Christmas sayings and their effect


Matching Weihnachtswünsche and quotes await you below. If known, including the indication of origin. By the way, you can use the Christmas sayings and quotes for our free voucher templates. We offer more than 1,000 different templates here for free.

Das Beste an Weihnachten ist

Christmas is the most contemplative time of the year and Christmas sayings are simply part of it. If you are also currently looking for one or the other gift idea and would like to give it a personal touch, you can think about integrating Christmas sayings. During the Christmas season, people go into themselves one more time. You think about how the year has been.

You are happy about positive reviews and maybe look back a little sadly at losses. Above all, however, they enjoy the end of the year, as they can spend time here with family and friends in peace. So it’s no wonder that Christmas has fascinated people for centuries and that they keep getting creative. The list of Christmas sayings is long and it just keeps growing. So even if you are not creative yourself or do not want to get creative, this is where you can get inspiration.

The special charm of Christmas sayings

Christmas sayings have a very special charm. They pick up the time of contemplation and help to calm down. Christmas sayings can also really round off a gift. Perhaps you have already given a lot of thought to how you can surprise a loved one. You may have already found what you are looking for and are now looking for that certain something for the gift. You can create this with a Christmas saying.

Christmas sayings

Choose the saying with a lot of love and make sure that it fits the person and also your common story. You need a different creative saying for parents than for your partner. Of course, you can also take the chance and slightly modify the sayings. You often get a personal note if you include the person’s name or perhaps even refer to a small memory from the year. You can also use our free voucher templates for Christmas.

Weihnachtskarten als Klassiker zum Fest

Weihnachtssprüche machen sich auch besonders gut auf Weihnachtskarten. Wie wäre es denn, wenn Sie mal wieder echte Karten versenden? Natürlich sollte das schon ein wenig früher geplant werden. Schreiben Sie eine Liste, wen Sie gerne mit der Karte überraschen möchten. Machen Sie sich Gedanken darüber, wie viel Freude Sie bereiten, wenn die Person den Briefkasten öffnet und eine handgeschriebene Karte findet. Die Magie der Weihnachtszeit wird hier zu spüren sein.

Gestalten Sie die Karten vielleicht sogar selbst. Holen Sie sich dafür einfach Inspiration auf unserer Webseite und gehen Sie auf die Suche nach einem schönen Weihnachtsspruch. Diesen können Sie dann von Hand auf die Karte aufbringen und weitere gestalterische Elemente integrieren. Natürlich können Sie auch eine Karte kaufen und die Weihnachtssprüche einfach für die persönliche Note im Inneren verwenden.

Jahres angebrochen ist

Übrigens: Weihnachtskarten mit einem schönen Spruch machen sich auch sehr gut als eine Ergänzung zu Ihrem Geschenk. Schieben Sie die Karte einfach unter das Geschenkband. Der Beschenkte wird sie zuerst öffnen und den von Ihnen selbst ausgewählten Weihnachtsspruch lesen. Oft ist das schon ein ganz besonderer Teil des Geschenks. Immerhin zeigen Sie damit, dass Sie sich viele Gedanken für die Person gemacht haben.

Regardless of whether spring with its fresh colors creeps into people’s hearts, summer with heat waves lures you into the pool or your local quarry pond, autumn with its bright colors invites you to take a walk in the forest or the first thick flakes fall from the sky – the Christmas season climbs the warmth in the body with a thought on it every day of the year. If you want to express these lovely thoughts, Christmas sayings are a good choice. You too can please the people around you with it. Numerous sayings are available free of charge on our site for this purpose.

Even if a lot has happened and changed around Christmas, quite a few people are also looking for peace and contemplation at this festival. The matching reflective Christmas sayings can be found here in this section. You will receive a wide range of contemplative sayings, starting with a short quote to a multi-line rhyme with which a contemplative Christmas is to be expressed.

The contemplative Christmas sayings exactly meet the taste of each individual. If you are looking for a classic and, in the sense of the meaning of the festival, also really religious Christmas saying, you will find it here as well. But even someone who is only looking for a saying in the direction of harmony and longing can find it here.

The contemplative Christmas sayings should give you a little anticipation for the upcoming festival. But they also serve as a suggestion for the Christmas mail. Even if the classic Christmas letter has moved a little into the background today, you can also integrate the contemplative Christmas sayings well into a Christmas greeting sent by e-mail.

Christmas sayings

Short Christmas sayings are a great way to convey best wishes and greetings for Christmas to loved ones. Such sayings are able to express the soul of Christmas in a few words, because they rarely consist of more than 2 – 3 sentences, as conventional Christmas sayings do. Therefore, short Christmas sayings can be used more universally, as they fit on smaller areas.

Short Christmas sayings can be used, for example, for Christmas cards and for Christmas e-mails. Send them either as a collective email or in a single email addressed to a specific, special person in your life. On Christmas cards and in e-mails, short Christmas sayings have the advantage that they can not only be written quickly, but also read quickly. And of course, short Christmas sayings can also be used for an oral presentation at a Christmas party.

Another reason to specifically use short Christmas sayings is that several of them fit on a Christmas card. Each saying has its own character and expresses its own thought. Many people enjoy creating this kind of variety with short Christmas sayings for the addressees of the sayings.

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