Celebrate Rakhi in Train With Delicious Sweet Online Delivery In Your Journey

Food on Train

The food part of the new Food Delivery At Railway Station different website includes a large selection of high-quality, hygienic food items. You can use this to get hot, delicious meals delivered to your seat. This system is far superior to the outdated railway system and delivers delicious and healthful cuisine. Especially during rakhi you can order different sweets also when traveling with your sibling. As well as having a variety of food alternatives can make the trip more fun and exciting. As a result, there is no longer any compulsion to carry additional bags or food.

You can get meals on the train via a variety of websites and applications that have partnered with IRCTC, or you can order food directly from the IRCTC website. I’ll explain how to order meals in the section below, as well as some websites and apps from which you can do so. More than 400 stations and 7,000 trains currently use these apps.

How Do I Place A Zoop Food Order?

The most dependable and secure app is the first to be connected to Indian railways. This software allows users to order a variety of meals on train consumption. It is active in more than 80 cities. It has eateries with FSSAI approval. That also gives you hygienic and personalised food. You may effortlessly place an order with this app.

You must launch the app.

Your ten-digit PNR, train, or seat number should be entered.

From the list, choose the train station where you want your food to be delivered.

After selecting the establishment, pick your preferred food item from the menu.

They will appear on the payment page, where you may select between cash on delivery or online payment.

After that, a confirmation message will arrive on the registered mobile number you provided.

Your order has been successfully placed, so that’s it. So, unwind while you wait for your order.

Food Order in Trains Online: How it Works:

By inputting a PNR number, train name, or number, the user requests Food Delivery At Railway Station. Our backend team has been notified of that request for confirmation.

The order is approved for further processing when the PNR number has been double-checked and the passenger’s information has been successfully verified.

A notification of an order is sent by ZoopIndia to the station’s restaurant partner. The customer receives yet another indication that their order has been accepted.

The restaurant confirms the order by calling the passenger about it after obtaining order information from our catering partners.

Food is properly packed and cooked in a hygienic environment.

One of our delivery professionals sends the order out for delivery.

And specially during this festival season you can order different sweets also for your sibling in train. There are many restaurants that deliver sweets also. So no need to worry if you forget to take some sweets you can order it while travelling also.

Different Sweets That You Can Order In Train:

 Lets see different food that you can order in train online.

Sandesh : Sandesh or Sondesh is a popular dessert among Bengali locals. The decadent sweet treat is created with milk, sugar, or jaggery.

Rasgulla : Rasgulla is labelled as the second most popular dessert in India. The Rasgulla is a round and soft, syrupy ball that is light and spongy in texture.

Malpua : India’s oldest confection, malpua, is typically eaten on Holi day. Amalu is another name for this confection that was served to Lord Jagganath at Puri. The celebratory treat known as malpua is also enjoyed in Bangladesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, and Nepal.

Gulab Jamun: The typical sweet food in North India is gulab jamun. A round ball of flour, milk sugar, cardamom, and fragrant syrup is used to make gulab jamuns.

jalebi: Jalebis are spherical, orange-colored, coil-shaped sweet treats that are served in the West Asian region. Indians have a big sweet tooth, therefore jalebis are consumed with copious amounts of chai on any given occasion.

When There Is No Proper Internet, How Can Food Be Ordered Online?

 Travelling after leaving the train. The railway travels through numerous cities and stations. You may occasionally experience difficulties while placing an online order for Food Delivery At Railway Station due to a network issue. Your internet connection might not be functional at several stations. So how do you place a food order at that time? Oh, that’s also quite simple. You can place orders by calling or texting. Calling in your order over the phone is a quick and easy way to enjoy your hot, delectable cuisine while seated. The phone number must be called. Then someone will help you from the opposite side. You must provide them with your basic information, including your PNR and train numbers. They will then verify your PNR number. They will then inquire about the meal item and the delivery location. This is how placing an internet food order while on the phone works.

Ordering meals by SMS is also among the simplest ways to do it. Send a message together with your PNR, train, and food item numbers. You will then get a confirmation.


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