Business Finance: 7 important queries to do before applying for fund

Business Finance 7 important queries to do before applying for fund

Improvement is the core essence of success. Being a start-up owner, when you cannot find out the reason behind slow growth, you must take care of each section carefully. Moreover, you must evaluate the available capital amount.

When it comes to the matter of sourcing capital, there are two options for you. One is to borrow a business loan, and the other is to find an investor. After meeting desirable finance criteria, a start-up owner can observe the graph of growth is rising steadily.

Improving business growth clearly hints at enhancing the possibility of achieving goals. Gradually, successful achievement of goals attracts investors to make the investment. Besides, when you have a good financing medium, then time is in your favor, and we advise promoting products as much as possible. As when you have no issue with the fund, then there is less worry for promotional costs. Read also Hitachi Credit London HSBC

What is business finance?

It is like a fund that helps a business owner arrange money for working capital, fixed assets, manufacturing products, collecting raw material, and marketing those products. From generating product ideas to the promotion of manufactured goods, you need a good amount of capital. For this reason, every business person especially, start-up owners, is always looking for investors at the very initial stage.

Business finance is a concept of valuable investment which helps in the growth of a small-scale company. When it comes to being the matter of large entities generally, investment functions as an asset, such large companies do not need to use the fund of investors to promote their product. Instead, they preserve it in the form of capital.

Apart from finding potential investors, a start-up owner can also choose the method of borrowing. The introduction of start-up loans or business loans can play a vital role in enhancing capital. Besides, one can also borrow loans like provident which requires no credit check.

However, in the case of business loans, the lender may ask you for several eligibility criteria. Among them, the most important one is the credit check. So, make sure you possess a standard credit score before applying for a business loan.

Variety of business finance

However, if you start to gather knowledge about business finance, you can see two available options in the market. One is debt, and the other is equity finance. These two methods are much popular when it comes to the matter of sourcing funds for your business.

  • Debt – Basically, it is commonly known as a form of borrowing. There are two parties, one is the moneylender, and the other person is a borrower. Here borrower is the businessman who is in requirement of the fund to meet different necessities.

Generally, money lenders do not delay approving business loans if the credit score and repayment history are up to the Mar. But if both of these are under improvement, then that money lender looks at other important factors. Whether that company has completed its registration or not, or it has a proper business plan or not and the establishment year of the company, all these factors come under consideration.

However, after qualifying for a business loan, a businessman can easily arrange for the desirable fund for the expenditure. There is a particular repayment tenure, which a borrower needs to choose. At every interval, that businessman needs to repay the loan amount in small installments

  • Equity finance – Among these two famous business financing options, the other one is equity finance. When you approach an investor for your company’s investment, he may agree or may not. The possibility of getting funds is 50-50.

Generally, an investor would like to invest only when you ask him for a share of your company. Therefore, the process of arranging funds in exchange for a value share of your company is known as equity finance. Usually, an investor will always look for profit out of his invested fund.

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It is not like a peaceful process like borrowing, where you only need to make systematic repayment. Gradually, that investor would like to lend funds not more than two years in small-scale business. Within that stipulated time frame, the start-up owner should get him a return.

Important queries to do before applying for business finance

You have a fair idea about business finance now. I hope you have understood the methods of arranging for the fund and which one will exactly suit your requirement. However, many start-up owners failed to choose the right option for them, which gives birth to the problem. Thus, before applying for business finance, make sure you have done enough self-analysis.

Why do I need funds? 

The purpose of funding should be clear to you. So, before applying for either debt or equity finance, make sure you know the reason for funding. Analyze questions like,

  • Do I need money for working capital?
  • What will be the usage of my borrowed money?
  • Should I increase the existing borrowed amount?
  • Do I need money to solve the issue of the inflow of funds?
  • Should I borrow debt or ask an investor to invest?
  • Do I need the fund for the promotion of my products?

How much money are you in requirement of? Where do you spend the money? 

After analyzing the purpose of borrowing now, you should know how much funds you require. After deciding that, you need to make sure the sector of expense. At this stage, you must ask,

  • What is the adequate amount of funds?
  • How much money is required for working capital?
  • Where should the borrowed fund invest?
  • How to calculate the exact amount to be borrowed?

How long do I need the money? 

Now, you need to analyze the exact time span for borrowing. At this stage, you should start analyzing these questions,

  • What is the expected timespan of borrowing?
  • How much time are you required to pay back the borrowed money?
  • What is the longest period of repayment?
  • Are you comfortable with short-term high acceptance payday loans?

What is the risk resistance level of my company? 

Every company has its own risk resistance level. All you need to know is yours. As based on that resistance level, you will get the ability to understand how much money you can borrow. Therefore, you need to ask these questions to yourself,

  • How much risk can my company take at the maximum?
  • What is the risk resistance level of my company?
  • Can I borrow a huge amount of business loan if my risk resistance level is below 50%?
  • Should I engage both lenders and investors if the risk resistance level is higher than 60%?
  • How much of the entire business share should divide between equity and debt?

What is my finance management ability? 

Before borrowing money, you should always try to manage finance at least once. In this way, you can always stay away from your borrowing habit. Generally, strategies of financial management will help you to get the desired result. During this time, all you need is the skill of personal finance management tactics.

As it is no longer different from managing personal finance, if you are good at balancing your personal finance, you must succeed. Therefore, at this point, you need to ask these questions to yourself,

  • How have I managed my personal finance during the financial crisis?
  • How can I manage funds instead of asking investors for funding?
  • How to balance between expense and income to maintain a symmetrical bond?
  • How to apply a financial management strategy to drive out the crisis?

What will be the budget? 

After considering all the above essential factors, you still think without borrowed funds, it is impossible to find out the way of improvement. Now you need to focus on the budget, i.e., the exact amount of money required for the growth of the business. This budgeting should include all the necessary factors beginning with working capital till promoting of products. Therefore, at this time, one should ask these questions,

  • How much money do I’m in need?
  • What is the desirable budget?
  • How to reach that particular budget?
  • How much money will be contributed to meeting the desirable necessity?
  • What is the amount required for promotion?
  • How to hit the goal of sale by investing money?
  • Should I discuss the budget with my investor?
  • Is it necessary to borrow more than the required fund?

Will it add any value to my business? 

Indeed, last but not least, after all these things, you need to ask yourself the most valuable question. It is nothing but the question of worth. You need to analyze whether you are in real need of any fund or not.

One and the only reason for such a question is to make sure whether the necessity is genuine or not. At this step, you must ask,

  • Is borrowing money add extra worth to my business?

Business finance is something that every businessman wants after a certain period. Generally, there are two types of business financing medium. One is equity finance, and the other is debt.


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