Do I need a Commercial Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Owning a commercial property with gas appliances is very easy and the lack of a valid annual Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is a criminal offense. This is the best way to do it, as it will be dispense every time you service the gas boiler. The 1998 Gas Safety (Trial Run and Use) Regulations stipulate the lessor’s liability for gas appliances. One of which is the annual gas safety inspection of each appliance or flue and gas safety certification. To provide a copy of the book to the tenant. But do I have to get a new gas safety certificate every time I change tenants? First, let’s take a look at your responsibilities and the content of the gas safety check.

Why do I need a landlord’s gas safety certificate?

If you are a UK landlord and you are renting a property, you will need the landlord’s gas safety certificate. By law, you must provide the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. It changes every 12 months or every tenant. Otherwise, it’s not just a violation of the law. But it also puts people’s lives at risk. In case of gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning. You will then be sued by the method attach to a register safe gas engineer who submits a certificate.

How to get a gas safety certificate?

Contact us for a list of gas boilers or radiators. You can get a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate and boiler maintenance in a few days.  Depending on the number of gas appliances in your accommodation, you will probably pay between £ 40 and £ 100. If your accommodation has only Wigan’s central heating boiler and no other appliances, you’ll probably only pay £ 40. Add £ 20 for each additional gas appliance. In the event of a gas leak, you will need to call at London Property inspections 0203 239 0374. They come with you and put a vacuum on your gas meter. It’s free, but to repair leaks, for example. Gas pipe nails. You will need to call a emergency plumber to repair the gas and return it to the facility.

What are the regulations?

In the UK, poorly equip and poorly maintain gas appliances and chimneys kill about. 30 people each year, causing fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. The 1998 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate obligations on users of gas systems to ensure safe and proper use. A complete prospectus can be found on the State Gas Safety Regulations website.

These responsibilities include liability for annual maintenance and inspection of all gas boilers. Fires, radiators, and other types of gas-burning equipment or appliances in operation. This also applies to you if you are in charge of gas appliances. Whether you are a tenant, landlord, business owner, or private business owner.

Leases or individual contractual agreements help to take actionable steps to ensure that gas safety requirements are met. However, the ultimate liability lies with the resident of the relevant workplace. The owner or someone else who oversees the building may be obligate under the Industrial Safety and Health Act 1974. For example, you need to ensure that heating in common areas is kept safe. Leases or individual contractual agreements can be use to determine the assignment of these responsibilities. Regardless of the size of the equipment or the type or location of the equipment or system. It is imperative to serve at least once a year or more frequently as specified by the manufacturer.

What if I don’t have a gas safety certificate?

In our opinion, it’s not worth the risk of not having a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. It’s not just punishment and loss of care. This is a life-threatening risk of equipment failure and the possibility of imprisonment if responsible.

They impose severe sanctions on violations and may prosecute landlords and agents for manslaughter. Failure to do so will result in a criminal offense and the court can impose. An un-limit number of fines and imprisonment. This invalidates your property insurance and can lead to civil damages claims later-in these cases. The compensation has already proven to be very high.

How much does a gas safety certificate cost?

This depends on the number and type of gas appliances. The best and most cost-effective time to get a gas certificate is part of the annual maintenance.

What is include in the gas safety certificate?

Only engineers register with Gas Safe can issue a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate. They appear in the building and require a series of tests to be perform. On each gas burning device, including visual inspection, function, pressure, and functional tests. Equipment that uses an extraction system to remove combustion. Gasses should also be test to determine if the extraction method is appropriate. The test device should be isolate for a short time until a particular test is complete.

I just installed a new gas appliance, do I need a certificate?

After a Gas Safe certificate engineer installs or maintains a gas appliance. It often leaves a report detailing the inspections perform. This report can be publish as a gas safety record and may be refer to as Landlord Gas Safety Certificate depending on the work request. It is not always a legal requirement for engineers to provide this type of information. But many engineers register with Gas Safe provide this or similar information.

Gas safety information indicates that the gas appliance or gas appliance has been inspect for safe operation. And compliance with appropriate safety standards. This information may also be provide the next time the device needs to be service.

I am the owner, what is my responsibility?

If the lessor retains liability for gas appliances under your rental contract, a copy of the gas safety certificate. Must be provide to the lessor upon entry and within 28 days of the annual inspection. The copy must also be kept by the owner for 2 years.

By law, owners are require to have all gas appliances repair by a gas safe certified engineer. On a regular basis (usually once a year). The Gas Safe Registration Engineer will provide you with a gas safety record when the inspection is complete. If you use an agency, make sure that. The person responsible for the gas safety inspection is list in the contract.

What information does the gas safety record contain?

The gas safety inspection report should include at least the following:

  • The description and location of each device and / or bundle was check
  • Inspection engineer’s name, registration number, signature
  • Date when the appliance and / or chimney was inspect
  • Address of the facility where the appliance and / or chimney is install
  • Name and address of the owner (or its agent, if applicable)
  • Identify the error and the steps require or taken to fix it
  • Confirmation of the results of the operational safety inspections carried out


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