Carpet Drying After Water Leakage Or Cleaning

dry carpet
dry carpet

Are you looking for carpet drying after water leakage or cleaning? Do you know the disadvantages of wet carpet? Do you know health issues of wet carpets? 

There is a high risk of fungus spreading from the wet carpet. It can be a big health risk for you and your family. If your carpet is exposed to water leakage or moisture, it needs to be dried. depends on many things like size, climate and humidity. In this article we will tell you how to dry carpet after water leakage or cleaning and some health issues of wet carpets. 

If you want to dry the carpet yourself, you will need about two or three. This task can be completed in one day if you contact a professional carpet cleaner. Because they have advanced technology. They use advance technology to clean carpets. If you want to get rid of mold and mildew which are the main cause of fungus then you need to dry it completely. There are many ways to dry wet carpets like dry cleaning and steam cleaning. If carpets are full wet than it will three days to dry. If there is a small wet area than it can be dried in one day. Here we will discuss some steps which will help you in deep . As we know professional carpet cleaning has many benefits.

Create Air Flow

Carpets can be dried in many ways, but airflow is considered the best. There are fours ways to create air flow.

  • Open windows
  • Turned on fan
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Carpet blower

Open Windows

dry carpet
drying carpet by opening windows

When we want to dry carpet first thing we need to create air flow. If the carpet is inside the room, we should open the windows so that fresh air can pass through. In this way you can remove easily musty and damp smells which are developed due to closed room. If you live in an area with bad weather, do not use this method as it can increase the risk of dampness.

Turned on Ceiling Fan

In bad weather condition you can use another way to dry your carpets. You can use ceiling fans. This way you can your carpets quickly and easily. Air circulation will help in drying and removing musty smells. If you do not have a ceiling fan, you can use a desk or a standing fan. You can rent them from market.

Air conditioning unit

You can also use air conditioning in drying. But it’s not as efficient as a ceiling fan. Because  the ceiling fan air circulates completely. The air conditioning produces cool air, which allows the carpet to dry longer. Therefore, it is not an effective method. 

Carpet blower

If you have had a deep cleaning done by a professional, Blow-dry is considered  a useful method. In this method professional use fans and blower on wet carpet area. It will help to dry wet area completely. 

How to dry carpet after water leakage?

There are many efficient ways to dry carpets after water leakage some of them are as follows. 

  • You can use fan or heater to dry.
  • A dry vacuum can be used in drying. 
  • Palace towel on wet area and walk on it.
  • You can use dehumidifier in humid areas.


If your carpet is completely wet due to water or flood leakage, you need to contact a Deep Professional Cleaner. They will dry your large carpets quickly. If you think this is a long cleaning procedure then contact with professional cleaner. Squeaky Clean Team use advance technology in carpet drying. They will dry your carpets in 24 hours. 


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