Design of Multifunctional Oil Storage Tank

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wcWith the needs of the market, the exploitation of crude oil is constantly expanding, and the scope has been expanded, and the efficiency has to keep up with it. The original traditional way is no longer suitable for the current needs of crude oil collection and storage, so multi-functional oil storage tanks have come into being. We can know the function and concept of a multifunctional oil storage tank from its literal meaning. In the aspect of oil and gas storage, it can carry out efficient oil and gas gathering and transportation, and can also reduce the cost and heat loss. Therefore, it is necessary to design and use multifunctional oil storage tanks.

Definition of multifunctional oil storage tank

As for the basic definition of “multifunctional oil storage pipe”, in fact, we can understand it according to its literal meaning, so we know its definition roughly. Its multifunction means that the oil storage tank has the functions of collecting oil (collecting crude oil), heating oil (heating), unloading oil, etc. besides the basic functions, which means that a tank has multiple functions. Its basic structure is a pressure gauge and safety valve, tank and heating equipment, etc. We use it widely because of its various functions.

Design reasons for multifunctional oil storage tank

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Why design a multifunctional oil storage tank? The first reason is that the previously used elevated tank (electric heating type) in oil fields can no longer meet the needs of current oil field production. The times are changing, and oil field production is also developing. Modern oil fields need new and multifunctional oil storage tanks, which not only require higher safety factors than the previous elevated tank but also require low energy consumption. At present, some oil wells in some places have problems of remoteness, low liquid content and low water content.

Only the multifunctional oil storage tank can solve these problems well, which is not only convenient for gathering and transportation but also can increase output and reduce management difficulty. It is very suitable for the current needs, and now the call for environmental protection is getting higher and higher, so the call for designing environmental protection and practical multifunctional oil storage tanks is getting higher and higher. Environmental protection design is the inevitable way to meet the general trend of environmental protection.

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The second reason is that the exploitation of crude oil has become more intensive. Now, for some reason, the demand for the exploitation of crude oil has increased, and the world consume a lot of heavy oil. However, this kind of oil has extremely poor fluidity, and it is difficult to carry out pipeline transportation. It needs a series of processes before it can flow and then the car pulls away. This process is time-consuming and inefficient, so we need multifunctional oil storage tanks to reduce processes and improve efficiency.

The third reason is that, in the gathering and transportation of many wells in many oil fields, one person often uses many oil storage tanks, which will greatly increase the number of processes. Moreover, when collect crude oil, we will lose a large amount of crude oil by using traditional methods, so it is necessary to design multifunctional oil storage pipes.

Design principle of multifunctional oil storage tank

1. Functional diversity

One of the design principles of multi-functional oil storage tanks is functional diversity. Now, no matter what kind of products we design, they are developing towards multifunction and diversification. People prefer to use one thing in multiple ways, so oil storage tanks with multiple functions have emerged. At present, what we need to do is to make the goal of “multi-well in one tank” when designing the “multi-functional oil storage tank”, which is conducive to enhancing its practicability.

When designing a multifunctional oil storage tank, we should consider the design of the top of the oil tank, such as the design of oil holes and manholes or light holes and oil measuring holes, and also the design of the tank body. Of course, we need to combine the design with the actual needs, and only by figuring out our actual needs can we better design a multifunctional oil storage tank that meets the actual needs.

2. Cost control

The second design principle of the multifunctional oil storage tank is under our budget. Why is it cost-control? No matter what kind of goods you design, the first thing you need to consider is the design budget. If the things you design are all functional but the cost is too high, they are not practical, so we need to design oil storage tanks with various functions but also practical. In order to meet the practicability of multifunctional oil storage tanks, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the cost range when designing multifunctional oil storage tanks.

We need to combine the selection of this range with the actual situation. If we don’t consider the cost of materials, the cost of processing oil tanks or other costs when designing, then your cost may have far exceeded the cost of traditional oil tanks, so what’s the point of your design? The loss outweighs the gain, so pay attention to the important cost problem. Control the cost, and design on the basis of cost, so that the performance of your designed multifunctional oil storage tank can meet the actual needs. At the same time, the only reasonable cost can ensure that your design can meet the needs of production and transformation.

Double-layer design of multifunctional oil storage tank

We design the double-layer design to better meet the needs of the diversity of oil storage tanks so that we can guarantee the overall diversity to a great extent and distinguish the functions of oil storage tanks. At present, double-layer oil tanks have been used in oil fields. So what are the types and characteristics of double-deck oil tanks? In fact, it has the following characteristics.

