Design Courses of Cool Drawings and Tips for Beginners

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Design Courses of Cool Drawings and Tips for Beginners

Have you ever dreamed of being a draft but didn’t know how to draw cool drawings? Or do you already know how to draw something but have particular problems? Perhaps you’re a little lost, thinking this is impossible because “you don’t need the gift”. After all, who “is born with a gift” takes the pencil and starts cool drawings since he was a baby, right?

It is wrong! Of course, some people can draw well from a very young age, but some learn after they grow up and become a great artist in the same way. So, forget about this “gift” story and go into battle! Can’t draw? Having trouble with cool drawings? Let’s try to solve it!

If you live in one of the great capitals of the country, you will find cool drawings courses that teach how to draw step by step. These aren’t as many as language courses, for example, but some good quality ones. These establishments also usually offer occasional workshops or short courses for specific difficulties, explaining how to make specific drawings step by step.

With a Google search, you can find the most popular cool drawings courses, and, from there, it is necessary to choose the best option carefully. Some examples of good courses in the drawing are the Quanta Academia de Artes, Área E and Impacto Comics. Take into account the location, price, and schedule of courses and visit the facilities, if possible, to attend a class.

Now, where you live, there is no school to draw, or if you don’t have enough resources to pay for a course, it’s a bit difficult, but not impossible. Don’t be discouraged! You can learn to draw properly without spending a lot.


The internet is a great resource for discovering cheap or even free alternatives to find out. Searching, you can find cool drawings classes online, step-by-step drawings, drawing ideas and tips and much more. But beware: be aware that there are no miracles. It doesn’t matter if you find a super cool drawing tutorial or a video that promises to teach you how to make beautiful and easy drawing tutorials. It will only help if you try hard. Likewise, there’s no point in reading a thousand and one cool drawing tips if you don’t take paper and pencils and put these tips into practice. So, first of all, commit yourself to do your part to make your dreams come true. Are you ready? So, go ahead!

As we’ve already said, the internet is a great source to find alternatives, yes, but you also need to pay attention to sorting out what works for you and what doesn’t. The drawing tutorials made for someone who is already a professional, for example, probably won’t help you, as it would be too difficult. Beginners need more basic information. Look for things like simple step-by-step cool drawings or step-by-step drawing tutorials for beginners.

A lot of people use YouTube, and you can find a lot there. For example, one line drawing tutorial classes, step-by-step drawing, tips for drawing or drawing properly, or even videos that teach how to draw step-by-step, search and find!

A positive point of this media is that you can see how to make cool drawings step by step, hold a pencil, and other cool things. In addition, there are very good videos, which teach how to make drawings step by step for beginners very “zero level” even. After all, who doesn’t get excited about cute and easy drawings? In addition, several other videos give very good tips on learning to draw well. Just do some research.

The disadvantage of an online drawing class or drawing video tips is that then you don’t have to use paper exercises as a reference for learning. You won’t have to rotate the video again, pause, and sometimes the paused photos aren’t good enough to see all the details to solve this problem. Some YouTube channels sell handouts of their activities. It is a great option if you want videos enough to invest. But before making a decision, see if there are any complaints from people who bought handouts and did not receive them.

Another problem that can happen is that great video, which shows how to make cool drawings sequentially the way you want, to be in another language. And then, when the professionals explain some important details that do not appear in the video, you can not understand if anything! So, unless you are a polyglot or have a friend who is, it can make things a little difficult.


A great way to facilitate your search for information is to use comic and manga sites. In addition, some suggest links to great videos and texts on how to make step-by-step cool drawings and things like that.

Others have their drawing tips section. These sites regularly publish texts with cool drawing idea tips, learn to draw well, information about materials, and much more.

Some of them, like Heroes on Paper, in addition to the tips section. Also, offer a cool drawing idea course teaching how to draw step by step. Content varies in level, cost and format. In the case of Heróis no Papel, for example, the course is basic, free and in text, but some illustrations show the illustrations step by step for beginners.


If you are starting now in the world of cool drawings, a good exercise for you to train is to make a straight line by hand. For example, draw two points, a point ‘A’ and a point ‘B’ and trace the straight line between the points. It will make you practice your manners more than you think!

Another great exercise is to observe the habits of other designers. Observe how everything has done and research what that artist used techniques and techniques.

And, of course, the most important tip of all is to train! Always train and train all the time! Only skill and effort make perfect and will make you a great artist!

Tips for Beginners

  1. Try it. Don’t immediately ask for advice or tips. Know first what you can do or how far you can do in the style you want to learn. Who knows, your ability is 25 %, and the tips you are asking for are only 5 Waste of time and opportunity.
  2. Imitate what the artist you imitate is doing. It’s okay in the beginning. So that you can compete with someone on how far your improvement is. And that way, you can go through what he went through to rely on his talent.
  3. Choose your style while there’s still time. When you have exposed too many styles, you will be confused as you improve. The more you become interested in trying everything. There’s nothing wrong with trying different styles, but it’s better to have a style that introduces you.
  4. Buy something. If you want to improve, invest. If you can’t buy the things you want, save them. Don’t ask immediately from other people. Although there are lucky artists because they already have money to buy, there are many artists who started from nothing but now they have because of hard work to have. You can do it. There are many ways if you want to. And while you save, enrich or swallow what you already have.
  5. Have discipline and respect in time. If you’re scheduling to draw or paint, do it now. Release the remote. If it’s time to eat, eat now. When it’s time to rest your hands and eyes, let them rest. Discipline can help you a lot, especially when you already have commissioned artwork.
  6. Always keep in mind that you have a lot to learn. If you are eaten by arrogance just because you are beautiful in your new work, you will stay there. Now if you’re moving forward, the intention of your heart is already wrong, not to inspire and learn more but to envy or avoid being suspicious. If someone knew something, envy and not inspiration would make you feel.
  7. Look back where you came from. You’ve learned so much just by looking at what others do. Then when you improve, you’ll say you’ve learned it all by yourself? Don’t be like that! You don’t have to thank all of them, but it’s better to respect the fact that we need each other.
  8. Share what you know. Wisdom is not a material thing that once you give, you are gone. It’s still in your mind no matter how many times you give it away. As you teach, the more you remember and apply to yourself.
  9. Don’t be afraid or upset with criticisms. But still, choose criticism with meaning, and that’s what you learn to do. There is also a lot of criticism that is not reasonable. Don’t back down—waste of time. Focus on improving. Just do the advice that you think will help.
  10. Save your works. One day your kids will look at them and say,’ this is what perseverance means. Art can’t be learned overnight. ‘In that way, they are men who have respect for art and artists.

However, whichever method you choose – take a face-to-face or online course, or study on your own by easy drawing tutorials and tips – the important thing is that it works for you. And, most of all, that you are aware and committed to doing your part and working hard.

Now take a deep breath and chase your dream!


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