Can You Use A Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

Can you use a Hunting Rangefinder for Golf
Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder For Golf

Hunting rangefinders have been getting smaller and smaller in recent years, to the point where they are pretty much pocket-sized—about the size of an iPhone.

This convenience also makes them good tools for golfers; if you’re going to bring your rangefinder with you anyway, why not use it while playing golf?

While it’s easy to think that all hunting rangefinders can be used for golf, the truth is that there are some restrictions you need to consider before using your hunting rangefinder on the golf course. There are several best hunting rangefinders for the money to buy from online.

Can You Use A Hunting Rangefinder for Golf?

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear of hunting rangefinders is optics. They’re built to be used in low light conditions, they have powerful magnification and they can accurately pinpoint your target no matter how far away it is.

And thanks to technology, some hunting rangefinders are designed with golf-specific features like slope technology that calculates accurate distances even on uneven terrain and ballistic circles that are tailored towards golf.

So, yes — you can use a hunting rangefinder for golf! 

What is the Difference Between Golf and Hunting Rangefinders?

A golf rangefinder is designed to be used on only golf courses, allowing the golfer to determine how far he or she hit. A hunting range finder is an instrument that measures the distances of nearby objects with relative accuracy.

It can be used in many ways – ranging from military combat to bowhunting and birdwatching. Both are engineered to perform different tasks but they may look similar in appearance and usage at first glance. There are several best cheap golf rangefinders you can purchase to improve your Golf game.

Do Hunting Rangefinders Have Pinseeker Technology

With Pinseeker technology, one simple push of a button provides yardage to both flagsticks. This means that users don’t have to select which flagstick they’re shooting at. Simply point and shoot! They are also waterproof and very easy to use, even on golf courses with lots of trees. 

Many hunting rangefinders have pin seeker technology. These rangefinders are designed to use in Golf as well as hunting.

Does a Hunting Rangefinder Have a Long Enough Range for Golf?

Yes and no. A hunting rangefinder does have more power than one that is made for golf, but if you plan on using it to range golf courses then there are two issues: distance and terrain.

To make sure that your reader is accurate, it needs to be performed at around 25 yards away from what you are ranging. This can present some problems as golf courses tend to be larger than they might seem when standing on them due to their irregular terrain.

If you are going to be in an area where your hunting rangefinder can be useful on a golf course, then knowing how far off of 250 yards each point of land will throw off your reading (for instance) may help offset potential damage to those who play with professional or amateur equipment.

Since professional clubs carry distances all over 350 yards (or maybe 400 depending on the pro-caliber player), getting up close to these points with any kind of measurement instrument could cause serious harm if misused.

How To Use One Device For Both; Golf & Hunting Rangefinder

An excellent range finder is an essential accessory for any golfer, but are hunting rangefinders good enough to meet our expectations? The short answer is yes.

A well-designed golf and hunting rangefinder can both be used in a variety of conditions, though each will have its strengths and weaknesses based on what you’re looking to accomplish.

That being said, by understanding how these devices work you can figure out which one may suit your needs better when faced with multiple options at your disposal.

Why Use Hunting Rangefinder for Golf; Pros & Other Facts

As technology advances, more and more golfers are looking to use rangefinders to improve their game. Here’s how a hunting rangefinder can help you play better.

1) Provides Accurate Yardage

You might think of rangefinders as something only used by hunters, but they have an application on every golf course in existence.

Rangefinders provide accurate yardage information that gives you a substantial advantage over your opponents when it comes to your drives on holes with wide fairways or pin placements near hills or bunkers.

2) Avoids Distractions

There’s nothing worse than being up on a tee box without knowing what distance you need to hit a shot—that’s where using your rangefinder comes into play!

Not having to spend time thinking about yardages lets you focus all of your attention toward executing your best swing possible at any given moment.

3) Provides More Information

While traditional yardage markers work just fine, using those markings is often less effective than using a quality rangefinder for measuring distances.

For one thing, those sights aren’t always updated—particularly in amateur tournaments. When you rely on your rangefinder readings, however, you never have to worry about whether or not measurements will be accurate:

If you see what looks like 100 yards between you and a hazard down a hill, there’s no reason why they won’t be exactly that way when it comes time to hit your ball.

Drawbacks of Using Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

The main drawbacks to using hunting rangefinders for golf are that they have a narrower field of view (FOV) and less magnification.

This leads to limited accuracy on longer shots. For example, if your hunting rangefinder has a 5x magnification, it can be hard to accurately estimate yardage with only five times magnification.

However, you won’t experience these issues with shorter par 3’s or par 4’s. Still, since you do not need a high-powered optic for recreational golf, laser rangefinders are ideal because they are compact and versatile.

You might get into trouble when playing in foggy conditions or near dense vegetation because lasers tend to bounce off reflectors. Overall, though, lasers offer great portability at an affordable price point as compared to other options available on the market today.

Can You Use a Golf Rangefinder for Hunting

Using a rangefinder on golf course greens is fairly easy. The problem, though, is that it’s not exactly legal on most courses—and even if it were, other players will often get offended or angry when they catch you zooming in on their faces from across their fairway.

So, don’t use one unless your playing partners are OK with it and won’t complain—or just stick to using your binoculars instead.


A hunting rangefinder is great to have on hand while golfing because it can give you an advantage over your competitors. Before investing in one, make sure you know what kind of features are out there and which one best suits your needs.

It’s also important to do your research about quality and durability so that your investment is worthwhile. 


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