Custom Printed Rigid Boxes for Handmade Christmas Candies

Rigid Boxes

Do you long to make your handmade confectionery delicacies irresistible for the customers? Thinking how to get the shoppers hooked to your festive chocolate, fruit and other candy range? Aesthetically delighting packaging would captivate the consumers looking for sweet gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. Engrossing boxes carrying the mouthwatering items would capture attention of the walk-in buyers. You can utilize packaging for creating a memorable inkling for your brand and offerings. The boxes can sway the shoppers into making a quick purchase without giving an impression that you are being pushy or canny with marketing.

Compelling rigid box packaging would influence the perception of your products. Boxes enlightening the customers about the flavor bursting, hygienically prepared confectionery items would persuade them to try these out. If you have just started your business, quality and communicative boxes would benefit your venture in several ways. You can promote the mouth melting delectable candies that can be bought at an affordable price to give away on Christmas dinners and parties. You should entrust the job of printing your packaging with a printing professional. If you don’t know one, start looking for vendor options online and locally.

Compare the service time, kind of processes used and price for wholesale printing of the printers to pick one that is worth your trust. Discuss the kind of confectioneries you have a knack for and the kind of boxes you require for presenting and selling them.

Today’s blog post is about printing contemporary rigid packaging for candies!

Have an Appealing Artwork made for the Rigid Boxes

Design of the packaging for handmade candies should be emblem of what makes your confectionery outlet distinctive from others. High resolution images of the products can be used on the boxes or any graphics that are closer to how the items look like. Text like your brand’s logo and slogan can be embossed to make it noticeable. Get varying artworks made for the different flavors of candies.

Sustainable and Reliable Custom Rigid Boxes

Packaging for eatables ought to be of a certain standard, it should be strong enough to withstand moisture, heat, bacteria and other factors that can tamper with the taste and texture of packaged items. Cardboard, kraft paper and corrugated stock are the preferred material options; select one after evaluating the specs with the printer. Biodegradable boxes are being favored by food industry because of their eco and user friendliness. You can have the packaging customized with recyclable material using two color printing.

Packaging with Educative and Instructive Content

Boxes for food items should be informative, you need to provide all the vital details like names and percentage of ingredients used in making candies. There should be calorie count and amount of sugar used in the products printed clearly on the packaging.

Rigid boxes need to have names of possible allergens like nuts to guide the consumers for carefully consuming the items. Number of sweets, net weight when packaged and expiry date should be there.

Do you have truffles and chocolates available at your online and local stores for events and festivities? Highlight your offers on the packaging for selling more. The boxes should have storage instructions especially for candies that can easily melt due to slight rise in temperature.

For trendy rigid packaging solutions within your budget, try out the Legacy Printing. You can avail design support, free handling and other services. For more info, message or call the team!


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