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This blog will show you how to use intelyForms to construct a smart order form for your business. It enables you to simply gather and handle client orders without investing in full-fledged e-commerce software.

Extraordinarily and smartly, start with a smart order form for your business using intelyForms. 

What is an order form?

intelyForms creating secure online purchase forms is simple. Your consumers will be placing purchases in no time, thanks to intelyForms order form templates, which are powerful and simple to customize. 

It’s a fantastic method to take the money and obtain client information securely. Start by creating a simple order form template from scratch or choosing from one of the premade order form templates.

Why do we use the order form?

An order form’s principal purpose is to organize any client requests. So, if you’re selling a service, for example, you may include any relevant characteristics in your order form. 

To provide a better service or the desired goods, you may use order forms to collect any essential information regarding the product or service your customer is purchasing.

How to create a smart order form using intelyForms?

  • Simple form:

Maintain a simple order form while gathering all of the information you’ll need to complete the task. Shorter, more concise, and main order forms convert more frequently.

  • Image Selections: 

A picture is important for a reason of a thousand words. A description cannot match a product’s real picture. Allowing your consumers to see what they’re purchasing will reduce miscommunication, arguments, returns, and mutual dissatisfaction.

  • Formula:

Every firm strives to be the smart form that can automatically compute values based on previous form entries. Add a formula field that calculates the total amount based on the order data and does the math for you.

  • Optimized your order form’s labels:

The label for the form field is the question above, which instructs the form visitor on what to fill out. Form owners should make these labels as brief and to-the-point as possible, such as “mobile” rather than “mobile phone number.”

Here are some tips to optimize your form with these labels:

  • Currency:

You may set up your currency field to show the total in your formula field. Then, select the currency you wish to deal with in the properties field!

  • Address:

It is a no-brainer: an order form, like a ship, needs an address field. How will you know where to deliver your goods if you don’t know where to send them? You may collect your orders’ shipping and billing addresses with this vital feature.

  • Unique ID:

When it comes to keeping track of your orders, this feature is really useful. Of course, customers can’t see it while filling out the form, but once they press “submit,” you’ll get a unique reference number for the form submission and the information the client entered. 

You may even email a copy of your customer’s form submission to inform them of their unique ID. So now, if they have any queries about their order, they can just send you an email.

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Now that you’ve learned some insider ideas for developing a fantastic purchase form go ahead and create the precise form you want. Alternatively, you may use our pre-made template, which you can alter to fit your company’s needs and link with your payment accounts to make your life simpler.

Steps to create an order form with intelyForms:

Step 1Navigate to the website and click on the Login button. Then, click on the Register button and complete your registration process. Finally, click on the Sign-up button. Then log into intelyForms.

Step 2– Click on the ‘create new form’ button, entering the form name. Then, select the form type (i.e., from scratch & use a template) for the order form.

Step 3– Once you select a template, click ‘Next.’ You will enter the builder page.

Step 4- You can customize your form with the drag and drop method from the builder window. Set required fields for the order form and click on the ‘Next’ button. 

Step 5- Complete your basic settings in the form, then ‘Save’ form and share the form where you want through a link, email, or social media. You can embed the form with the website also. 

Step 6- Then click on the Submit button.

Benefits of the smart order form:

  • Variety of order form templates:

The online order form you need may be already in our template library. Click the “download this form” link and use our drag-and-drop editor to customize the form to match your brand.

Start with a blank form and fill it with elements using the form editor if you don’t find what you’re searching for in our template collection.

  • Without coding, embed the order form:

Each order form has its own Embed Code, which owners of the forms may copy and paste into their website’s code or display using an HTML widget. Customers, service requesters, and donors also contribute their names to email marketing lists. IntelyForms is a no-code, best online form builder that can be embedded and integrated directly into your workflows.

Use our Mailchimp, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google calendar, and HubSpot connections to add email addresses to your lists. Form owners may also use the Results Filters to limit who can opt-in to marketing lists, newsletters, promotions, etc.

  • Built-in payment integrations feature: 

Use payment processors like PayPal, and Stripe to make the checkout process easier. Use credit cards, cheques, financial apps, and other means to collect payments or gifts from customers.

With our order form features, you can compute the order, include promotional coupons, calculate tax amounts, and more.

We encrypt data at all times, both during the submission process and stored in the database. In addition, using two-factor authentication and sub-users ensures secure access to results.

  • Custom workflow process:

Our built-in connectors allow form owners to connect to other online services. Examples include Salesforce, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc. Using our integration, you may also connect to tens of thousands of websites.

  • Workflow tools:

Use intelyForms workflow features to link and manage data. Workflow is perfect for forms that need to be followed up on, options selected, approvals granted, and upsells.


Creating a smart order form with intelyForms form makes it easy to manage ordered data. In the future, we need it for every healthcare because everyone gets engaged with online platform services.

intelyForms helps to provide this platform to you with advanced features to create a smart order form. Schedule a demo with the intelyForms support team if you have any queries. 


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