Deskhero: The AI-Powered Customer Support Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


In my endless exploration of the internet’s innovative tech offerings, I happened upon a platform known as Deskhero. Purported as an AI-enhanced customer support solution, it sparked my interest and urged me to probe further into its workings.

From the outset, Deskhero might appear as just another name in the customer support software game. However, a thorough perusal of their blog paints a completely different picture – a fine blend of AI technologies meticulously crafted to redefine customer support services.

One of their blog posts, titled “The Power of AI will Supercharge Your Customer Support“, disclosed how Deskhero employs OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Rather than just sending robotic replies, this AI strives to comprehend the ‘essence’ of each customer query, drawing the most fitting information from varied sources, like knowledge base articles, previous tickets, and even uploaded files.

So, what’s their secret to ensuring such remarkable relevance? It’s the innovative use of OpenAI embeddings. These tools convert content into a format easily decipherable by the AI, enabling it to fetch the most accurate information for a superior customer support experience.

What truly sets Deskhero apart is its unique approach towards leveraging uploaded files and website content. The thought that conventional files such as Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations could be transformed into vibrant AI knowledge resources is an intriguing concept. Each file is translated into knowledge base articles, thus enhancing the AI’s response competence.

Moreover, Deskhero utilizes the power of web scraping. The platform is capable of scraping your domains, converting your website’s content into a comprehensive knowledge base for the AI. Consequently, your website’s content directly influences the quality and relevance of the AI’s responses.

Reading through their post, “Speed Up Response Time with AI-Powered Suggested Replies“, I was introduced to Deskhero’s ‘Suggested Replies’ functionality. The feature, which allows the AI to generate responses to customer tickets, feels akin to having a seasoned assistant at your beck and call, providing speedy and consistent replies.

Deskhero certainly piqued my curiosity with its bold claims and seemingly effective use of AI in customer support. While I haven’t yet tested it out myself, the proposition of an AI-driven customer support system is quite persuasive. It promises a smart assistant, ever-ready to tackle customer queries.

Has anyone here tried Deskhero? I’d love to hear your experiences with this AI-driven customer support platform. Do you think it could possibly reshape the future of customer service as it suggests? Let’s start a conversation!


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