Chiropractic Health Care in Yukon


Chiropractic Health Care in Yukon


In addition to improving movement, function, and overall health, we help our patients improve their overall health with our extensive chiropractic services. Motus Chiropractic offers soft tissue treatments, spinal decompression, rehabilitation exercises, and more under the direction of licensed chiropractor Dr. Maass. Throughout the years, our practice has provided comprehensive care for patients of all ages. We even offer prenatal and postnatal care to ensure a healthy start for your baby.

Body Contouring

We offer cutting-edge fat-melting body contouring treatments at Motus Chiropractic that burn off stubborn fat without causing the associated complications, pain, or recovery time of liposuction. Red and infrared LED lights can be used to melt fat cells and give one a slimmer silhouette. This method is also safe since no invasive surgery is needed.

Neck Pain

Whether you suffer from chronic or acute neck pain, it’s challenging and unpleasant. There are a number of causes of neck pain, some of them more dangerous than others. Our team at Motus Chiropractic will provide you with expert care that addresses the underlying causes of your discomfort. You can count on us to resolve your symptoms regardless of whether it stems from posture, disc dysfunction, or anything else.


It is crucial that correct strategies are used to treat sciatica since mistakes may exacerbate this issue and worsen pain rather than reduce it. In Motus Chiropractic, we are capable of intervening with sciatic nerve pain and helping patients recover quickly and safely. Although this is a very common and painful problem, most patients find relief from our expert care.

Functional Medicine

How does functional medicine work? A chiropractor sees uncomfortable conditions like pain, illness, and injury as a consequence of interactions within the body. In functional medicine, we study a patient’s overall health and their health as it changes over time while formulating a personalized treatment approach to address both the causes and consequences of those changes.


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