Characteristics of Islamic civilization and What is civilization?

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The word civilization literally means censorship Online Holy Quran Teaching, the elimination of defects, beautification and the creation of good human manners. The word “civilization” literally refers to the appearance, form and manner of a nation that distinguishes it from other nations Online Holy Quran Teaching.

Islamic civilisation

Islamic civilization is a civilization based on Islamic ideology and is different from other nations because the conduct of all affairs falls exclusively under the Shari’ah, as the word Karima Ta’iba testifies. Prayer Online Holy Quran Teaching, fasting, hajj, paying zakat, building mosques and azaan. The most important elements of Islamic civilization are the belief in Tawhid and Risalat, angels, the Book of Heaven and life after death.

Characteristics of Islamic civilization

The foundation of each civilization on certain ideas, theories and beliefs. These ideas, theories and beliefs do not manifest themselves in sensory or material terms, but the life of a civilised culture in these ideas and concepts.

Specific features of Islamic civilization

The distinctive features of Islamic civilization are qualities and characteristics that only by the holders of Islamic civilization, while the holders of other peoples and religions do not possess the same qualities Online Holy Quran Teaching.

Elements of Islamic civilization

Factors means practitioners, and factors are those beliefs and theories that make believers decent. The factors of Islamic civilization are.

Belief in God Almighty

Islamic civilisation on the belief in tawheed, that Allah is unique in His essence, attributes and worship. Worshipping other than Allah “shirk”. Thus, people in Islamic civilisation are “believers”, not polytheists. In the Qur’an, Allah says to Muhammad. Say: “He is Allah, One and Only!””” Allah, the One and Only, the One and Only!””” He will neither be born nor perish.””” There is no one like Him Online Holy Quran Teaching.” .
ǞǞ [Surah Al-Ikhlas]
There is no attribute that can to Allah. In other words, all the attributes of Allah are personal, eternal and infinite. In other words, all the attributes of Allah are personal, eternal, immortal and infinite, whereas the attributes of creatures a, mortal and attributed to Allah. True faith brings to mankind piety, self-respect, humility, courage, patience, equality, contentment and a morality of hope.
It had a tremendous impact on the Islamic Tawheed civilisation, which distinguished itself from all other civilisations above all by getting rid of all idolatrous rituals in its beliefs and practices.

Belief in angels

Angels, like humans and jinn, are creations of God. They Almighty God in His wisdom and are pure beings of light and wonder. At the command of Almighty Allah, they obey Allah in the universe. Angels are obedient creatures of Allah, and there is no disobedience in them. As the Qur’an says, Allah has said the following about angels They do not disobey Allah’s commands, but do as [Surah al-Tahrim, ayat-6].
Famous angels include Jibril (A.S), Mikel (A.S), Israfil (A.S) and Azrael (A.S). One of the most important functions of angels is to convey Allah’s commands to His messengers and prophets, provide sustenance, record the deeds of men, reserve life, praise Almighty Allah and enforce God’s laws in the universe.
Help the prophets and messengers of Allah Almighty, destroy their enemies, seek forgiveness from the righteous Almighty, and send peace and blessings to the Prophet (peace be upon him) on the Day of Judgement, by the permission of Allah Almighty. Intercession of believers and inclination to do good deeds in their hearts.
The influence of belief in angels is clearly seen in the relationship between Allah and His servants in Islamic civilization Online quran. Faith in Allah, the transmission of useful knowledge, optimism and the counting of one’s own deeds create humility towards the enormity of man and the existence of these visible beings in the universe, in the hope that even in seemingly solitary moments, the angels of Allah will approach him at His command and help him to do good and avoid evil. Dealing with Satan is his spiritual companion.

