Bo Katie Seth Leather Jacket

Bo Katie Seth

The Hollywood film industry is full of stars coming from America and when I talk about American stars, I must add that Seth Benjamin Green has a huge fan base for his acting skills and roles that he offers to entertain the viewers. Some of his famous movies are Without A Paddle, IT, Change land, Sex Drive, The Italian Job, and the list goes on and on but the actor never disappoints to serenade us. As I talk about the versatility of Green in the movies I shall also mention his clothing and the entire wardrobe he tends to wear throughout his movies. One factor about him being famous and all can be his acting but the one has to be his chic outfits I mean come on who wouldn’t appreciate his jackets and vests in the film The Sex Drive? Not me though.

And after all, movies are the main sources of inspiration that we take for our street style fashion even sometimes the formal dressing that we pick ideas for, comes from movies.

Now as I speak of inspiration for clothes from celebrities the Bo Katie Seth leather jacket has to be one of the wanted ones. This one was shown in the film the Italian Job when Seth Green wore this brown leather jacket with a distinguishing design that attracted so many eyes that even after years passed since the movie was released men were found searching for this very article in the stores.

The Color Of This Blazer Is Dark Brown

Wait for a second, before I proceed I better give you a grasp about the jacket only if you haven’t watched the film (the chances are low but not zero). So the Bo Katie Seth leather jacket is stitched out of Faux leather and probably has cowhide pelage. The color of this blazer is dark brown with faded prints that are the most appealing part however it might not be the major cause of attention. Other noticeable features involve the round collar with a snap button for closure whereas the front closure has a puller zipper. The front zip-up conclusion is kept to complement the chest pockets that are lined with a similar puller zipper and maintains the uniformity of style while the cuffs have the same lining as well.

This apparel is a complete outfit in itself because the most significant aspect of it which happens to be the tailoring has been given absolute focus. You can tell by looking that the back has a well-defined panel and yoke while the rest of the garment resumes exhibiting the patterns of durable stitch lines. This was the most about the Green’s outfit now coming to what the audience thought about it at first?

Not gonna brag much but this design turned out to be a huge hit and men loved it!

So looking at the obsession many stores tried to replicate the design and produce something nearest to what the movie designers had shown but had not much luck nevertheless one of the online stores managed to get the replica of the jacket stitched and designed with the major and even the slightest of details matched to the original one, it is when I came across the Famous Leather Jackets where the Bo Katie Seth leather jacket was on sale and after getting into the details I also figured that this online shop deals in the Best men leather jackets so it was an ultimate win for me to have a go-to store that not only sell what I looked for but also allowed me to have the leverage of buying multiple new jackets either celebrity-inspired or just the casual trendy ones.

Now I will be concluding and leaving it all here that the apparels this page had were priced not only appropriately but also economically and it is the most important aspect of buying online also not to mention rare too, I mean imagine a shop selling leather jackets at a low price and good quality, sounds unusual right? But not anymore since the Famous Leather jackets have a list of leather blazers and many more sorts of clothing ranges that are trendy these days as well as classically known


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