December Global Holidays + Fun, Weird and Special Dates

List of December 2022 Holidays
List of December 2022 Holidays

Are you a small-business marketer or owner?

Are you looking for special holidays or events to be celebrated on Facebook?

Advertising your business via social media has become a much easier thanks to this comprehensive list of holidays celebrations, particular dates in December 2022.

The list contains over 190 diverse holiday and observances during December.

Why December Global Holidays Make Great Social Media Posts

In my time in corporate marketing in the days of managing social media channels of an enterprise worth $150 million I was delighted every year when the holiday season came around.

Holiday-themed posts were simple to design and always got the most “likes” than any other post.

Most people aren’t likely to respond to a post that is on a news release from a company or an article from an industry publication however, many who come across an image of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas will share it with a “like.”

For business owners or marketer, the holiday season posts don’t just boost your social media followership however, they’re also very easy posts to make that will bring your followers positive feelings.

If you share a post about the holidays Always include a photo or video in the status updates, regardless of which platform you’re using.

This is because posts that include images get 2.3 percent more attention than those without images. ( source) Also, add the hashtag of the holiday season to make it easier for users to locate your posts, and also use tags for location if you have an physical storefront.

Incorporating an image into postings is by far the simplest method to increase engagement, and that’s the reason why Social Media Content Club our top-of-the-line program for social networks, comes full of captivating images.

Holiday Hashtags for Social Media

When you’re celebrating holidays via social media, you need to include the appropriate hashtag(s) for the holiday in your posting.

Hashtags can enhance popularity of your posts and expose your company to a wider public.

For more information on the reasons and ways to make use of hashtags in social media take a look at: 210 Daily Hashtags to use on Social Media.

Hashtags are an important component of being successful on social networks that I’ve completed the necessary research for you.

The majority all of these holidays contain the hashtag #socialmedia.

To get the most effective results, you should make use of 3 to five hashtags related to that holiday in your blog post.

If you’re in a hurry you can use you can use the Social Media Content Club performs the research for you. They provide three relevant and popular hashtags for the major holidays.

Now that you’ve got the tips to help you, let’s jump in to our checklist of holidays.

List of December 2022 Holidays

To make it easier to navigate the huge holiday list, I’ve categorized the holidays into five categories: general holidays, holy holidays the weekly observances of the month, monthly observances and every day celebrations.

Scroll down to see all 290 holidays or click the links below for a quick jump to one particular area.

December 2022 Public Holidays

This list of holidays includes public holidays and other special occasions within the United States, Australia, Canada and Canada, as well as the United Kingdom.

December 2022 Religious Holidays

December 2022 Monthly Observances

Better Social Media Results in Less Time

You’d like to enjoy all the advantages from social networks (the large fan base, the support and the quick buyers) without the headaches (the time spent in creating content and the effort required to understand strategies, or the time spent in the latest trends).

It’s exactly what is included in the Social Media Content Club provides you with.

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Find More International December Holidays

It’s the time-saving method to build relationships increase engagement, improve your customer service, and expand your business all with a simple copy-and-paste from your smartphone.



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