Car rental Dubai Airport – what to expect

Car rental Dubai Airport - what to expect
Car rental Dubai Airport - what to expect

So you decided to arrange a car rental at Dubai Airport? Here’s what you would expect before you hit the road.


 You will also need this license to be eligible to rent a car at Dubai Airport. You may be asked to show a driving license driven by your country.

Driving Ethics

 Hand gestures, such as fingering, and obscenities that you may only consider somewhat offensive where you come from may be considered very offensive to locals, so any display of bad behavior should be avoided. 


If you are traveling on a highway, never take the extreme left. This exposes you to the possibility of being “flashed” and driven across a lane.


Don’t hit the road without cash. You have to pay a toll on some routes.


If there’s one thing you’ll never finish in Dubai, it’s a new thing to do and a new place to visit. Take the time to visit some of these popular tourist destinations

Desert Safari – You have never been to this emirate, they say, if you have never tried a desert safari.

Burj Al Arab Hotel – Check out this seven-star hotel for a luxurious taste like no other. It is said that it is one of a kind in the whole world.

Camel Race Track – Have you seen camel races? Don’t miss this odd but exciting game. Races he every Thursday and Friday every winter.


Salik means clear or open. Here is Dubai’s electronic system for toll collection and here’s how it works.

Selic uses the most innovative technology for automated activities. In other words, you don’t have to go through a toll booth or deal with a toll collector.

Whenever locals go through a Salik toll point, a toll of AD 4 is removed from their toll account.

Automatic toll reduction is possible due to advanced RFID technology.

If you are renting a car at Dubai Airport, the company that owns your car usually provides the Salik tag. When you return the car, you will ask to pay all the toll fees for the tag.

Dubai Airport Car Rental Information.

Dubai Driving – Road Rules

Driving in Dubai can be challenging and intimidating at first. There are about 180 different nationalities in Dubai, each with its own driving ability and habits. Incoming roads from western countries can get cluttered and equip motorists from Asian countries or Arab states. With some experience behind the wheel in Dubai, experts with a basic knowledge of local driving rules should feel comfortable getting on the road soon.

One must have a residency visa to obtain a local driving license. Many people arrive in Dubai on a visit visa and thus will rent a car for the first month or so until their residency visa expires. You will need an international driving permit and driving license from your own country to rent a car. There are many reputable car rental agencies in Dubai, so if you want to drive a private car, you can choose to get a temporary driving license. A temporary license is valid for six months and issue to the Dubai Traffic Police.

Car rental Dubai Airport - what to expect
Car rental Dubai Airport – what to expect
You must obtain a local driving license after residing in Dubai 

You will no longer be able to use a temporary or international permit. Many European countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea, can obtain local licenses only by showing their own driving licenses and with some paperwork. Others must take driving lessons and then pass an exam. The driving school can arrange an appointment with the Dubai Traffic Department for your driving test.

Ex-PATs can buy a car once they get a residency visa. The 4x4s in the UAE and the Japanese models are especially popular with the largest carmakers available at Used Cars 4×4 Motors, Al Futtaim Automall, Western Auto, and Suncity Motors among others. Classified searches for used cars for sale in Dubai can also yield good results.

Understanding the local rules of the road once your car is the first to be a positive experience

Driving defensively and being aware of the wheel are often necessary. Cars in Dubai drive left-handed with traffic on the right. Slow-moving drivers will have to go from right to left. If you travel in a slow left-most lane, you will probably see another car alarmingly paying homage to the horn of the rear bumper and shaking its high beams. Drivers suddenly change lanes without a signal, slowly make their way to the coast with stop signs instead of coming to a full stop, and their horns hypnotize loudly. Common traffic signals instantly turn green. 

Mobile radar cameras have been set up around the emirate to catch people speeding or driving red lights. Zero tolerance exists for drinking and driving. The seemingly minor gestures like the rude hand gestures used in moments of frustration to another driver can get you to court or even jail time. If you pay the fine, you will not receive any notice in the mail, but you can check the Dubai Police Traffic website or call them directly. 

There may be a penalty for the entire year when renewing your annual car registration. If you are the victim of a minor accident, it is advisable to park your car so that the vehicle does not interfere, take the details of the other party, and then submit a report to the nearest police station along with the investigation. When police cal to the scene, they often wrote a report on the scene. These documents are necessary for the insurance company and without them, it is almost impossible to repair.

Travel to Dubai with car rental and on holiday

Dubai has quickly become a major tourist hot spot in the Middle East. The region is one of the seven United Arab Emirates and a preferred stop-off destination on long trekking and is dominated by the region’s major naming cities. Increasingly, Dubai has earned a reputation as a holiday destination in its own right and a new favorite among European package holidaymakers attracted by the sun, sand and cheap luxury, and an abundance of designer materials.

The city is dominated by high-rise luxury hotels that puncture the skies and establish themselves at the higher end of the Dubai holiday market. Starting from the UAE’s position as an oil-rich economy, heavy investment in Dubai’s infrastructure in recent years. Dubai is booming with revenue from tourism – large-scale construction projects are proving to be a feature that serves the city scene.

How to get the best deals on car rental in Dubai

The strategy to find the most business for your car rental in Dubai is to know all the options and compare them. Airport fares can help us take the legwork more than your car rental with a simple and easy-to-use search engine. We collect the best deals on Dubai Car Rental, so you don’t have to.

The competition for your booking dollars is fierce, which is why we offer the best rental options. When you rent a car in Dubai with airport rentals there are numerous sales and specials waiting for you in addition to the minimum price guarantee. Customers guarantee to leave with an amazing deal every time.

As a destination, Dubai has the characteristics of a package destination but emphasizing the destination towards the upper end of the market means that Dubai has been able to create a certain niche. The beach attracts a large number of travelers from all over the world as the hotels are also sight in themselves in some cases as well as attracting tourists to the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival, the quality golf course of the championship, and the annual F1 Grand Prix.

But for more independent travelers.

Dubai is often overlooking as a Western-style holiday destination. The unique blend of the West combined with the Middle East describes the look and feel of Dubai. But there are also topics that are of interest to more interested travelers outside the city. The vast expanse of Dubai is a country opposite the vast coastline from the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula.

One of the most popular and fruitful attractions is the Bedouin desert safari which is located about 50 miles from the city. Visitors scratched beneath the city’s glittering surface often take in real-life glimpses of Middle Eastern life and samples of the historic history. Cultural heritage preserved within the life of the emirate.

 Exploring the vast area of   Dubai is relatively easy, although public transport is not available across all regions and the best option is probably car hire. Car rental in Dubai is a relatively easy ward

Whatever your purpose from a holiday in Dubai. It is possible to find a dose of modern attractions in this emerging destination as well as history and culture.

Unfortunately, Dubai has the highest road death rate in the world. As of March 2006, the Unified Federal Traffic Act has tightened fines for driving offenses. Implemented a black point system for drivers in an effort to improve road safety for all who visit and live in Dubai.

Book online and in advance to get the best Dubai car rental for your vacation in the Middle East.

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