Buying Guide of Wholesale Kids Sandals

wholesale kids sendals

In the hot summer, the hot weather cannot stop the children’s enthusiasm for going out to play. At this time, parents need to prepare a few pairs of comfortable and durable wholesale kids sandals for the children.

Infant Girl Beaded Flower SandalsIt can not only make the children’s little feet breathable and cool, but also provide some protection to the baby to prevent them from slipping or heal abrasions. So how to choose baby sandals? Let’s take a look at it together!

  1. Shoes Should be Purchased According to the Age of the Child

    • Infant stage of 0-1 years old:

      The baby can’t walk yet, but the baby’s feet develop faster. Therefore, when choosing shoes, it is recommended to choose soft-soled shoes that are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. And remember that the baby sole must have a non-slip design.

      Baby Plain Closed Toe Sandals

    • Infant stage of 1-3 years old:

      Usually, children at this stage are learning to walk. Toddlers will fall several times at first. Therefore, it is recommended to choose shoes with good covering performance and good sole anti-skid effect when choosing children’s shoes.

      Baby Girl Solid Color Buckle Sandals

    • 3-7 years old child stage:

      At this stage, the soles of the children’s feet begin to develop, the arches of the feet are gradually formed. And the soles of the feet become wider. Currently, most children are learning to wear shoes by themselves. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a velcro design. And a shoe style that is easy to put on and take off.

      Baby Anti-slip Simple Camo Sandals As the child grows up, the amount of activity the child also increases. Therefore, more attention should be paid to shoes with good sole shock absorption performance and breathability.

  2. The Material is Safe and Durable

    Sandals made of inferior materials may cause various health problems for the baby, so it is best for parents to buy baby sandals produced by regular brands. There are many kinds of materials for baby sandals. We suggest that it is best to buy leather materials. Such as sheepskin and cowhide, or canvas, mesh materials and other relatively strong and breathable materials.

    Baby Girl Sparkle Bowknot Closed-toes SandalsAnd pay attention not to buy too hard or too soft the sole material of the child. Everyone knows that buying shoes for children should not be too hard, which will affect their feeling of the ground and make it difficult to exercise. Usually buy shoes for children, the first third of the shoes can be folded softly. And it is considered a good pair of flexible shoes.

  3. Suitable Size

    Babies like to run and jump outside, so sandals that are too loose or too tight will make your baby uncomfortable to wear. And may cause your baby to sprain his foot. Therefore, parents must choose sandals that match the shape of the baby’s feet. Don’t buy sandals that are too wide or too narrow or too long or too short. You must choose the size that suits your baby.

    Baby PU Solid Color Close Toe Crib SandalsBecause the children grow up fast, some parents like to buy larger shoes for their children, so that the children can wear them when they are older, which is more economical. When sitting in a chair or trolley for a child, it is easy to throw the shoes away with a single flick. Shoes that are easy to fall off are not conducive to the development of the feet, and will make the child unconsciously accommodate the shoes when walking, forming a bad walking posture. Therefore, it is best for parents to take their children to choose shoes and let them try them on their own.

    Baby Cloth Crib SandalsThe baby’s feet grow very fast, so parents should also buy styles that can adjust the elasticity, such as Velcro or buttons, which can also leave a certain amount of space for the baby’s feet. Usually the size of the shoes is 0.5-1cm, or the heel of the shoes can be inserted into an adult’s finger. If you want to buy shoes online, you should learn to measure the length of your baby’s feet.

  4. Buy Sandals and Have Good Coverage

    In terms of styles, babies of all ages should give priority to choosing styles with longer shoe faces, laces or buckles. Such shoes are more close to the feet and will not fall off easily after wearing them, which is convenient for movement. So what should I do when I buy sandals? If the package is too tight, will the child feel very hot? Indeed, it requires good heat dissipation, good ventilation, and coverage. It sounds contradictory, so let’s use an example to see how to choose!

    2-Piece Polka Dots Sandals With Headband For Baby Girl

    • The main points of the mesh material:

      It is not difficult to see the shoes in the picture above on the Internet. The shoe type is still a sports shoe with a strong covering, but the material is mesh. In this way, the points we have said can be achieved at the same time. But this kind of shoes should also be paid special attention to when choosing.

      Baby Unisex Letter Breathable Mesh Sandals

    • Essentials of Sandal Style

      When choosing a sandal style that can expose a child’s feet, it is necessary to pay attention to the covering properties we mentioned. Because sandals have more exposed feet and a larger area. It is particularly important whether the shoes follow the feet closely and whether they can protect the fat feet. When choosing a sandal style, the following styles are the first choice-wrap the toes and wrap the heels to make the shoes more like heels. And it is not easy for children to walk or run toes.

      Baby Sandals Closed Toe Solid Color

  5. Shoe Blacklist

    Then, in addition to not choosing open-toed sandals when buying sandals, do not wear the following two kinds of sandals for children.

    • Flash shoes:

      Children like to look at objects with flashing lights, but the colored light from the flashlight when stepping on the shoes stimulates children’s eyesight. For children whose eyes are growing and developing, the harm can be imagined. When children often look at the flashing lights, it is easy to cause frequent blinking and eye fatigue. Long-term use may result in decreased vision and color sensitivity.

      Baby Boy Plain Close Toe Roman SandalsMoreover, the brightness of flash shoes on the market is different. The frequent impact of this close range must be greater than the impact of mobile phones and TVs on children’s vision. The flashing shoe switch is installed on the heel of the shoe. And the child must step on the ground vigorously with the heel to activate the flash or music. Humans should usually land before the soles of the feet, which will change the child’s center of gravity, increase the pressure on the heels. And even affect the development of the brain.

    • Music shoes:

      Musical shoes are similar to flashing shoes. One will sound when walking, the other will glow, and some will not only have music but also follow the rhythm of lights. Children can make noises every step they take. Such shoes make children and adults happy, but the harm is also great.

      Closed-Toe Letter Cow Print Sandals For Baby Toddlers

      The sharp sound of the shoes will have the greatest impact on the child closest to it, especially the impact on the hearing. The sound of the murmur can be heard clearly from 20 meters away! Children are often attracted by sounds. They only look at their shoes instead of the road, which is not conducive to the development of his chest and spine. The walking posture cannot be trained. And he walks crookedly, leading to danger!

Children have a fast metabolism and a lot of exercises. Not only do they have a high body temperature, but they also sweat on the soles of their feet. A pair of breathable and comfortable sandals are particularly important in the hot summer.

Baby Velcro Solid Color Mesh Sandals Here we also recommend to you our wholesale kids sandals, the styles recommended above are all from our wholesale kids sandals. You can rest assured to buy children’s sandals here. If you are interested in our wholesale kids sandals, then browse our products now. I hope you can carefully choose a suitable pair of sandals for your children.

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