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Want to know How to Get Free YouTube Premium with an old membership with a myriad of the best and quality video content?

Wow, what a coincidence, Ponselsoak wants to share an easy way to get free services from YouTube Premium.

You can watch your favorite videos without the distraction of ads with YouTube Premium, right? But unfortunately, to access this YouTube Premium service you have to subscribe by paying a fee of Rp. $12, or the equivalent of Rp. 173 thousand rupiahs per month.

No need to worry, because we will share these ways so you can easily have premium access without paying. Take a look at the full information below.

How to Get Free YouTube Premium

Easy Ways to Get Free YouTube Premium

Google is well aware that its streaming application, namely YouTube, has held considerable power on the internet. It is not wrong if, in the end, Google makes the best use of its power. For example, by presenting a paid service called YouTube Premium Apk.

Actually, YouTube Premium was originally called YouTube Red. However, YouTube Premium offers several updates which of course further pamper users when streaming. YouTube Premium is the premium or paid version of the best video streaming platform.

To get it, users have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Luckily, because there are interesting ways that you can try to get YouTube Premium services for free.

Here’s how to get YouTube Premium for free that you can try.

  1. As the first step you have to do is download the YouTube streaming application from APKMirror. Then install as usual when you are going to install an application from a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Next, download the best free VPN apps. Don’t worry, because on Google Play there are lots of VPN applications that you can download. But one that is recommended is the Supernet application.
  3. Open the Supernet VPN application, then change to the United States and run the VPN connection.
  4. Open the YouTube app and Log-In using your YouTube account.
  5. Done, you can now enjoy YouTube Premium for free for 14 days.

And here are some of the best features of YouTube Premium that you should know about.

Watching Videos Without Ads

For those of you who love to stream on the free version of YouTube, you are certainly often disturbed by ads that are at the beginning, middle, or end of the video you are watching. But by subscribing to premium features you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Through YouTube Premium, you can enjoy various videos without having to be bothered by ads. This includes when you access via devices such as Chromecast, SmartTV, Apple TV, and others.

Save More Favorite Videos and Free

Some people don’t always have a lot of quotas to be able to stream their favorite videos every day. Through this YouTube Premium, you can get the solution. Those of you who are subscribed can download all the videos that you favorite or like and then save them offline.

That means you don’t have to worry anymore if the quota runs out, or there is no signal. Because you can still watch your favorite videos wherever and whenever you want.

Free Access to YouTube Music Premium and Play Music

Yes, by subscribing to YouTube Premium you can also get free access to YouTube Music Premium and Play Music from Google. And vice versa, if you subscribe to Play Music from Google, you will also get access to YouTube Premium. And there will be many other benefits that you can get.

Switch Apps Fearless Video Pause

When you access YouTube from a smartphone, the video you are currently enjoying or playing will automatically stop when you switch to another application. The YouTube app you have doesn’t allow you to multitask.

It’s different if you subscribe to YouTube Premium, then the video that is being enjoyed will still be able to be played in the background even if you are opening another application. Listening to music videos has become easier and more fun, right?

Lots of Original Content to Enjoy

Not much different from the Netflix application, YouTube Premium also has exclusive content called YouTube Originals. By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you can watch it whenever and wherever you want. Some of the original content that you can enjoy include the following.

  1. Cobra Kai
  2. Escape The Night
  3. Scare PewDiePie
  4. Impulse
  5. And others.

Many people ask, what will happen to YouTube Red if YouTube Premium is now available? As we mentioned earlier, basically this premium version of YouTube was originally named ‘YouTube Red’.

The concept it applies is still the same as YouTube Red, namely without ads, there is more music content, and users can save videos to watch offline. But on YouTube Premium, there are several updates and even more features.

Yes, YouTube has recently launched its newest music streaming application in Indonesia, namely YouTube Music Premium.

Getting the name ‘Premium’ frills, of course, will be a differentiator from other YouTube services.

How not, besides there will be many updates, through YouTube Music Premium, users will be even more pampered when doing music streaming activities.

YouTube Music Premium is Google’s paid service that offers a variety of interesting features, which of course can’t be found in the free version. The most important thing here is that you can watch or stream without the interruption of ads.

YouTube Music Premium

Explanation About YouTube Music Premium

Almost the same as YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium is already available on the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. No need to worry, because the application can be downloaded for free.

However, to operate or use this music streaming service you must first subscribe.

