Canada tourist visa agents in Delhi

Canada tourist visa agents in Delhi

Get Canada tourist visa without any hassles

Canada is one of the most perfect destinations for education and tourism. It has attracted many people from around the world. Every year, millions of visa applications for Canada are released. No matter, many applications are rejected. Only some lucky people get their visa application selected. The primary role in visa selection is played by your consultants.Why not select the best consultancy for Canada tourist visa?

What makes Canada tourism special?

Tourism in itself is a complete domain. It needs no formal introduction. Every country has its own tourism specialty. Canada also has a number of special features of tourism. May be because of the following points, Canada tourism is special.

  • The presence of nature in the form alluring rivers and falls makes it attractive.
  • The corporate side of Canada has many metropolitan cities. Thus are clean, safe, and diverse.
  • Cities like Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto are a home to number of cultures.
  • It is easy to navigate among the cities and relocate.

Well, there are more reasons to choose Canada this time.  Each one has a different reason. You must know yours.

Documents required for tourist visa for Canada

We are one of the reputed Canada tourist visa consultants in Delhi. Just follow simple instructions and get your visa selected. Ensure the availability of these documents whole applying for easy access.

  • Passport
  • Copies of date of issue and passport expiry
  • Passport number
  • Personal information like name, photo, address, and contact number
  • Minimum 2 passport sized photographs
  • Proof of sufficient funds like bank funds and similar
  • The similar ones can include income evidence, financial proofs, and tax filing documents
  • Cover letter addressing the Government of Canada
  • The letter of approval/ invitation from the Government of Canada
  • Visa application form and allied documents
  • Travel itinerary
  • Memorandum of association
  • Other important proofs

Why choose us for your visa applications?

There are hundreds of service providers in the market. The question is why select us for your visa applications? Well, you would definitely like a hassle-free process. Few more reasons for your selection are:

  • Assistance in documentation and consultation
  • Fulfillment of legal formalities and duties
  • Handling all the technical and formal work
  • Efficient communication
  • Ensuring a two-way successful execution
  • 24*7 customer care service
  • Security in the overall process

There may be more reasons to let us assist you. Let us assist you in your visa selection. Contact us for more information and assistance. Our team would be happy to help you. Get the bestservices from Canada tourist visa agents in Delhi.


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