Choosing a good new curry house for beginners

Indian dishes
Indian dishes

Ordering at an Indian restaurant doesn’t have to be intimidating – you just need to know what to look for. You also need to have a good idea too of what you may not be into too. This is in the sense of if you may be vegan or if you want curry that won’t leave you burning up. It also helps to know if for example you want something more native or even fish. Assess all of this when looking for the perfect overall dining experience.

Choosing Indian Food

Whether you are planning a trip to India or thinking of trying Indian food for the first time, this is the perfect guide on how to order and eat Indian food. Indian food typically consists of gravy dishes and dry dishes called sabzis. These dishes are often eaten with rice or bread. There are dozens of types of bread to choose from, but naan and parathas tend to be the most popular.

The basics of this type of cuisine

Before we get into what to order and how to order it, let’s tackle some Indian food basics. First, Indian dishes are famous for their mixture of spices and depth of flavors. Most Indian dishes try to use the elements of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and acidic all in one dish to achieve the perfect balance. Even though Indian food contains many spices, most dishes are not necessarily spicy. There are plenty of mild dishes on Indian menus and spicy dishes are normally labeled.

Most Indian dishes are either gravy dishes or dry dishes and they are typically eaten with rice or bread. Whether you choose rice or bread is completely up to you but usually the thicker the gravy or the drier the dish, the better it will go with bread. More watery dishes like dal (lentil stew) or chicken curry can be eaten with bread, but also go well with rice. There are many types of Indian breads including naan, paratha, and chapati. Indians typically eat by tearing off a piece of bread in their hands and using it to scoop up the gravy or contents of the main dishes. Most Indians eat predominately with their right hand, but it’s okay to use your left hand as much as you need to! No one will mind and many Indians use their left hand too.


Indian appetizers and are great-tasting treats and can help you enjoy your meal to the fullest. Our favorite appetizers are samosas, pakoras, and kebabs. Samosas are fried snacks stuffed with a mashed veggie filling and are loved by Indians and westerners alike. Samosas usually come with a few chutneys or dipping sauces like mint and tamarind. The filling of samosas is often lightly spiced and delicious. Another great appetizer is pakoras which are just mixed vegetables fried in a chickpea flour batter. You also can”t go wrong with kebabs. India has dozens of types of kebabs including chicken, mutton, and vegetarian. All of them are equally great.

Main courses

There are many great main dishes on Indian menus. But because Indian menus are so long it can be hard to know where to start. The following are some dishes that are great for first-timers. Two of the most popular Indian dishes are Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken. These two feature juicy pieces of marinated chicken in slightly different tomato and onion based sauces.

Biryani is a delicious and flavourful rice and meat dish that includes aromatic spices and can be made with chicken, mutton, or vegetarian. Palak paneer is a creamy dish with a spinach-based gravy and pieces of paneer, a type of Indian cottage cheese. More adventurous eaters can try some of the dishes that are most loved by Indians for their flavor and general deliciousness. Rogan josh is a spicy and mouth-watering lamb curry while chana masala is a hearty chickpea gravy dish.


Although the many spices and herbs used in Indian food can drastically change the flavor of certain vegetables and meats, a good rule to follow when you first try Indian food is to not order anything you don”t normally like. Because Hindus do not consume beef, many dishes include mutton. If you don”t normally like mutton or lamb, it’s a good idea to avoid dishes like mutton kebabs or rogan josh. The same goes for ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, okra, and peas.


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