1. SS double-deck oil tank

First of all, introduce SS double-deck oil tank. We made its inner and outer tanks of steel. And we improve its safety factor not only with interlayer but also equipping with leakage detector. Therefore, the biggest functional feature of SS is safety, which can effectively prevent accidents and avoid environmental pollution. Therefore, people widely use it. The  SS features as high strength, dry side leakage system, difficult repair and inability to do high-voltage pinhole detection, but the low cost. These are the general characteristics of the SS double-layer oil tank.

2. Double-layer oil tank made of steel-reinforced glass fiber

We call it an SF double-layer oil tank. “SF” has an inner tank and an outer tank, and there is a gap between the inner tank and the outer tank. We equip the gap with a leakage detection device to remind the safety, which is convenient for the leakage detection device to conduct all-round detection on the gap space. If there is a safety problem, it will give the warning to remind the staff, thus improving the safety factor. The general characteristics of “SF” are easy installation, less investment, less complicated operation, economic and environmental protection, and people can avoid its energy leakage in safety.

Specific design scheme

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For the design of a multifunctional oil storage tank for petroleum crude oil storage, we need to transform the common heating rod, and then add a metering tank device. We determine the design according to the actual needs of the site. In addition, because the oil storage tank is a skid-mounted structure, we should pay attention to its integrity, and can not separate some integral parts, such as the production tank and the metering tank. As for the design of the oil tank, we have already explained it above. If it is a production oil tank, we mainly design for light transmission holes, and if it is a metering oil tank, we mainly design for oil metering holes.

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In addition, the design of the oil outlet pipe should find a suitable direction, and we recommend the vertical direction. Of course, you can judge by yourself according to the actual situation, and the temperature control device and heating rod are all necessary. You can’t forget it, otherwise, it won’t show its multifunction. In addition to these, it is necessary to install pipeline equipment for the oil transportation process. Suitable pipelines can be connected, for example, connecting the production tank pipeline with the bottom end of the oil outlet pipe or bypass pipeline, so that pipelines suitable for effective crude oil output can be found and linked. The above method can avoid environmental pollution, and the whole operation process is relatively simple.

Application benefit of multifunctional oil storage tank

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We devide its application benefits into two aspects, the first is direct benefits, and the second is indirect benefits. First of all, let’s take a look at its direct benefits. We know that the electric heaters used in the traditional overhead tank (electric heating type) are two 1140-volt 20-kilowatt electric heaters. If in the process of using the traditional elevated tank, an elevated tank is heated for ten hours every day without stopping, for example, it can be concluded that the electricity consumption of the traditional elevated tank for ten hours is 400 kWh, and then the electricity consumption of one month is 12,000 kWh after approximate conversion.

If the industrial electricity consumption is set at 92 cents per kilowatt-hour, the monthly electricity cost of the traditional overhead tank (electric heating type) is 110 million yuan, and the annual electricity cost of a traditional overhead tank is 132,000 yuan, which is not small. In the actual production process of multifunctional oil storage tanks, the water is discharged first, and then the oil is discharged. We can use the hot water discharged from multifunctional oil storage tanks to wash wells, which also saves a lot of expenses.

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If the multifunctional oil tank can provide five tons of hot water every day, it can be known through a calculation that one ton of 15-degree water needs 87.2 degrees of electricity to heat to 100 degrees. If we calculate by heating 75 degrees of electricity to 60 degrees, it can be concluded that using the multifunctional oil tank will save 8,200 electricity bills in one month, and about 98,000 electricity bills in the whole year.

After comparison and calculation, it shows the direct benefits of the application of the multifunctional oil tank. So where is the indirect benefit of its application? It is reflected in electricity cost-saving and environmental protection because it can collect and utilize wasted natural gas, which not only fully reflects its environmental protection function but also reduces environmental pollution, which is the indirect benefit of its application.


To sum up, this paper explains the definition of a multi-functional oil storage tank and the reasons why a multi-functional oil storage tank is designed. On the basis of the above, it tells you the design principles of a multi-functional oil storage tank from two aspects of functional diversity and cost control, and lets you know what double-layer design is and its characteristics and types.

Then, it puts forward a specific design scheme and discusses the application benefits of a multi-functional oil storage tank from two aspects of direct benefits and indirect benefits. To sum up, the multifunctional storage tank not only has a high safety factor, but also saves energy and electricity and is environmentally friendly, and it has many advantages, so it is necessary to design and use the multifunctional storage tank.

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