Dominate The World Of Video Conferencing Apps By Launching Your Zoom Clone


Except for homework during school time, work and home were always meant to be kept apart from each other. However, with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, the equation has completely changed. A lot of people have started to work remotely from the comfort and confines of their homes. Those demand for changes in lifestyle to keep up with the norms of social distancing and minimizing contact and crowd has made remote working anon. It is in stark contrast to the notion of remote working being just a small extension of the business and its operations before 2020.

Working from home has given rise to a lot of changes and challenges. One of the most major challenges faced by businesses was in terms of collaboration. Officer Speedway for people to easily communicate with each other, huddle up in small rooms and discuss ideas, and quickly catch up with someone over coffee if they needed a discussion. The scope for all these was considered lost. Until videoconferencing applications stepped into the picture.

A deep dive into the video conferencing

The concept of video conferencing is not new. It is just that it was confined to very specifically designed meeting rooms with cameras that strike a balance between data size and clarity and Internet speeds that could transmit a huge chunk of data, including video and audio in a single shot.

Almost all of us are familiar with Skype which could be considered one of the first video conferencing app that went mainstream. The video conferencing market was worth $3.85 billion in 2019, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% over the next seven years.

The fact that companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft have steadily been including and pushing their video conferencing applications in their office/business suite is a factor strong enough to showcase the importance and relevance of video conferencing applications. However, outside all these big names, there is one video conferencing mobile app that managed to piggyback on the pandemic and make a massive name and profit for itself. We are talking about Zoom.

A bit about Zoom

“Zoom” was a term confined to photography enthusiasts. It was founded in 2011, but it did not enjoy a lot of prominence in its initial years of existence. Slowly, offices started recognizing The importance and awesomeness of this tool and started to look at it as a replacement for the offerings from Cisco and Microsoft. 

The company boasts of a market cap of $99.79 billion with its stock prices steadily growing. The stock was just valued at about $66.64 in December 2019 and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value skyrocketed almost 900%, with the company reaching its maximum stock price of $559 in October 2020. The increase in the stock prices can only be attributed to the relevance and the features that Zoom incorporated into its offerings at the right time.

The features include limiting time but not the number of users in its free version, creating different solutions for different people (including corporate meetings, webinars, and online classes), giving options to record the sessions, and an effective and affordable pricing model.

What made the video conferencing app like zoom so successful? How did Zoom Clone App become a lucrative business idea? To explore this space, we will need to look at the benefits of video conferencing in the new normal and the challenges that remote working process to the business and the employees.

Benefits of video conferencing

It has been noted that 90% of the fortune 500 companies around the world use multiple video conferencing applications. This can only mean that video conferencing presents a wide variety of business benefits.

Video conferencing lifts any restrictions with respect to team size for meetings

The size of the meetings was confined to the size of the meeting room! Most meetings were held on a one-to-one basis and there were a few constraints with respect to the management of collaboration when handling a huge team. With video conferencing apps, it becomes easy for almost every member involved to be a part of a remote meeting.

This opens up opportunities for global collaboration while at the same time, not jeopardizing though the possibility of a small huddle within two or three members of the team. Video conferencing apps address all the meeting needs of any business.

Video conferencing helps bring down collaboration expenses

While business travel is an integral part of any business, it cannot be denied that it does translate into heavy costs. There have been instances where people would have needed to travel hundreds of miles to attend a meeting that barely lasts 30 minutes. With video conferencing in place, all these expenses and associated frustrations can be avoided.

The introduction of video conferencing apps has initiated people even to rethink meetings that require them to travel from one corner of the city to another, Live alone meetings between people belonging to different geographic areas.

Zoom Clone App leads to better work-life balance

Effective collaboration and production and the time and cost involved in travel mean that people have more time for doing what they love. This results in effective utilization of my cars and people finishing what they need to do faster in terms of both getting things done and in huddling for ideas. This helps employees give enough time to accommodate their personal life.

Given the fact that people can work from anywhere today, video conferencing plays a crucial role in promoting a healthy work-life balance. It does eliminate the need for an employee rushing to the office for a meeting. They could just make the call from home, finish it, and get back to their time with their families.

Zoom Clone App: promotes collaboration

It has to be admitted that there is nothing that can ever come close to the idea of collaboration other than meeting in person. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic kicking in and with offices needing to mandate remote work, there is a need to seek the next most effective option, which is videoconferencing.

Videoconferencing helps employees feel more connected with each other as they can not only hear but also see the person they’re talking with. Video conferencing is definitely more effective than chats and emails. Employees, when talking to each other, are able to get their thoughts clarified beyond questions. It also prompts people to share ideas and also gives a way for people to share visual input through screen-sharing options.

This idea of collaboration not just stops with the office but also extends to customers, consultants, clients, and partners. It would not be an exaggeration to say that video conferencing has created a global platform for flawless collaboration among all parties involved in a business!

Video Conferencing app enhances a company‘s culture

Video conferencing applications have started to almost function like a mini social network for the office internally. Irrespective of small huddles or large meetings, all employees are bound through one video conferencing software. This makes it easy not only to schedule but also to track meetings and manages calendar time effectively.

Video conferencing improves efficiency as you can do a lot more than just see and talk. Today’s video conferencing apps facilitate sharing of product demos, mock-ups, and market projections. There are instances when a video conferencing app gives a better picture… Literally… Of certain things than a face-to-face meeting. This helps in improving the communication culture of the office where people are familiar not only with the message but also the body language and subtle elements like my contacts.

Last but not least, since video conferencing operates over a limited time and people are now aware of calendars, it’s quite likely that video conferencing meetings follow a very rigid structure. There have been instances where the schedule and the agenda of the meeting have been clearly defined days or hours before the meeting starts. This also makes waiting for efficient use of time, did use unwanted and unwarranted Calendar leakages.

The challenges

While videoconferencing ideally presents A perfect collaboration platform, there are a few challenges that need to be addressed.

While employee engagement can possibly be good, there are instances of people shutting down their videos or muting themselves for the entire meeting. It might feel a bit awkward for the meeting organizer to ask a person to speak up.

While technology has improved a lot to accommodate video conferencing from anywhere, there are a few connectivity hiccups when it comes to places located outside cities and in remote areas. That could be instances of Internet outages and power outages.

Perhaps the biggest concern of all is security. People were so comfortable conducting meetings within the four walls of the company, ensuring that there was no outsider. Now, with videoconferencing, you could be sitting in a coffee shop discussing the strategy to defeat your competitor in the market, and your competitor could be at the table right behind you, looking at your screen! Even outside the visual prying, there are possibilities of breaches because of poor firewall, VPN, and lack of employment verification.


The best part about the challenges is that all of them are either abstract or can be addressed or negligible because of their sparseness. Given the huge potential for video conferencing apps, it makes a lot of sense for an expiring entrepreneur to create their own video conferencing app like Zoom.

To build an app from scratch, however, could be a cumbersome and daunting affair. Instead, you could consider going for a Zoom Clone app. The Zoom Clone script is easy to customize and can be garnished with features of your choice. When you build your Zoom meetings Clone app, you can even consider separating them into two different versions: Zoom Clone for business and Zoom Clone for personal use.

All you need to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in the development and customization of Zoom clones. They will take care to understand the requirement and present you with a perfect product that fits your business needs and your customers market needs.


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