Different Underwear Styles for Men


When you invest your money and time to buy selective clothing, it is also important that as a man you pay equal attention to choosing some quality underwear. A bad pair of underwear can make you uncomfortable all through the day. You can check online for limitless new styles and cool designs.

Let us explore different kinds of underwear for men and how they enhance your physical structure:

Briefs – It is one of the most popular underwear type worn by men worldwide. It covers your pelvic area and leaves the legs and thighs free. If you love the freedom of movement, you will love your briefs. The best thing about briefs is that it can be worn under all kinds of clothing. There are unique variations to the fittings and cuts such as low-rise, briefs with pouches, etc.

Trunks – If you want a combination of boxer briefs and briefs, you can buy trunks. They are quite famous and remarkable with their squarish cut shape. This square design adds to the comfort and trunks are considered to be much in demand by men.

Boxers – This style or design is quite loose-fitting and famed for its breathable quality.  Boxers when compared to tight underwear (briefs) offer great comfort and the right level of support. As they reach your thigh area, it can be worn during cold winter days. Men love wearing boxers as they can be worn under any attire.

Wearing Underwear According to Occasion

You can wear boxers and trunks during the night time while sleeping or for just lounging at home. However, these underwear types are not the ideal choice for your gym workouts. Experts recommend pouch underwear for men that are specially designed with more space towards the front side of the underwear.

Briefs offer substantial support, they can make you look cook and sexy. You can boost your confidence by wearing form-fitting briefs. The brief cut is most preferred by men when they go out during dates or for romantic outings. Boxer-briefs looks impressive and is worn by sportsmen during their high-energy physical workouts.

Getting a Pair Specific for Your Body Structure

When you are buying under clothing like pouch shorts or underwear, you should mainly focus on comfort fit, and good support. If you are buying a pair and it doesn’t fit you right, maybe it is not properly aligned with your physical structure.

There are primarily five body types or shapes; fit, thin, muscular, large hips, and a large waist.


  • Briefs can be a great fit for men having a slim, fit, or muscular body
  • Trunks look cool on men who have a fit, thin, muscular, or wide hips body structure
  • The combination underwear type like boxer-briefs are made to complement all kinds of
  • Boxers are best suited for men having fit, muscular, or large size waist body structure

Cleaning Your Underwear

Cleaning your underwear in a proper way is important so that it has a longer life and to maintain good hygiene.

Check out some simple tips for cleaning your underwear the right way:

Separating by Color

You cannot dump them together, you have to separate them according to their color. You can also divide them into light ones and dark ones.

Washing After Wearing it for a Day

Make it a point to wash your underwear after a day’s use. Your body sweat also can discolor and stain the underwear, so washing regularly is essential.


You should always handwash your underwear so that it lasts longer. Machine wash can make them shapeless.

The Material of the Underwear Matters Too

Your innerwear and underclothing should be essentially clean and hygienic. Absorbing bodily fluids and moisture or sweat produced by the crotch area are some of the main functions of your underwear. It is also responsible for keeping your pant or shorts clean from the inside and effectively prevents chafing issues.

So, always make sure the underwear fabric is of good quality, breathable, offers superior comfort, and allows flexible body movements. It is advisable to choose pure cotton fabrics or a combination blend of cotton and synthetic underwear. Fun fabrics like silk or crepe are also used to design men’s thongs and briefs for special celebratory occasions.




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