Business Ideas That Will Shine In 2021

business ideas 2021

Business Ideas on Food


The food sector was highly affected by the pandemic, but opportunities occurred within itself. During the pandemic period, the importance of having a strong immune system increased and the demands of consumers changed in this direction.

  • Opening pickles : Demand for pickles has increased, you can take this sector under your focus.
  • Organic products vending machine: Many people have to go to work despite the pandemic, the organic products vending machine that may attract the attention of these people may be of interest.
  • Offering package service solutions to restaurants : The importance of package service has increased for restaurants, you can consider providing service to businesses caught unprepared for this period, both in terms of providing delivery personnel and restaurant package service software.
  • Hygienic package service: Many people are afraid of even take away service because they are not sure about hygiene conditions. Did the taker wear a mask? Customers have new concerns such as whether they touched a dirty surface before touching the package. If the establishment publishes the preparation of the orders live on the website with maximum attention to hygiene conditions and takes extra precautions about packaging, this can contribute positively by eliminating the customer’s concerns.
  • Gluten-Free Oven: You can produce products for those who are sensitive to gluten or do not prefer to consume them. If you research kits that prefer to live gluten-free, especially on Instagram, you can estimate the size of the market in this area.

Technological Business Ideas


Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors, and innovations are constantly emerging and they create opportunities.

  • Drone projects: The use of drones is expected to increase in the near future. Services you can provide in this area
    • Photography
    • Video
    • Video shooting for the construction / real estate industry
    • Security service
    • Research activities in the field of design
    • Mapping
    • Drone pilot training
    • Drone advertising
    • Drone repair service
    • Consultancy for drone permits
    • Drone rental service
  • Charging stations for electric cars: we can see more of this investment in 2021
  • 3D printing technologies:   This sector has developed considerably. It has many branches, from printer sales to consumable products sales and rental services.
  • Social media consultancy: In the past, large companies had social media accounts, now even the smallest company wants to exist in the social media environment and share content. You can give consultancy to these companies. Of course, you should first get training and practice until you feel professional in this regard.
  • Selling on Etsy: If you are producing handmade products, you should research selling on Etsy.

Education Sector Business Ideas


The education sector is another sector most affected by the pandemic.

  • Providing online education: Many parents worry that their children will create a big gap in their education life during the pandemic. You can do a study for students who want to receive additional online one-to-one training.
  • Teaching courses at Udemy : You can earn money by training in your area of ​​expertise on the Udemy platform.

Insurance Industry Business Ideas

Life insurance ,final expense and turning 65 leads will continue to be important in 2021.

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