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Custom Cereal Boxes
Custom Cereal Boxes

We all know that quite half the population in America likes to eat cereal for breakfast. There are countless brands in cereals that focus on different potential customers. due to this reason, packaging should be;

A few years back, I took a class for upcycling projects at a professional school. I could not finish the course because of individual reasons. Yet, I figured out how to make customized bookmarks from custom oat bundling boxes. It is a basic errand that includes using the cardboard from the custom grain bundling boxes and adorning it using different apparatuses. Lay the container level on the table. Use a marker or a pen to follow the shape and size of the bookmark on the grain box. Use a ruler to guarantee straight lines are drawn. It used a penknife to cut the edges of the bookmark. I frequently use a paintbrush to cover the cut-out bookmark with stick. To give the bookmarks are more glamorized look, I use sparkle on them and cover the entire region with it. These bookmarks will need up to 24 hours to evaporate totally. Eventually, I get these bookmarks covered.

Attractive for the targeted potential markets
Unique to differentiate one brand from countless others

This packaging is employed in packing various items including;

Cereal flakes
Chocolate bars and far more

It is important that the brands establish a strong brand identity with their target market to compete within the mainstream markets online and offline and make memories in their mind. Printing brand identity elements like;

Brand name
Visual content
Slogan etc.

On these boxes will help strengthen this memory. this may cause instant brand recollection.

So, what if you’re an area brand? we offer cereal packaging solutions that come at par with the standard of huge companies. Don’t forget to share the pics of our cereal boxes online to your potential buyers.

If you don’t know much about custom boxes and packaging?

We are here;

Selecting the simplest stocks
Choosing the optimal color codes
Picking out the simplest layout
Creating the simplest visual content
Using the premium finishes and addons

Use options like EMBOSSING on all sizes of your cereal boxes, even the mini cereal boxes to form custom printed cereal boxes more attractive and flaunt your product boxes to your customers and knock out competitors.

Did you recognize that the seventh of March is that the official National Cereal Day? Americans eat quite 100 and sixty bowls/person annually. That, tells tons about its popularity. Most folks choose this breakfast because it’s convenient. Cereal was also a favourite of our ancestors eight thousand years ago. Of course, they didn’t are available cereal printed boxes some time past . But take care of what you consume and the way much you consume. Most cereal brands targeting children are filled with sugar. consistent with one study, this industry uses quite eight hundred and sixteen pounds of sugar annually. Cereals weren’t always called cereals. Puffed cereal came much later round the twentieth century.

Importance of custom printed cereal boxes
We understand that box packaging for a brand is
Its corporate reputation reflection to the planet
Demonstrates the standard of products
It demonstrates the position of the brand within the industry
It is related to your dedication to your business

The visual content and artistic themes used on these boxes help in targeting the potential markets. Popular characters from children’s comics, books cartoons, and films , etc. are printed on various custom cereal boxes. These boxes are kept on the shelves that are at the eye-level of youngsters .

Meanwhile, the cereal that’s targeting weight-conscious customers has measuring tape, weighing scales, or other related visual elements printed on their boxes.

Cereal boxes with toy images and puzzles!

We print vital nutritional facts and figures during a clear window. the choice of effective toy images and puzzles is crucial to convenience and simple reading for potential buyers.

We printed the ingredient lists on packaging boxes for cereal in order that if a buyer is allergic to any ingredient, they identify it and switch to a different variant or option. ideally, information on cereal boxes includes;

Company information (website, postal address, etc.)
Brand and/or corporate social media accounts
The brief storyline of characters printed (optional)
Promotional codes and discounts
Ingredients’ list
Net weight
Expiry date etc.
Mobius Loop to notify that the fabric utilized in recycled

All brands offer space-efficient layouts in boxes for cereals as they need to be stored in cabinets. It makes stacking and storage easier. Some cereal custom boxes have a durable exterior featuring a thick frame to form them waterproof. A flap rectangular design with a sealed top and bottom flaps is right for these boxes. It enables quick packaging.

Cereal packaging helps;

Ensure safe shelf display shelf on shelves
Customers to spot their favorite brands in cereals and commit it to memory
Strengthen brand loyalty

Use customization tools to form these products appear attractive and transform them into a marketing tool for your company. WE assure you we’ll find the simplest customization options for your cereal brand in your budget. nobody understands cereal packaging better than us. So make the proper choice NOW!

Reasons to shop for Cereal boxes from ClipnBox

We offer just the proper material for cereal packaging. Our extensive range of customized boxes for cereals is that the key to putting together a robust brand identity for a business entity of any size. We guide our clients at every step of processing about the simplest choices in material, printing, designing, layouts, and add-ons. Our team of experts works round the clock to conclude your orders in minimum reaction time offering free design support. We leave no stone unturned and supply precision against every order, which makes ClipnBox a well-liked choice for customized cereal packaging box.

How to upcycle custom cereal boxes

There are various ways in which the custom cereal boxes are upcycled. These projects don’t have to be boring. I involve my kids when upcycling the custom cereal boxes. It keeps them involved and teaches them greener ways of life. I love crocheting. But it means my wool is always tangling up. To counter this problem, I use the cereal boxes and cut them into a spool shape.

The vectors for this shape are easily available on the internet. Using these vectors and a penknife, I cut out spool shapes from the cardboard-based cereal boxes. I then separate the wool of different colors from each other and label them using stickers. MY kids love this activity, and it keeps them busy for hours. It is great for kids under the age of eight. Parents can also use this activity to teach their kids about colors.

I wonder how many mothers think about making trick-or-treat bags out of custom printed cereal boxes during the Halloween season. It is one activity my kids look up to every time Halloween is around the corner. I ask them to find cereal boxes from around the house and keep one for each day’s treat to themselves. To make these spooky bags, all that is required includes;

  1. Glue
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Fabric
  4. Buttons, sequences, seashells, etc.
  5. Ribbons
  6. Spray paints
  7. Punching machine

To start making these bags cut the lid off the custom printed cereal boxes using scissors. Using a punching machine, punch four holes in the walls of these boxes to make handles. Now cover the entire box with white spray paint and let it dry out for a day. One can add handles to the boxes and use them to decorate these boxes for unique looks. Use paper, fabric, and other materials to give different appeals to these boxes. Run ribbons through the punched holes to make handles. One done Flaunt these bags during trick or treating days.

More fun projects with custom cereal packaging boxes

Some years back, I took a class for upcycling projects at a vocational college. I couldn’t complete the course due to personal reasons. But I learned to make personalized bookmarks from custom cereal packaging boxes. It is a simple task that involves using the cardboard from the custom cereal packaging boxes and embellishing it using various tools.

Lay the box flat on the table. Use a marker or a pen to trace the shape and size of the bookmark on the cereal box. Use a ruler to ensure straight lines are drawn. A penknife is used to cut the edges of the bookmark. I often use a paintbrush to coat the cut-out bookmark with glue. To give the bookmarks are more glamorized look, I use glitter on them and cover the entire area with it. These bookmarks will require up to twenty-four hours to dry up completely. In the end, I get these bookmarks laminated.

Similarly, we likewise make blessing labels for our presents using the oat packaging boxes. The point is to upcycle cardboard-based packaging. On the off chance that there are no oat packaging boxes around, we additionally use tissue boxes, cleanser boxes, and other retail packaging choices. There are countless ventures that are appreciated by grown-ups and kids using these cardboard boxes that are simple, fun, and ideal for reuse.

Great options in custom cereal boxes

If you are a brand marketing or manufacturing cereals and searching custom cereal boxes of high-quality check out the wide range of cardboard-based boxes created by ClipnBox.


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