Faith in the Book of Heaven

Allah revealed the books Online Quran Tutor to His messengers by revelation to guide mankind. To acknowledge all these books and scriptures revealed by Almighty Allah is to believe in the Book of Heaven. Allah also describes one of the virtues of righteous people.
Believe in what has to you, [O Muhammad], and in what has be before you.
[Surah al-Baqra, ayat-4].
The famous books of heaven are the Tawra (Torah), Zabur (Psalms), Injil (Gospels) and Qur’an, which to Prophet Musa (Moses), Prophet Dawud (David), Prophet Isa (Jesus) and the last Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). In addition to these books, writings were also sent to other prophets such as Adam (A.S.), Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) (Abraham) and Hazrat Musa (A.S.) (Moses)
[Surah al-Baqarah, ayat-213].
Other nations distort and falsify their books and use people’s thoughts in their revelations. The Qur’an alone is free from all kinds of distortion, for Allah alone has taken the responsibility of protecting it. So Allah Almighty revealed that
Verily, We have sent down the Qur’an, and verily, We are its guardians. [Surah Al-Hijr, thought 9].
In the Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the task of reading books, transmitting them and wisdom, explaining rules and verses, purifying people and preaching. It is characteristic of Islamic civilization that education is, according to divine revelation, the primary and fundamental need of all human beings.
In addition to the necessity and importance of education and learning, the importance of teaching, reading and writing.
In Islamic civilization, education is a mental, physical and moral training aimed at creating good and cultured people of high morality and character who are responsible citizens for the welfare of the nation and the Islamic ummah and all generations. Effective action to promote the welfare of society and economic, social, scientific and developmental aspects. We offer online Quran courses for children, adults and all ages to study the Quran online. We also offer a free three-day evaluation course. You do not need a credit/debit card to register for the course. Register now for a free Quran course and start studying the Quran.

Faith in a prophet

Almighty Allah appointed prophets and messengers to guide mankind. The first prophet was Hazrat Adam (A.S.) and the last prophet was Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ). Muslims have truly acknowledged the apostleship of all prophets and messengers.
All prophets and messengers are links in the same chain of guidance ۔ and to deny any one of them is disbelief.
These pure men became practical examples by following the instructions given by Almighty God. All these prophets to different regions and countries. In other words, prophets came to every country. As Allah Almighty has said
There is no country that only a warner passes by. [Surah al-Fathir, ayat-24].
Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) appeared at the end of all prophets and messengers, and you (ﷺ) as the last prophet. The Qur’an has to you (ﷺ) as the last of the heavenly books. Almighty Allah has, through Muhammad, brought together the nations of all the prophets. As Allah (S.W.T.) says in the Qur’an.
We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], but only as a mercy to the world.
[Surah Al-Anbya, Ayat-107].
Your apostolate and teachings are eternal. Your existence is so perfect that your life is full of examples and ideas of guidance for every species and every kind, every group and every gender. When we look at the lives of the previous prophets, we find that in the life of Noah (A.S.) there is a hatred of infidelity.
In the life of Ibrahim (A.S.) we see scenes of the destroyer of images.  Hazrat Yusuf’s (A.S.) life in prison was also a lesson in truth and zeal. The life of Daud (A.S.) is a book of praise and prayer. The life of Ya’qub (A.S.) is an example of hope, trust and faith in Allah. But in Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) all the visions of the prophets came to light.
The universality and universality of your (ﷺ) message is for every nation, every people, and will last until the Day of Judgement. All over the world, only the holders of Islamic civilization are proud to be the followers of the Prophet, and they teach his practices and examples along with education and principles.

Trust in the afterlife

Belief in the Hereafter means that man does not die forever after death, but his soul remains, and one day Allah will be the first and last to resurrect all mankind. On that day, all their deeds in the world will into account.
They will receive full reward for all their good and bad deeds. Those who have done good will go to heaven, while those who have done evil will be cast into hell.
Belief in life after death is not just a philosophical question, but is deeply connected to the moral and practical life of man. Those who believe in the resurrection from the dead are responsible for all aspects of their lives.
They know that they have to answer to Allah for all their good and bad deeds. Their deeds will benefit or harm them not only in this world but also in the life to come.
Trust in faith in the Hereafter Online Quran Tutor that leads to the path of the Almighty, in Allah’s mercy and grace in adversity, in the ability to bear the sufferings of the ignorant, the brave and the hard, in the ability to spend money on good deeds, in freedom from world hunger and ignorance, and in the eternal wealth of the wicked produces a moral and practical quality. Such qualities are not found in other civilizations.


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