Busting Your Way To Personal Defense With Knuckle Duster

Knuckle Duster

If you are having trouble understanding the relevance of a duster in defense, read again. A knuckle duster is an ancient weapon that has been pivotal for personal security for ages. Commonly known as a brass knuckle, it was first recorded in the 12th Century as a hand-held weapon. A knuckle was used to fight off enemies on the battle floor before fast, technical weapons were invented. You can find its history dating back to all major continents.

In the interest of exploring the great impact of brass knuckles, you need to understand its significance. It might seem unruly that a hand-held metal glove can be useful now, but old is gold. You can use it so many ways and it will always be handy no matter how much time goes by.

The Structure and Design of Knuckle Duster

Some inventions always stay relevant, especially if they’re classic. In the case of brass knuckles, they are revered as weapons as well as collectibles. The new generations appreciate them for their style and structure. Professional athletes and fighters have a liking for knuckles because they’re so sturdy.

  • A brass knuckle is typically made from strong metals like brass and copper.
  • Nowadays you can find knuckle duster in all kinds of materials like stainless steel, titanium, and high-fiber plastics.
  • The typical shape of brass knuckles is 4 finger holes that cover the knuckles and fit comfortably in your palm.
  • The finger rings protect your knuckles from impact when punching so your hand doesn’t bruise.

Using Brass Knuckles Now and Back Then

There are plenty of new-age and otherwise applications of brass knuckles that persist. You can learn how to use brass knuckles for various reasons that can help you in your life. You can use them in many ways even when technological weapons have been invented. Out of the dozens of ways to utilize brass knuckles, here’s a few for your benefit:

  1. Boxing gear – as a protective gear, a brass knuckle is quite useful for fist-fighters and boxers. It protects the fingers from bruising and keeps your punch solid. You can use it during training to know how to properly throw your weight without hurting yourself.
  2. In ancient Rome, the gladiators used to wear brass knuckles when fighting in the Coliseum. Since they were made to fight to their death, most of them outdid themselves in the process. The brass knuckle allowed them to tackle other men and even wild animals in the arena to win.
  3. In World War I, the soldiers used to fight in the trenches and needed something to help them win. The brass knuckles were fitted with blades and made into knuckle knives for a better attack. It also helped them cut, slice, and tear things on the move.
  4. Nowadays, a brass knuckle is a useful tool for first-response workers. Firefighters use them to break the glass during fires and rescue people from trapped places.
  5. You can also use them as flatter hammers for miscellaneous tasks. They’re useful for pounding meat, opening jammed doors, and getting into tightly wrapped packages.
  6. As self-defense weapons, brass knuckles are very useful for civilians as well. If you can master some basic punches, a knuckle can help you against attackers.
  7. With the youth, brass knuckles resonate as a cool accessory to wear and put on their apparel. Fashion icons, musicians, and hip people sport them as jewelry to appear cool. You can use them as a brass knuckle belt buckle, badges, and boot buckles as well.

Real Brass Knuckles For Collection

There is a great following of weapon enthusiasts that have a special spot for brass knuckles. Their specific shape and sheen are attractive to collectors since they look so appealing. Nowadays you will find a large range of decorative brass knuckles for show.

  • One of the most common collectibles is knuckle paperweights. They are practical for use in the study and living rooms and they look cool. You can find a nice Titanium Buckle Knuckle Paperweight for your interior space. It’s chromatic and made from the strongest material so it’ll last longer as well.
  • Since decoration is one purpose of buying brass knuckles, you can get gold brass knuckles. They are showy and good enough for decoration as well. The best way to find something for interior and apparel is to find a design that suits both. The Gold Bone Four Finger Defense Brass Knuckle triples as a belt buckle, paperweight, and weapon.

Buying The Best Brass Knuckles

If you are a knuckle enthusiast there are various items you can buy that would suit your needs. Since knuckle dusters are handy as well as decorative, you can be imaginative with their use. Regardless of how you utilize them, you have plenty of options to buy in the market.

The popularity of brass knuckles extends beyond the general weapon shop, so you can find variations. You can get them from belt buckle stores, at swap meets, and even with costume designers. But the most resourceful place to find abundant brass knuckles for sale is the internet.

Your go-to place should be PA Knives to find amazing knuckle dusters for sale. You will find diverse options for practical and showcase knuckles on their online page. In addition to options, you will also get good prices as they specialize in wholesale cheap brass knuckles. Spending less and getting more value is the ultimate goal, and PA Knives gives you just that.


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