Chadar Trek Frozen River

chadar trek
chadar trek

The Start of the Journey

The journey starts in the mountain town of Leh. Leh can only be reached by flight and the snow makes it look white. You can see the mountains of the snow-capped mountains from the flight to Leh at 11400 metres above sea level. The tour takes place in winter along the frozen Zanskar River. February would be the perfect time to cross the ice. At this time, the ice is usually most stable. The Frozen River Trek begins from the small village of Chilling to freeze from its beginning.

Across the Ice

Often Ice can be as healthy as it can be. It is important to look for safe routes along with the unstable plate and to always consider the ice conditions at your feet. Walkers have the capacity to camp in cellars along the rivers, for example in the local area, and set up the best ice tents. The setting is almost 20° below the freezing point, and after sunset decreases too. As much as possible, comfortable, layered clothing is proposed. It also helps to warm the body up and prevents cold vulnerabilities and blood freezing.


Better Safe than Sorry

It is also advisable to be mindful of ice conditions at all times. Multiple factors must ensure a safe ride. The ice and the foundation of the trekkers are of utmost importance. The following measures: The following:


  • The trekker should be aware of the ice sheet conditions.
  • Ice cracks can be halted. It’s there
  • Areas with a snow cover usually are the best way of walking.
  • Also, slippery ice can be found on certain sections and should be carefully followed up.
  • Cracks unforeseen come under one’s feet and have to go on a stronger footing immediately.


The ice is not a walker’s friend and you should always be mindful of it and the weather, particularly when choosing a campsite.


Gear and Trekking Info


Trekking equipment should be shipped from home because there are not many places in the winter Leh to buy supplies. The easy food, like instant noodles, that can be preserved and produced is an excellent addition. It’s suggested to take the best part of the day to keep your journey warm and dynamic before you start, you must always have plenty. Ice picks, hiking vessels, multiple layers of extra warm wear are a compulsion in these situations. Camping in caves such as the locals who ride the river is advisable, but it’s optional. As the definition is not local, however, it may not be enough and tents also are advisable.


 Acclimatization Day


You’re going to land at Leh Airport, one of your favourite airportschadar trek. Just before the touchdown, both snow-capped peaks will impress you. You’ll be very welcome. Your warmth needs to be maintained when you get to Leh Airport when your temperature unexpectedly falls. A woollen hat and sweater are appropriate. After arrival at the guest house, you will have some time to relax. Later in the evening, you can invest in last-minute shopping for windows on the Leh market. It is very important for you in Leh that the cold temperature only falls when you start to walk through the frozen Zanskar. During the day from the end of January to the middle of February, temperatures range from -10 to -15 degrees.


Medical Test day


Today is the big day. This day decides whether to continue or not. Wake up early to enter the medical camp as fast as possible. Due to the fact that visitors have a rush, testing takes less time. In the late afternoon, we conclude some insurance formalities. You are not required if tests show that you are not fit for Chadar trek. For reimbursement plans, please contact your Trek Coordinator.


Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave


Chadar trek is one of the treks where you can’t attain altitude in rapid successions. From Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave it’s a 400ft height, slowly but step by step (6-7 hours). Take your morning breakfast after a cold night in the tents of Tsomo Paldar to revitalise your senses in the morning. In this cold weather, the much-needed hot cup of tea is special (Tsomo Paldar: 11,500 to Tibb Cave: 11,800). This tour has some of the most stunning frozen waterfalls you can see before going into the next campsite, Tibb Cave. Time frozen, cascades. The village’s people have so many misunderstandings, the cause of these frozen waterfalls is unknown. In the heart of this trip, you can take lunch at Tibb caves on the path of the mighty Zanskar and enjoy slight green water.



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