CRM Checklist 2020

CRM Software Development Company

Using off the shelf CRM is much cheaper than owning custom CRM software. But, it does come with its fair share of limitations. Fortunately, if you know what you exactly need, you may find a suitable solution at a stiff budget without compromising quality and features. But, you have to recognize the fact that, the more you invest, the more return you can expect. However, it doesn’t mean that for a custom CRM makes more profit, you will go blind and start investing. The primary step would be to analyze your needs and goals. But, there’s more. Want to know how to determine whether you require a custom CRM or not? Follow this checklist to help you figure it out on your own.

    • Every business is unique. And might require curated features to complete various tasks. If your current CRM is unable to offer a particular feature that you need to execute a job, then it is time for you to hunt for a reliable CRM Software development Company to build a CRM with your required functionality.
    • A business will always strive to grow constantly. And with that, you have to expand your existing system along with CRM. However, off the shelf CRM doesn’t offer good options when it comes to scalability. They always push clients for taking a monthly subscription for adding new items to the store or a user. To stop this bypass the monthly payment, you can build a custom CRM software. Where you get an unlimited amount of user and scalability feature without losing a penny.
    • If on a rainy day, some bad things or bug appears on the CRM, whom do you call? The answer is, of course, the Software Development Company. But if you happen to use the CRM made by big conglomerates, then good luck finding a solution fast. On the other hand, a CRM made by a custom CRM Software development Company will always begin the process of sorting out your CRM issues soon. Why? Because they have made the product only to you and they are legally bound with you to offer immediate support 24/7.
    • Integration with your existing business app is always a challenge with the off the shelf CRM. If your business is struggling to combine and fetch data from a 3rd party app to CRM, it is time you look for other ways. What we mean is, you have to develop a CRM that plays nice with your existing apps. And the best way to do so is by investing in a custom CRM software. A professional Software Development Company takes easy integration with the existing app quite seriously.

Use this list of the above checklist as a guiding tool if you are thinking of considering making your own CRM. Relying on off-the-shelf CRM is not a good idea for many reasons. This is why the futuristic business uses CRM made by custom CRM development companies like CRIMS.


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