Christmas and Easter Holidays – A Good Time to Perform Umrah


Many European Muslims often strive to find a time in life in which they can perform the Umrah. Europeans observe two holy festivals Christmas and Easter with considerable excitement, such as the Eid al-Fitr and the Eid al-Adha. After Christmas, Easter seems to be a very important event for Christians. If one gets a chance in life to perform Umrah, they never want to miss that. These European festivals are the time when Muslims can execute Umrah without thinking about high prices and luxuries. There is no particular time prescribed for the accomplishment of Umrah. Doing Umrah with all your energy will encourage you with great perks from Allah almighty and a number of decent memories and experiences to dream about. Christmas and Easter holidays are the perfect opportunity for Umrah to perform since you won’t have any work-related intents on your head.

All the festivals be it Diwali, Eid, Holi, Easter, Christmas, and many more pertaining to any religion are the source of joy and happiness for everyone. Almost everywhere in the world, particularly in Europe and Western countries, national holidays are held in the country for the celebration and recognition of the event. But Christmas and Easter are the moments that Christians observe at two great times of their religion. But for Muslims, it is an opportunity to fulfill their ritual and fill themselves with the blessings of Allah (SWT). They plan to go on a religious tour and spend their time in the Holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Christmas is celebrated at the end of the year in December while Easter is celebrated in the last several days of March and the early days of April. Seasons matter a lot if you’re planning a pilgrimage some prefer the time of winter and some like the shining and bright long sunny days of summer. But Easter is the most suitable time keeping in view weather circumstances and no can say they don’t like this moderate weather. In summer Saudi kingdom becomes extraordinarily hot and makes you exhausted and your energy falls down. You won’t be able to perform Umrah with that much passion when you have while leaving for the journey. So, always prefer the time that suits your body and mind and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, another benefit of choosing these holidays is you can spend most of your time worshipping Allah (SWT) without getting worried about your home or any other worldly activities.

Another important aspect of performing Umrah on Easter and Christmas is that because of the holidays you can take your family with you. It’s the perfect chance to schedule your Umrah because you can take your children with you, particularly if you’ve a school-going kid, so you wouldn’t have to stress about them. You can pay attention to executing the rites effectively and can ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT) for all your bad doings and ask for His mercies by bowing down to Him. As Muslims, we all are well aware of the facts and significance that this ritual holds. It is important to completely study about how to perform it? What’s the first step? And what’s the last?  You must fully know about every practice and its execution so you don’t miss any. Having half knowledge is quite harmful than having none. To get more information about this pilgrimage you can read various blogs on google and you might also watch videos so you don’t get confused when you reach there. There are a lot of guide books which you can carry with you in case you forget anything.

Taking about agents to travel with, choose those having best and economical packages with all the necessary facilities that one may require. If you want to execute your minor pilgrimage on Christmas, then you should opt for December Umrah packages which would be a convenient option. While if you want to accomplish it in the holidays of Easter then you must go for Easter Umrah packages. Remember that your packages must include all the facilities and you don’t get into any sort of difficulty while traveling. Best accommodations, flights, transportation must be provided along with a Ziyarat guide to accompany you. Christmas is celebrated at a specific time but the dates of Easter changes every year. So you must avail your packages before the time to get them at the minimum possible rates. Don’t miss this opportunity as it is the perfect time for those who have less budget yet want amazing bundles with all-inclusive facilities. No doubt, when you reach there you will get lost in the glory of the House of Allah (SWT) and experience a spiritual bond. You would be proud of choosing such a wonderful path that will make you feel blessed. You start praying and reciting Dua’s and thank Allah Almighty to give you an opportunity to visit His precious House.



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