Detailed guide to how to get a driving licence in Sindh

Driving Licence in Sindh

Guide to Getting a Driving Licence in Sindh 

Driving licence Sindh is documented proof which makes you eligible for driving various vehicles on any road such as highways, expressways and roads that are accessible to the Public. 

The process for getting a driving licence in Sindh is pretty easy and straightforward. If you’re thinking that getting a driving licence would be extremely hectic and time consuming, think again. Because now it has become extremely easy and convenient, the Driving Licence Sindh application has now completely moved towards digitised functioning. 

All the services are now available online which you can avail from the comfort of your home with just one click. The services which are provided on the DLS Portal include; applying for a driving licence, theoretical exam, verifying a driving licence, paying the fee, searching for the nearest driving licence centre and many more. 

The only time you would have to visit the driving licence office is for the physical test. Keep reading to find out how to get through the entire driving licence process in Sindh. 

Process of Obtaining Driving Licence in Sindh

Driving Licence in Sindh

The Driving License for Sindh (DLS) application allows you to register for a driving licence. However, remember that in order to complete the driving licence application process, you would be required to visit the licence centre in Sindh. you can also track Punjab Driving Licence through dlims System.

But not to worry because you can also make an appointment online before you visit the main office for your physical test. Before diving into the derails, we will discuss the basic types of licence you can choose to avail in Sindh.

  • Learner’s driving licence
  • Permanent driving licence
  • International driving permit

Process for Learner’s Driving Licence 

Talking about getting a learner’s driving licence in Sindh, the process is pretty simple. To help you understand things more clearly, we have classified the whole procedure into these five steps; 

Step 1: Visit the Front Desk

Once you are done with taking an appointment for your test from the online portal, the first thing you need to do after reaching the main office is visit the front desk. 

Step 2: Get Your Token 

When you arrive at the front desk, the representatives will provide you with a token which would have an automated number upon it so that you can be called according to it. 

Step 3: Registration, SNAP, & Medical 

When your number is called upon, the responsible people will guide to on how to get through the registration process and help you perform the medical exam so that you can move forward with other formalities. 

Step 4: Pay Fees at NBP Counter 

After this, you would be required to visit the NBP counter so that you can pay the fees that has been assigned to you before getting into any other thing. 

Step 5: Data Verification

Once, you are done with all of the steps mentioned above, your assigned representative will then provide you a printed hard copy of your learner’s licence after verifying all the documents. 

Note: The learner’s driving permit is valid for until a year only. 

Process for Permanent Driving licence 

Once you have learnt how to drive and excelled all the needful rules for driving on a public road, you would then be eligible to apply for a permanent driving licence.

In order to get your hands on a permanent driving licence, you would have to give two different tests; a written test which comprises of some the basic questions of rules and regulations followed by the traffic guidelines, and the second test would be a physical driving test which you would have to give under the supervision of an expert. Once you clear both these tests, you would be good to go and will finally get the permanent driving licence. 

The process of getting a permanent driving licence is quite similar to that of a learner’s driving licence, however, there are a few additional steps which you would be required to follow in order to get through the process. 

Step 1: Online Appointment 

The first and foremost thing you have to do is get an appointment. The best thing about this part is that you can now book an appointment very easily by using the DLS application. This way you no longer would have to visit the centre and wait in long queues for getting an appointment. 

Step 2: Visit the Front Desk

By getting an appointment, you would be allocated with a specific time and day on which you would be required to visit the licence office. The first thing you need to do after reaching the main office is visit the front desk. 

Step 3: Receive Token 

After visiting the front desk, you would be provided with a computerized token which would help you in getting through the rest of the procedure according to the number assigned. 

Step 4: Registration Counter

As per your assigned number, a representative would call you over the registration counter where you would be required to submit all your necessary details on the counter. 

Step 5: Fee Collection

After this, you would be required to visit the NBP counter so that you can pay the fees as per the requirements so that you can get started with the rest of the procedure. 

Step 6: Snap Counter

You would be required to visit the ‘snap counter’, and get your picture taken for your drivers’ licence after you are done with the payment process. 

Step 7: Medical Examination

Similar to the procedure for learner’s licence, a representative would guide to you perform the medical examination, so that you can move forward with the other proceedings. 

Step 8: Written/Sign Test 

Once you are done with all these things, the next step would be for you to give a written test. In this test, you would be tested on that basis of how well you know the basics of driving and necessary signs which you would need to understand while on the road. 

Step 9: Road Test 

The next and most crucial step is for you to give a road test. In this you would have to drive under the supervision of an expert who would assess your driving capabilities like how you turn your car, whether or not you can reverse, how well you can park and more. 

Step 10: DSP Approval 

If you manage to pass through both these tests, the next thing to do is get approval from the DSP on your application with which your licence process would be able to move forward. 

Step 11: Data Check

After this, all the data provided would be checked and your application would be verified in order for you to proceed to the final step. 

Step 12: Print Card 

Once you get through all the steps mentioned above, without any delay the driving licence centre will issue your permanent licence. 

Process for International Driving Permit 

International Driving Permit 

If you plan on moving to another country and wish to keep driving even there, you have the option to avail the international driving permit. All the offices across any part of Sindh can easily provide you the international driving permit very easily. All you have to do is follow the procedure.

Step 1: Online Appointment

Instead of waiting in long queues, you can easily get an appointment by using the Driving Licence Sindh application.  

Step 2: Front Desk

On the day of your appointment, you would be required to visit the nearest driving office and reach the front desk to get started with your procedure. 

Step 3: Get Your Token

The representative over the counter will then provide you with a computerized token which would later on help you with the procedure. 

Step 4: Medical Examination

When it’s your turn, a representative would call you out to perform a medical examination which is a mandatory requirement for all types of driving permits.

Step 5: Registration Counter

Once you have cleared out your medical tests, the next thing on the line would be for you to complete your registration formalities by visiting the registration counter. 

Step 6: SNAP/Fee Collection Counter

After this, you would have to visit the snap counter in order for your picture to be taken for the licence and then you would have to proceed towards the fee collection counter and pay the required fees. 

Step 7: Printing of IDP

As soon as you are done with the whole procedure as mentioned above, your printed driving permit would be handed over to you. 

Moreover, there are almost 26 driving licence centres all across Sindh that work in issuing a driving licence. More specifically, if you live in Karachi then you would be glad to know that there are driving licence offices in Karachi (Clifton, Nazimabad, and Korangi), Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, and Mirpur Khas also offer permanent licence and licence renewals. 

The main requirements that makes you eligible for a driving licence are; 

  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years
  • Valid Original CNIC Card
  • The applicant should be fit and with 6×6 eyesight 

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