Can Brand Printed Mailer Boxes Elevate The Brand?

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Can Brand Printed Mailer Boxes Elevate The Brand?

With each passing day, the packaging industry is growing and the growth rate is extremely rapid. This is mainly because there are multiple advancements in digital printing techniques and eCommerce and the growth is accredited by it. There are multiple successful and smart business owners who have started investing the black mailer boxes and customized packaging for the branded products. 

It doesn’t matter if your brand has just been established or if it’s a small-scale business, they need to consider the use of customized packaging because it has become a central and fundamental component of the marketing strategy. However, it can be extremely challenging to find the right boxes for mailing the orders since mailer boxes can perform multiple functions during the shipping process. 

In some cases, some outsiders do believe that customized packaging is perfect for the order but the level and characteristics of customization can become an immense branding blockbuster for the business in the market. After understanding the multiple benefits and features of the packaging, different brands have started investing in such boxes to develop brand awareness across the target audience. 

Mailer Boxes – What Are These?

The mailer boxes are known as the well-known and popular packaging solutions, particularly when everyone is indulged in online shopping. For this reason, the printed mailer boxes have become the right choice since they are customized, rigid, and have well-designed lids that can be customized from outside and inside. In addition, these printed boxes are rigid and robust to optimize the shipping process. 

The brands can use custom printed mailer boxes for packing delicate and small items. However, they are suitable for packing particular products, irrespective of the size because these boxes can be designed in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. In simpler words, these boxes are intended to have the optimum style and shape for meeting the shipping requirements of the brands. 

When it comes down to the packaging, the prime function is delivering the products securely and safely to the customer’s address while ensuring zero damages. This is an essential consideration because protection is the ultimate purpose of such mailer boxes. Not to forget, the mailer boxes should simplify the product shipping, and their lightweight and handy design promise easier handling during shipping. 

As we are talking about mailer boxes, it’s needless to say that they are associated with the grey and brown cartons (they are known to be the safest packaging solutions). However, the primary issue is that these plain boxes are extremely boring and your customers won’t even remember them. That being said, for making a lasting impression on the customer, you must create a printed mailer box. 

The printed mailer box can leave an everlasting impression to ensure they stand out in the market, so it’s wise to spend some time and effort in shipping the product’s packaging. To begin with, the brands have to change the boring shape of the mailer boxes and add some oomph by integrating vibrant prints and graphics on the box. You can also skim through different printing styles and customize them. 

What’s most interesting is that the shipping and courier services will start associating your packaging with the brand and company. In addition, you can develop effective and attractive mailer boxes by using the latest and trendy printing ideas along with creating a combination of graphics and short texts. As for the content, its type depends on the brand and associated profits. 

However, it’s still possible to create taglines and humor around the products because your customers will love some humor. If you are into eco-friendly packaging, you can add the picture story about cardboard recycling because it can impress the customers. In addition, it will show off that your brand believes in environmental safety, catching more customers. 

Is Printed & Custom Mailer Box Suitable For Your Brand?

While you are trying to choose the best mailer box for your business, it’s natural to struggle with multiple questions. As an owner of the business, you will keep wondering about the right packaging type for the business, the associated costs, and the upsides of using customized packaging. For this purpose, you can consult the following points to choose the right custom mailer box, such as;

  • Size 

When it comes down to customization, it’s the ultimate foundation of printed mailer boxes because you can create boxes of any design, size, and shape that meets the product needs. It’s pretty obvious that brands have to select the box size according to the product size. So, if you’ve to ship more than one product at a time, you can mailer boxes in different sizes to meet your product and shipping requirements. 

  • Design 

The customized boxes are readily available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Not to forget, they can be printed in your desired design according to the target audience and their requirements. As a brand, if you want to bring in a higher customer experience through advanced printed, you can opt for artistic designs or graphical illustrations. All in all, there are no limits to creativity when customizing these boxes because you can do anything to improve the visual appeal.

  • Costs

As a brand owner, you would know that every product comes with a cost and it’s equally essential to choose the custom mailer boxes with the right price. When you are negotiating the price quote with the packaging manufacturer, you need to provide the right design and size needs to ensure the costs are well-put. Keep in mind that the mailer box with advanced printing and cutting-edge branding will enhance the brand reputation and image. 

Are They Suitable For Shipping?

This is our last point to consider because the brands have a perception that printed mailer boxes are fragile and cannot provide enough protection to their products. However, the boxes are extremely sturdy because they are designed with top-quality materials to ensure safe transport and shipping of your products without damages. So, these boxes are a combination of creativity and sturdiness!


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