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Established in 2007, could be a leading bin manufacturer Birmingham of plastic injection-molded products. Its objective is the style and implementation of integrated waste management systems, municipal waste assortment, recycling, and improvement services. As a contemporary company worldwide within the sector of plastic injection molding. It bases its techniques on up-to-date ways regarding the assembly of specialized. Plastic products and waste bins in any standardized size or capability. At constant time, it provides a large variety of vehicles and services. And instrumentation within the use of waste management.

Waste bins Birmingham

Hevesi, managed by an extremely fully-fledged team and having the important ability. Present in the concert of the key players within the Greek and International markets. Through the institution of semipermanent relationships with its customers. And investment in innovation and advanced technology. Helesi has established a world distribution network in an exceedingly strategic geographical position high-quality products. And safety of use are of serious importance to Hevesi. All of its products are factory-made, tested, and licensed in line with the most recent European standards. like the ECU nut 840 1-6 and licensed. They demonstrate product compliance across a large variety of technical disciplines, reassuring any of its purchasers on the sturdiness. Quality and safety of any item nonheritable.


All vehicles carry an atomic number 58 mark in line with the 2006/42 machinery directive, change to any or all current monetary unit Norms, and follow to Directive 2007/46/EC in regard to their kind approval.

waste bin


Hevesi provides normal and customized solutions at the minimum attainable price in utilization, environmental comes waste disposal, food storage, and transport distribution of agricultural products through a superior product style. we tend to style and implement custom-made waste management ways supported by environmental, financial, geographic or the other specific characteristics circumstantial.


We believe that analysis & development ar key factors in the pursuit of success and that we invest extremely in this space. we tend to maintain in-house analysis, style and testing facilities, and a high experience analysis & development department that focuses on, analyses, and develops up-to-date products, in accordance with mechanized waste assortment systems trends, progressively demanding EU laws on waste treatment and disposal procedures and dynamical consumption patterns.

Hevesi’s department is together with important Greek Universities and also the R&D departments of our main suppliers. Moreover, our sizable expertise in analysis comes allows the UK to unceasingly develop our original product. And waste management systems and at the conant time. Our company responsibility ensures that our big selection of products perpetually conforms to the best standards.


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