Carrying India’s golden heritage, Shubh Jewellers sticks to tradition in the modern times


The art of embellishment and its history date back to the primitive times. India, being a land of art-lovers, boasts of some of the most stunning arts of decoration. Indian mythology is full of such examples, sowing gods and goddesses laden with gold jewellery and other precious ornaments. Jewellery, in India, is as old as the civilization of the country is.

In today’s time, the country’s love for the yellow metal is quite unique in a sense that the population has evolved over time and started walking on the path of modernity. Jewellery designs have either modernized or traditional flavours have got obliterated by the latest trends. Preserving the millennial-old tradition is Shubh Jewellers, one of the biggest jewellery chains in India, and the biggest in Karnataka. Specialized in ancient temple-crafted ornaments, the jewellery brand makes most of its revenue from traditional designs.

Shubh Jewellers is the retail front of Rajesh Exports, the world’s largest gold refiner and the country’s seventh-ranked company in the Fortune India list. With more than 80 stores in Karnataka, Shubh Jewellers dominates the jewellery market in the state. A trusted name in the industry, the Bangalore-based brand takes pride in selling those designs that reflect the true colour of Indian history and culture. Jewellery pieces that are embedded with gods and ancient temples are at the highest demand at Shubh stores.

Pendants with Goddess Lakshmi’s totem as the locket are quite popular, while earrings with idols are also in great demand. The golden strings of beads that are intrinsic to Hinduism have also attained popularity in recent times. From bangles to kamarbandhs, almost all types of jewellery at Shubh reflect traditionalism with modern tangs.


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