Do Popular Earrings Have A Lavish Style?

popular earrings

If you think mere wearing a good outfit is enough for gracing the occasion, then you are wrong here. Supporting your outfit with a good piece of jewelry is a must for everyone to enhance your personality and appearance. 

Every jewelry piece has its significance and so do earrings. There is a great variety of earrings to choose from, making it difficult for the girls to select the perfect pair of earrings. 

Ideal earrings are chosen after seeing the numerous aspects such as face shape, skin complexion, outfit, occasion, and other ones. If you are also looking for a set of popular earrings, then we have got you covered. Go through this post to discover diverse kinds of popular earrings. 

Popular types of earrings 

It is essential to have different kinds of earrings in your collections but before doing that, ensure those earrings go comfortably with your personality. There are earrings for all styles and occasions. You just have to find the best ones for yourself according to your personality. Let us discover a range of popular earrings to glam up your look. 

Cube stud earrings 

The cure zirconia earrings resemble the diamonds but, in reality, are much cheaper. Someone seeing you from a distance will find these earrings real only and will not discover a difference in this. 

As such, these earrings are quite simple, but when you support it with a good outfit, these may look and glam up your entire look. The biggest perk of having the stud earrings is that they come in all sizes. 

You should opt for the right size by seeing your ear size first and then shopping for the perfect one for yourself. 

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Cuff earrings 

The second most popular earrings for girls are cuff earrings. These are usually small in size, covering the bottom of the ear lobe. The impact and look of cuff earrings are similar to hoop earrings. 

As such, there are plenty of metal shapes and sizes options with you in cuff earrings. You can use the combination of gold and diamonds to bring up a fabulous pair of cuff earrings for yourself. 

Open hoops 

How can one forget about the open hoops when these are so much in trend? Not at all. If you are looking for jewelry pieces that make you look sophisticated and daring, this is the one for you. 

Without any doubt, these earrings can be a bold statement piece when chosen according to length, thickness, and adornments. The best thing is that these are so comfortable. 

Chandelier earrings 

Not many people know chandelier earrings, but these are very much in trend these days. They are a bit lengthy and hang below the ear. Without any doubt, when worn chandelier earrings, these add an air of grace to the people’s outfit and overall look. 

These earrings come in multiple levels and sizes. You can choose it at your discretion. But before opting for it, see your occasion and whether it goes with your outfit or not. 

Drop earrings 

If you are looking for some such piece which you can wear daily to your workplace or college, then drop earrings are the one for you. This glam up your lifestyle and make you look great without putting in much effort. 

These earrings usually consist of a simple chain or metal stem dropping below the ear. Some of the popular designs include sleek pearls, gemstone clusters, and golden baubles. 

Clip-on earrings 

Some people believe that clip-on earrings are only for kids, but this is not true. These are for the adults too. The biggest advantage of having clip-on earrings in your collection is that you can wear these even without getting your ears pierced. 

At present, there are plenty of modern clip-on earrings for the fashionistas out there in countless styles and patterns. This is a must-have in your collections and for enjoying the lavish style. 

Knot earrings 

In addition to the popular earrings, you have the option of having the knot earrings also at your disposal. There will be rings, necklaces, and bracelets making their way towards you in the knot earrings. 

The knot earrings can be perfect for those who prefer to have sentimental pieces for themselves. Usually, these are available in silver material, but you can also have these in gold patterns. Consequently, it would be right to have these in your collections as these are going in trends. 

Pearl earrings 

Having a pearl is like a dream come true for many girls out there. Luckily, you can have this as double-sided pearl earrings. These are a unique kind of earrings and are not so popular for now, but people will for sure love them when they wear them. 

Before opting for the double-sided pearl earrings, make sure to go deep into your personality traits to figure out whether these earrings will suit you or not. 

Tassel earrings 

How about gracing the occasion with the tassel earrings? Sounds good, right? There is a huge variety of tassel earrings in the market these days to uplift your fashion sense. These earrings are the only ones that stand out from the crowd and allow people to reflect their natural beauty. 

You can wear it with a simple shirt and make yourself look great. As it comes in a great variety of styles and materials, it is upto you to find the perfect one for yourself. 


Looking for something to support your Indian attire? If yes, then there cannot be an any better option than Jhumkas for you. Wearing Jhumkas highlight and depict pure Indian beauty and hold the potential to enhance your beauty multiple times. 

Jhumkas is the only earring piece that stands to enjoy such a great variety of materials, metals, patterns, shapes, and whatnot. 

Oxidized earrings 

Oxidized earrings go the best with Indian outfits and enjoy great popularity these days. Back in time, these were nowhere, but the trend they are witnessing now is simply great. 

These earrings are seen in dark silver metal and are the popular choice of many girls. And the best thing about oxidized earrings is that people with all skin complexions can wear oxidized earrings. 


If you are looking for a lavish style and showcasing your beauty, then wearing the right designer earrings is the way forward. The variety in earrings is simply fabulous. Just be cautious of your face shape, complexion, and other things when you step out of your homes to choose the perfect one for yourself. 


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