more straightforward.

You must submit the online application form in order to obtain the credit card even though the required paperwork is now in order. This form will be accessible on Bajaj Finserv’s official website.
To start the process, you must enter your name, email address, and phone number. Other information, such current income and date of birth, would also need to be entered in some circumstances.
That’s pretty much it, and getting a credit card from Bajaj Finserv isn’t too difficult. The application can also be tracked further online via the mobile app or Bajaj Finserv’s My Account page.
When you examine your offer for a credit card, the procedures are even more straightforward.


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