Buying a Round Conference Table for Your Office

Round Conference Table Portland

Are you looking to buy Round Conference Table for your office? You will need to consider its size, finish, and power options before you purchase. Read this article to learn more. There are many different types of Round Conference Tables on the market today. If you aren’t sure which is right for your office, keep reading to find out which one is right for you. We’ll talk about how to choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Round Conference Tables

The X-Base makes round conference tables a stable and elegant choice for any office setting. In addition to being attractive, these tables are also incredibly well-built, featuring premium grade laminates and superior hardware for years of trouble-free use. They’re also available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any space. In addition to being functional and attractive, round conference tables can be a great investment for your office space.

In order to accommodate a variety of types of meetings, you should consider the shape of your table. Choose a table with an open center for collaborative meetings, while rectangular tables are more suitable for project-based work. If the table isn’t round, try setting up two smaller, rectangular tables on either side of the round table. For this design, the presenter’s face can be directed directly to the participants. To avoid conflict between attendees, try to keep the table’s center portion removable.

Another option is the Corporation Design Potenza Series boat-shaped conference table. Available in sizes from eight feet to twenty feet, this table is both attractive and functional. It features a cable management system and flared legs to make it a versatile piece for any office. It comes with a ten-year warranty. If you’re not sure which design will work best for your office, try a curved round table for a sleeker look.

While the size of your conference table is important, it also affects how productive it is. According to Ruth Haag, a management consultant in Sandusky, Ohio, a round table with a diameter of five feet will allow ample space for coworkers to talk, but will prevent people from whispering. You can also use these tables for meetings that require lots of communication. These tables are great for brainstorming and idea-sharing.

You can also purchase rectangular conference tables. This is the traditional table shape in North America. These come in various sizes, but most people choose the classic round table for their conference room. You can also find round tables that are made of a variety of different materials. A rectangular table is durable and can accommodate up to twenty people, but if your room is small, you can go with a round table. You’ll be glad you did.


A round conference table can accommodate up to four or five people. There are many arrangements to fit your office’s specific needs. If you need a smaller table for two people, you can get a small one. The sizes of these tables are determined by the size and material of the space. Whether you need a large table for multiple conference participants, or a small one for two, you can find a suitable option from our selection.

A standard round conference table is 60 inches wide and 24 inches deep. Fortunately, many manufacturers produce similar styles and sizes. There are many colors, finishes, and sizes to choose from to suit your business’ specific needs. To choose the correct size and seating capacity, make sure to review a size/seating capacity chart. This chart will help you determine the size of table you need based on the size of the room and the number of people who will be using it.

If space is an issue, round tables are the best solution for smaller boardrooms. They utilize vertical space to create a comfortable atmosphere while still ensuring enough room for everyone. Larger models are often manufactured as two pieces, due to access and materials constraints. Many round tables are available in white, which creates a bright focal point in an open plan office. A table with a white base is a great option if your office space is small and you want to maximize space.

The length of a 10-person conference table is not fixed, but you can estimate the length by looking at its shape. The average length of a table that seats ten people is 144′ long, or 12 feet long. The longer ones may have irregular shapes or be designed to offer more space per person. There are also several options available for long conference tables if your meeting requires more space for more than ten people. If your conference room is long enough, a table that seats 15 people could be the perfect option for your needs.

The distance between participants is a crucial consideration when choosing the size of a conference table. While 30 inches is considered traditional for meeting tables, boardrooms and rooms with personal materials need to be at least 36 inches apart. For maximum comfort, 42 inches of distance is recommended. The distance between participants is also important for safety reasons. If the table is too close to the edge of a room, it may cause people to bump into each other.

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The finishes of round conference tables are primarily based on their functionality. Wood grain finishes are popular, but they are not the only finish options. Solid colors, glass, and metal accents are also available. Consider your office’s decor when choosing a finish. If your space is bright, choose a bright color, such as white or light gray. Otherwise, choose a neutral color. You can also opt for an antique finish.

Power options

There are several options when it comes to power for your round conference table. Typically, the electrical outlets are installed in the center, but if you have a long table, they may be installed every two to four feet. Installing power modules into your conference table may require some modification. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, you should consult with a dealer with experience installing such devices. Third-party installers may also be able to help.

For those who need access to power and data, you can add a Power & Technology Module to your table. These modules can provide quick, convenient access to electrical power and data ports, as well as video and audio jacks. You can even modify your existing table to add multiple technology ports. If you need a larger table for your conference room, consider buying a larger table that can accommodate more technology ports. A power outlet is a must-have for a conference room.

If you need to hide wires, choose a round table with a base and column that has grommets for cable management. A hidden power and data design is another option. You can hide these wires within the base and column of the table, making it easier for people to stay connected and productive. If you are concerned about cable management, try a round table with rounded edges. If you want to conceal the wires, you should consider the Harmony Collection.


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