Do You know About EICR Report And How You Can Workaround

EICR Report
EICR Report

Electrical Installation Condition Report deteriorates over time. For example, switches and sockets can be damage. The cable is damage. Infrastructure connections can be loose. In fact, this is often notice during EICR Report reviews and we are confident that our customers will be notify free of charge. The severity of the decomposition is more pronounce in equipment containing undesirable elements such as corrosive chemicals. The construction waste temperature is too high or the maintenance of the tenant or landlord is insufficient. All systems must be maintain to prevent damage. As reasonably possible to prevent such damage. “

Although there is no current law that requires you to obtain an EICR Report. This is highly recommend from the point of view of responsibility and safety. Rental properties and some public spaces such as theaters, restaurants, cinemas, clubs, and hotels require electrical Installation condition reports for warranty purposes. Internal defects or equipment defects Tenants can file a claim in the event of death or serious injury, due to the inability to maintain the electrical safety of the facility. This could be consider negligence and legal action may be taken against you.

What is an electrical Installation condition report?

According to the title, this is a report, not a testimonial. This includes the assessment of the availability of electrical installations in accordance with the requirements of BS7671 Energy Issue at the time of the review. Electrical installation condition report, regardless of installation age, differ greatly from EICR Report and static equipment tests. This is because we are examining the building’s internal wiring, not the equipment.

The results, measurements and values ​​obtain during the reporting of the condition of the electrical installation are clearly record in the report and appropriate advice (if any) is given regarding damage. Observe defects which may correct the damage, such as deterioration or safe installation and use, etc.

What do periodic inspection reports (PIRs), land lines and Electrical installation condition report (EICRs) mean? And what does this have to do with me?

The terms “fix wire test” and “periodic inspection report” are use interchangeably, but to confuse the compound term. These terms will be replace by the words above. Although it is an Electrical installation condition report (EICR)”, these three terms are of primary meaning. same. The reason for the name change is mainly due to the most recent revisions to Electrical Installation Condition Report.

In conclusion, this type of electrical test tests and verifies the wiring in the building structure. This is very different from the EICR Report and the hard device test. This is because it is a detail survey of the electrical situation of the building, not of the appliances.

How often do you need to produce this regular audit report?

Although the guidelines were develop by the Electrical Engineering Society. But in the end, the decision of the Electrical Equipment Inspection Agency comes down to using engineering judgment, experience and guidelines as a starting point for that decision.

The IEE recommends the following maximum durations between validation and testing:

  • Local installation – 10 years or moving
  • Commercial establishment – 5 years or moving
  • Industrial installation – 3 years
  • Residence – 5 years or change of residence
  • Offices, shops and laboratories – 5 years

Contact us for more information about public and private facilities such as cinemas, swimming pools and caravan parks. And other information you may need EICR Report is please to advise you on a good test schedule. We will give you a quotation according to your requirements. The exam will be conduct according to the rules set by the EICR.

Ensure that “Electric MOT” plays an important role in managing your business and property. It is likely that you will deal with electrical problems in advance. This saves money and prevents costly accidents in the long run.

Please note that you may need to submit a condition report on your Electrical Safety Certificate. (Periodic Inspection Report, Fix Extensions Report!) For insurance and licensing purposes. Warranty and support for regular checks and tests.

  • City & Guilds’ fully qualified and experience electricians prove their expertise.
  • CRB Audit Engineer
  • Full test on BS 7671 (2008)
  • EASY TO READ PRINT FORMAT – Handwritten report is unreadable!

It is also provide for circuit identification. Distribution panel sticker installation schedule as need. We are a trust dealer and a register member of the NICEIC and Government Standard Trustmark. NICEIC is one of the top five regulatory bodies in the UK and one of the most trust agencies.

You would like a quote for fix wire, please fill out the quotation form on the right or call for more information. If you need to test the EICR Report in the same way, there is no need to search anymore. I do the EICR very well!

Fix Wire Test

Like anything else in life, electrical installation deteriorates over time. Damage sockets, damage infrastructure and cables are common problems in electrical installations that were not properly manage or install in the first place. Electrical installation Condition report is one of the best and quickest ways to troubleshoot electrical problems. Detail reviews record deterioration, defects, and harmful damages. Suggest the necessary changes to solve the problem.

Our team shows friendliness and professionalism. The EICR Report can also provide simple and inexpensive electrical condition reports. Provides peace of mind and protection from potential dangers. Wiring should be test frequently for compliance with electrical regulations in the workplace and, if necessary, install with hard wire tests. Never have to worry about wires getting damage again.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR test report) to confirm travel time

The Electrical Installation Condition Report testing consists of a consumer unit and an on-site test circuit, as well as property audits and equipment tests. Consumer products are also certified to ensure good grounding and incorrect current. These tests are Electrical Installation Condition Report. These tests ensure that the circuit has a continuous ground path for each joint and that the EICR Report is operating at the specified time and current. Please contact us for more information. Because we can help with any technical questions you may have.


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