Challenges of Educating Students through Online Learning Portals


Online learning has been a part of higher education and training programs for quite some time now but in the past year, online learning had a drastic increase in its numbers because of coronavirus. Due to coronavirus, we saw a complete shift in this world, likewise, the education sector also faced challenges and delays. Schools, colleges, and universities had to be shut down in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Although online learning has been around for almost two decades it proved to be a challenge for millions of students and teachers. Everything is challenging if you’re not familiar with it and online learning was one such challenge. Teachers and instructors who are comfortable with the conventional style of teaching and physical classes found it extremely challenging to adjust to online learning.

Now that the world has been through a shift it’s safe to say that online learning will be kept a part of the curriculum all around the world. Online learning has its benefits that outweigh a lot of factors and no matter how challenging and uncomfortable people find it to be, they will have to learn to live with it.

It’s true that online learning has its benefits but it comes with a number of challenges as well that create problems for teachers and students both. However, students in today’s day and age are born with technology so it is fairly easier for them to adjust to online learning in terms of technology, students do have their share of challenges but teachers, on the other hand, had to look after quite a few things.

Here are some of the challenges a teacher or an instructor might face while teaching students through online portals.

1. Technological Illiteracy

The teaching profession requires tons of experiences especially in higher education and because of this most of the teachers are older in age except for a few. It won’t be wrong to say that most of the older people are illiterate in terms of technology despite having doctorate degrees in different educational fields. It is extremely hard for senior teachers to adjust to online learning because they have spent all their lives teaching students in physical classrooms. Online learning requires the use of different electronic devices, online learning portals, and their functions.

2. Online Courses

If the teachers somehow get over their technological illiteracy they are then faced with a bigger problem of how to change courses for online learning. Physical teaching is comparatively easier than online teaching as the study material is at hand and a blackboard in front but with online courses, teachers not only have to mend their teaching ways but they also have to create internet-friendly courses and study material.

3. Lack of Interest in Students

Nobody likes to teach a bunch of sleepy and unmotivated students and the chances of facing this challenge are far greater than in a physical class. It is difficult to maintain interest among students on campus and even more difficult through online classes. Students also find online learning challenging and so they become uninterested which becomes a great problem for the teacher. According to data collected by Assignment Writing in Dubai, students are likely to use tactics just so that they can get out the online learning situation because they are not interested and this can lead to bad grades in their overall results.

4. Time Management

Although online teaching is flexible, it is time-consuming as well. It takes a lot of time to develop online portal friendly course material for the students and a lot of teachers find themselves to be in constant contact with students regarding their questions and queries which increase the workload on teachers. Teachers have to manage their time efficiently with hundreds of other things to take care of.

5. Non-Seriousness

There is no proper way of checking up on the students through online classes. As stated earlier students are experts in technology these days while teachers are still learning. Students have developed a number of ways to cheat and irritate teachers. Non-seriousness among students has proven to be a big problem for the teachers. Some students are being disrespectful of their teachers and some might even make fun of the fact that their teachers are not so tech-savvy like they are.


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