Buying the best homeschooling service

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Choosing the best homeschool curriculum is important to new and prospective homeschooling parents. This is as well as those who want to improve homeschooling. The same too can be said also in terms of how pupils want to learn. It is also a service very much on the up too. It is with more and more parents also investing in this as a service. Usually conducted by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher, many homeschool families use less formal, more personalised and individualised methods as a means of getting the most out of this means of and form of tuition.

What it is as a concept and also service

Homeschooling (or Home Education) is when a parent chooses to take on the full responsibility of providing an education for their child, rather than sending their child to a school. Home schooling can be very fulfilling for children and their families. It often leads to children achieving better than expected academic outcomes and qualifications. Being home-schooled does not limit a young person from going on to university and having a fulfilling career.

In the US, where home schooling is more common-place, many universities and employers actively seek out home-schooled young people in their recruitment efforts. UK research has also found “home-schooled children to be developing as well or better socially, emotionally, and psychologically than institutionally-schooled children”.

What it is able to offer

Home schooling can offer an exciting and successful approach to a child’s learning and is beginning to earn a reputation in the UK as ‘education that works’. In 2019, it was estimated that between 90,000 to 130,000 children were home schooled. This is in the UK and the figure is rising significantly each. In the UK, home schooling is gaining momentum and popularity amongst families, as home-schooled students demonstrate its success, both academically and socially. More parents in the UK are now taking on the responsibility of educating their own children; and are choosing home schooling as an alternative to sending their child to school.

Why to choose this means of tuition

Parents choose to home school their children for all kind of reasons. Some choose home schooling for their children because they are dissatisfied by their local schools or cannot get a place for their child at the school of their choice; others are seeking extra academic challenge for very academically, athletically or artistically gifted children; others have children with learning or physical needs that a busy teacher cannot cater for. Some others have children who find the school environment too stressful for them to progress and to reach their potential; others choose home schooling for their philosophical or religious beliefs.

Ultimately, parents choose home schooling for their child if it is in the best interests of their child. Parents do not need to give any reason for choosing to home school their child. The law does not make any distinction between reasons for deciding to home school.

Overall, what you need to know and need to remember

As generations of home schooled children grow up, some never having been to school, and move forward into further education, universities and employment, they are living proof of how successful it can be: a system that encourages the most gifted to flourish and a life-saver for some whose destiny in school may have been of academic failure, as their learning needs were not individually catered for. This is the greatest advantage of home schooling; it gives parents the opportunity to create a tailor-made education; one that suits the learning needs of their child. Because of its flexibility, parents who home-school have a choice about what, when, where and how their children learn.


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