Custom mailer boxes a perfect way to showcase your product


A lot of the packaging materials we’ve been comparing have the same focus, but with some differences. Let’s take a closer look at a big distinction – especially in the world of online shopping: custom boxes vs custom mailer boxes.

Each container is capable of protecting the contents, and both are good choices. Their strengths and value come from very different sources, and their uses (and drawbacks) are very different, too. You will be able to make an informed decision on which one to choose based on this custom boxes vs custom mailer boxes comparison.

Boxes made of corrugated cardboard

You’ll never find a more reliable or strong shipping box than these guys. They’re made from corrugated board (fluted paper sandwiched between two sheets of liner). Whether it’s gadgets, garments, household items, or products, these containers can be used to ship nearly anything you can think of. Packaging industries cannot live without corrugated boxes.

There are many styles of corrugated boxes:

  • The slotted carton you are used to seeing is the standard one
  • Boxes that have multiple depths can be cut down in order to produce different height boxes
  • Small or multiple products are shipped in corrugated mailer boxes
  • Unboxing is best done with front lock mailer boxes
  • Books and framed artwork ship well in easy fold mailer boxes
  • You can brand your boxes with logos and colors using custom printed boxes

Whether being shipped by air, road, or sea, their internal volume makes them a good choice for transporting items that need to be cushioned from the elements. For optimal protection of your goods, packaging materials such as bubble wrap, foam rolls, or packing paper are required.

Because delivery services use dimensional weights to calculate shipping costs, boxes have a significant disadvantage. Unless efforts are made to minimize box size and weight, this evaluation system can result in high shipping charges.

Mailer boxes are available in a variety of types


An extraordinary measure is required for mailing. When you mail things, they usually go through several transits and handlings. The packaging of these goods is crucial for ensuring their safety during transit and handling. The use of mailer boxes offers an effective solution for handling these goods. They are specially designed for hard tasks such as these. There are, however, a variety of types of packaging boxes available in the industry for different purposes.

Standard Mailer Boxes

There is nothing complicated about these simple boxes. Their corrugated surfaces give them great strength. How come? The boxes are mainly used to package items for shipping. An extensive range of products can be packaged in such mailer boxes. This type of box is commonly used by courier services providers. There are several reasons for its use. You can use these companies to send your products to wherever you need them to be. Whether it is jeans, glasses or a piece of decor, these products are available everywhere. Companies such as these cannot risk your items getting damaged during transport. For this reason, they rely on best custom mailer boxes.

Boxes of subscriptions

The name of the box comes from the way in which it is used. The same applies to subscription boxes. Mailer boxes are used to send specific products, but help brands deliver their products. New products are introduced by brands and sent to customers in printed packaging. This is often accomplished by using printed custom mailer boxes wholesale. Companies and brands can use these boxes for a variety of purposes. In some ways, their appearance and appeal surpass ordinary mailer boxes. Cosmetic brands, for example, can offer their products in these boxes. Subscribing to a subscription box makes a collection of products seem like a new package. In addition to cannabis sellers and chocolate producers, other businesses use subscription boxes.

Boxes for wrapping gifts

As gifts for others, we tend to favor delicate and beautiful items. Taking extra precautions to ensure their safety is imperative. Occasionally, gift boxes aren’t handled carefully, and gifts can be damaged as a result. As an alternative, mailing boxes are a safe way to package gifts. Regardless of what the gift is, mailer boxes are a safe option. Package it efficiently, regardless of what the gift is. There isn’t as much need for print when it comes to gift packaging. How come? You can completely change the look of a package by using wrapping paper. They provide the ultimate protection for the gifts in terms of the gift mailer boxes.

Boxes with a wide range of options

Mailer boxes today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose the type of material used when making mailer boxes. Quite popular among eco-friendly and durable mailer boxes are kraft boxes and cardboard boxes. The size and shape of these boxes are completely up to you. They are generally rectangular in shape. However, custom mailing boxes can also be created in some other shapes using die cutting. In addition, the clients who order these boxes are also able to select what they want on them. You get to put whatever you like on these boxes, such as business logos, monochrome boxes, or full-color printing.

Envelopes for mailer boxes

Orders placed online often include mailing envelopes as a shipping option. Because delivery vehicles are more expensive today, bubble mailer boxes eliminate shipping costs, which they compensate for using dimensional weights.

A variety of styles are available for mailer envelopes:

  • Products are cushioned by bubble wrap inside bubble mailer boxes
  • The poly mailer is resistant to tears, punctures, and moisture
  • Chipboard is a strong material used for rigid mailer boxes
  • Bright, colourful and eye-catching, glamour mailer boxes make a statement
  • Shredded material is used to cushion padded mailer boxes
  • Responsible and sustainable sources are used in eco-friendly mailer boxes
  • You can brand your mailer boxes with logos and artwork by using custom printed mailer boxes

Cheap custom Mailer boxes are low-profile, making them ideal for transporting items without needing protection or too much space. Protective linings like bubble wrap or shredding is often adequate for books, DVDs, recordings and artwork. If your items already have a box or don’t need to be protected (such as textiles), you should use envelopes without lining.


Which is better, corrugated cardboard boxes or mailer boxes?

Answers to this question lie both in the preferences of your personal tastes (for example, eco-friendly packaging) and in the needs of your business (for instance, a reduction in the weight of your goods).

The following questions will help you qualify:

  • What type of items do you intend to ship?
  • Do you plan to ship large, bulky, heavy items or small, lightweight items?
  • Are you looking for convenience when shipping or a boxing experience?
  • Trying to decide which option is most eco-friendly?
  • Is shipping cost reduction a priority for you?

Corrugated boxes are always a good option as long as your products fit well and are well protected. If you don’t need much shipping space, mailer envelopes are a great option. You can choose either one based on your preferences, since both have their strengths and advantages. The variety of styles and sizes available in both of our stock box categories and our mailer envelope categories can meet whatever needs your business has. #




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