Chandelier Ideation to Choose, Hang and Place in Different Spaces!


Chandeliers are unique lightings we add in our homes, only one piece is installed in the space. As it is so big, that one cannot afford two modern chandeliers in the same place. A best place to install chandelier light is over the dining table or in your living area to set a warm and cosy tone in the space. It will create a nice illumination level for any home parties. If you have shifted from a smaller apartment to a bigger apartment, then must be looking to add luxurious decor. Add a chandelier in your dining area, to enjoy a lavish experience with your loved ones at home. Lit your chandelier and other small fancy lights to set a tone of sitting in a restaurant. The selection and placement of a chandelier lamps require some of the points to consider.

Choose A Perfect Chandelier with Below Points!

When visiting the store or looking for online websites. Always identify the space at home, you want your jhumar light to get installed. It can be your home or office area, so choose according to that.

  1. First, select the space over which you want to install the chandelier. Then, look for the size and dimensions you want, which should fit the roof, such that doesn’t gets touched to any person’s head, when one stands up. It will be a blunder for your interior to have. Make sure to measure the height of your ceilings and length, width of the room.
  2. When installing a chandelier lamp over a dining table, the width of the chandelier should be 12 inches narrower than the width of the dining table. So, that no one can bump into it, when getting in and out of the seat.
  3. The height of the chandelier light is recommended 3 for every foot between the floor and ceilings. Just multiply the ceiling height by three. You can consider this example, if the ceiling is 8-inch-high, then chandelier should be 24” tall (8*3=24).

Placement Ideas to Install Chandelier!

  1. Dining Area: It is the most preferred space at home, where people love to install. As the whole family sits together to have the most precious time. The chandelier lamp above it will set a lavish tone in the space, which is a nice experience to have. The chandelier lamp should hang almost 30 inches above the table or floor. Also, it should be in the middle of the dining table, and not in the center of the room.
  2. Kitchen Island: Hanging a chandelier over the kitchen island improves the functionality. One can easily work there with a nice illumination, doesn’t bore you while you chop vegetables. Whenever one starts getting bored in the kitchen, it affects the taste of the food cooked. Working under good lighting will make you want to be under the light for a longer time.
  3. Bedrooms and living room: Your ceilings should be taller than the standard ceiling, which is usually available in different homes. If you have recently built one, then you must be having a nice ceiling height, where you can install the ceiling chandelier.

What to Keep in Mind While Installing a Chandelier?

  • The human light should be hung over the middle of the table and not in the center of the room. This should be kept in mind when installing in a dining area.
  • When your room has multiple sources of lighting, in that case, have dimmer switches to control the lighting intensity to set the tone, you want.
  • Always be sure that the distance between the table and chandelier should be up to 35 inches. For proper scaling, and also the center will be utilized in an effective manner.

A chandelier lamp is something, people bought once in their lifetime and is an expensive investment. So, knowing how to buy one is really important. Along with that, what ideation one should have, while installing in the space, needs to be known. Therefore, with the above discussion, one can buy and invest without disappointment.


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