Differences between Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect and Adobe Animate CC

video editing
video editing

All three software applications are important to learn but before that let’s see how these are different from each other.

Adobe Premiere Pro:-

Adobe premiere pro we can use for video editing and all common type of editing base software. Adobe premiere pro is used for broadcasting, and high quality video editing.

  • It creates a sequence full video. It can use for import audio, video and Photoshop and AI file format. Adobe premiere pro most use for film and sound editing to create a complete video.

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Adobe premiere pro have many effects for used in our video. Premiere is amazing software for day to day life most of people use premiere for their work and daily basic editing like office work and common editing. Premiere day by day growing premiere have many type of filters we can apply are footages. Premiere pro most use in film line and news stations or multimedia design industry. Nowadays premiere pro development film production line. Video editing using premiere pro for create add marketing or wedding and many more task.

Premiere has export video and audio render for high quality. Native camera formats premiere pro import and export. Premier pro can same work on mac and window but most of people use in windows systems. Premiere pro have many preset of camera like ARRI, CANON, SONY, RED and many more. Premiere pro supported still image and psd files.

  • Premiere pro export many type of file format like jpeg gif and png Sequence. Premiere pro is work on GPU acceleration.
  • Premiere Pro is depended on GPU not CPU. Premiere pro render only GPU acceleration.
  • Premiere Pro not only video editing but we can use for many type of small and basic level of animation like title and photo slide show. Premiere Pro has many transitions to apply on the footages. Video editor use premiere pro for color grading and create film lookup.

Adobe After Effect:-

Adobe After Effect is a software and application for creating motion graphic and VFX like special effects use is our video after effect we can create a presentations and slide shows for multimedia companies. After effect works on both systems which are mac or windows pc. After effect used in film and post production line and TV programs for creating special effects. After effect create a compositing, animation or VFX. After effect not only used of vfx but some time graphic designer they can use for designing title wedding invitation cards photo slide show and many more programes. After Effect one of the most powerful software for motion design and vfx or compositing.

After Effects have many tools for create visually motion design and story or presentations for digital media. Premiere have limits numbers of effects and transition but after effect have many effects or transition we can used our footage. After effect used for time remapping. After effect create many type of animation like cartoon characters rigging and cut out puppet animation. After effect uses in three type of works like animation, effects or composting.

Animation is most use in our film and production line we know that motion graphic to involves logo text photo animation. After effect or vfx or special effect we know that adobe after effect to create our footage add snow rain and fire scene effects these are special effect and last is compositing we know that many film maker is create on set compositing is add many footage to create a complete scene. After Effect is marge all video layer to create a compositing.

Most of the composting film makers are adding green screen. After effect used by motion artists visuals artists animators video editor graphic designer and many more. Nowadays after effect is used for modern lower thirds and commercials for TV and news board casting advertising agency also use for create ads and motion designs.

After effect using for create web content many multinational companies are used high quality option design for marketing. We know that after effect use online content creation software. After effect is used to create a professional presentation for many corporate industries create high level company presentation like chart slides animation storyboarding etc. Motion graphic software most helpful for education information entertains. After can import and export certain type of file formats. After effect imports and exports audio like mp3, mp4, mpa, waveform, etc.

After effect import still images like psd file, ai file, pdf, gif, dng, eps and others. After effect is a 2.5D software not proper 3D as well they can support low level of 3d workfollow they have no space of 3d elements hope you understand after effect work only RGB file format they work only limited numbers of colors.

So after effect is the most useful software for multimedia designs we cannot compare into animate cc we know that adobe after effect is more than powerful into adobe animate cc.

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Adobe Animate CC:-

Adobe animate cc is a 2d design software use for create 2d design and digital animation. Adobe animate work on key frames in a single timeline we can use for animate library for our 2d design. We know that adobe animate cc called flash. Adobe creative cloud update flash multimedia company update all tools in flash.

In Adobe animate cc we have create interactive animation story boarding cartoon characters and website games or companies presentations animate cc is paperless animation we can create hand draw animation in adobe animate cc they work on frame by frame just like paper book animation.

Animate cc supports only vector base file ai files we can create info graphic animation adobe animate ai file vector file is easily modified. Adobe animate cc we cannot create only 2d designs but they most of used in Rigging and cut-out puppet animation they work on frame by frame adobe animate cc in 2020 finally we can create games animation not 3D high graphic games but we can create basic mobile games. But we don’t comparisons in after or animate cc animate cc have no space of 3d elements they have only work on vector files they have limited numbers of effects. I thinking adobe animate is amazing software for 2d animation animate cc help for your motion graphic.


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