Child support: the best way for a child to prosper with divorced parents

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Child support the best way for a child to prosper with divorced parents

Child Support: A divorce is a regrettable event. Two people who believe they are invincible when they’re together can not cope with each other. This is a falling out that can only be resolved through either separation or a formal divorce. But divorce isn’t easy. There are many moving parts to it. You will have to consider how the financial assets are going to divide? How will the pending bills be paid? Who will get the children’s custody, how much spousal and child support will be paid, etc.? If you have children, then it gets much more challenging. Say that if I was planning to divorce my spouse or I would be looking for affordable child support lawyers near me as soon as I can because divorces can get messy when support payment is involved.

If you’re worried about who will get the child’s custody and who will be the one paying for it, here we have laid it for you in layman’s terms.

Who gets the child custody?

Unless the couple decides it by themselves in the presence of a mediator, child custody will be are resolve in a court of law. The judge will consider many factors to determine which parent will be getting custody of the children. These factors rely on the physical interaction with the children and the mental satisfaction and sense of protection either of the parents provides. Although both parents can file for joint custody, which is a far better choice for the child’s wellbeing, most divorces do not end on such good terms. Therefore both parents face each other in court for custody.

Some factors that weigh heavily on the judge’s ruling are: 

Which parent sacrificed more for their children’s wellbeing?

Usually, both parents work full time to make ends meet. So, it can be difficult to judge who is making more sacrifices. Nevertheless, the parent who is cutting work hours just so they can be there for their child, or the one doing their best to juggle their work-life and parenting smoothly, is making sacrifices. This also covers which parent cut their studies short for their children.

Which parent do the children choose?

Children also get a say in this regard, and they can also choose which parent they want to go home with. It is directly related to which parent spent more time with the child and how loved and cherished they felt in their presence.

Who spent the most time with the kids?

Usually, the stay-at-home parent spends the most time with the children as the other spouse is out there earning for the family. However, in cases when both parents work, it gets trickier. Then the decision relies on which parent made more time for their kids even with all the workload.

So, who pays the child support, and how much does he/she have to pay?

Whoever wins the child custody is the one on the receiving end of child support. The one paying it is referring to as the Obligor, whereas the one receiving it is Obligee. However, it is not a fixed amount that every Obligor has to pay. Many factors weigh in when the court decides on the support payment. On average, the Support payment is less than $450, but it can be more or less

depending on numerous factors. Some of them are:

How much does the Obligor earn?

The support payment is directly proportional to how much the Obligor earns. Therefore, the more he makes, the more he will have to pay for child support. However, there is a limit to it. It ensures that the Obligee does not use the support money for personal use.

Expenses of the child/children

It is common knowledge that the support payment is for fulfilling the child’s necessities. They include their School fees, Their groceries, clothing, etc. However, the support payment also covers any extra-curricular expenses the child might have. For example, if he wants to pursue a hobby or passion, the Obligor must back it financially.

What if the child has special needs?

If the child has any special needs or requires regular medical intervention, child support will increase. But, again, it is to ensure that the child does not suffer in terms of finance as there is the extra cost of regular medical check-ups, medications, etc.



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