The good news is that YouTubers Music Premium can actually use the application for free in the first month.

As the name suggests, you can easily find all the music on YouTube Music premium. If you’re looking for a music streaming app without annoying ads, then YouTube Music Premium is the right choice.

Not only music videos, but YouTube Music Premium also provides a variety of official music and albums, remixes, live, singles, performances, covers, and several other types of music steps. Of course, this service can only be enjoyed using the YouTube Music Premium application.

Interestingly, it turns out that the home screen on the application has also been adapted very nicely and dynamically so that it can provide recommendations for the type of music that suits the activities you do.

It’s really lazy, right, if it turns out that the music streaming application you are using only provides a small selection of song lists? Luckily, with the YouTube Music Premium app, you’ll get thousands of playlists from various genres of music.

Please choose the one that best suits your activity, mood, or language.

That means, through this paid streaming application, you will get a large selection of playlists to listen to at any moment. In addition, you will also get a playlist of the latest and most popular music today.

Differences between YouTube Music Premium and Similar Services

When it comes to the differences between YouTube Music Premium and similar services, there are certainly many differences.

For example on YouTube Premium, ads will be removed on all videos but on YouTube Music Premium you can only watch ad-free videos, especially in the music category.

Even when you watch music videos on YouTube, you won’t find annoying ads.

To be able to listen to music and minimize the application, you must play music from the YouTube Music Premium application.

Through this application, you can search for more types or genres of music from Joox or Spotify.

YouTube Music Premium will also feature a special algorithm to follow the music you like and listen to frequently.

When it comes to the audio quality offered, YouTube Music Premium does offer a maximum audio quality that is much better than users of the free version which only has a bit rate of less than 256 Kbps AAC.

YouTube Music Premium even has a better data saving option because it lowers the bit rate to 48 Kbps AAC, which is very useful for those of you who use cellular data when streaming.

Continuing on the premium package offered by YouTube Music Premium, with the offer of offline download features and an ad-free music listening experience, you can subscribe for IDR 49.000,00 per month.

In addition, YouTube also presents a more complete premium music service to Indonesia. YouTube Music Premium is available with prices starting from IDR 59.000 per month.

Through this offer, users can get an ad-free experience with a background player feature and offline downloads for millions of music playlists on YouTube.

Latest YouTube Music Premium View

Youtube Premium Free Apk

How to Download Songs/Music from YouTube

Actually, how to download songs/music from YouTube is not a difficult matter, even you can do it with just a few steps. Especially if it turns out that you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, then all the available songs can be downloaded without exception.

But the problem here is that you’re using the free version of YouTube, and it turns out that not all of the available songs you can download for free. For that reason, through the following article, we will share information on how to download songs from YouTube which is easy and free for you to try. Check out the steps below.

  1. First, please open the YouTube streaming application as usual from your smartphone, PC, or laptop.
  2. If so, search for the song or music you want to download.
  3. Click on the three-dot icon present to the right of the video.
  4. Select Share Options > Copy Link > Share Link.
  5. Open Google Chrome and access to download MP3 formatted songs.
  6. Only then can you copy the link that you previously copied in the ‘Please Insert a Valid Video Url’ column.
  7. Select the MP3 option in the menu below.
  8. Click on the Convert button and wait for the process.
  9. Finally, click the Download or Download button.
By using paid services on YouTube Music Premium, you can get additional features of Youtube Streaming Without Buffering and Ads

How to Save Songs from YouTube to Music Gallery

Like streaming? But you certainly don’t want it, if your quota runs out quickly just because you repeatedly play music videos or songs you like on YouTube?

So you must first save the song you like. It’s very easy, see the steps here.

  1. First, open the YouTube app as usual and find the song you want to save to your music gallery.
  2. If you have clicked on the three-dot icon to the right of the video.
  3. Select the Share option.
  4. Select the Copy Link option.
  5. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  6. In the Url field, just type the following link,
  7. If so, press Enter to open the link.
  8. Paste the link that you copied earlier in the Enter The Url column.
  9. Click on the option next to the Download button.
  10. Finally, click the Format you want.

Basically, the YouTube streaming application already has its own Download feature, but it turns out that the downloaded video is only stored in the application. However, sometimes some videos cannot be downloaded.

The reason is because of the copyright settings of each different YouTube channel. The good news is, through the easy steps above you can save songs from YouTube to the music gallery without installing the application first.

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